Season 4 Episode 18

Shooting Star

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 11, 2013 on FOX

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  • Odd Twist

    I liked this episode a lot. However, it feels like a huge cop out to take it in the direction that they do in the following episodes. It makes the incident feel entirely too contrived and gutless on the part of the writers. There were less extreme (and more believable) ways to create the Becky-problem. And in the end, this entire episode feels like a piece of pointless dramatic overindulgence. Had they taken it the direction everyone expected, a very different story could have unfolded. Glee Club claims to be about including the outcasts, yet they may have rejected the shooter at some point. That kind of story could have shown that sometimes even the bullied bully others. After all, there is an awful lot of unfriendly activity in the room on almost every episode and much of it goes over as totally normal.
  • awful

  • Amazed!!

    Best one yet
  • Review

    Very good
  • Stunned!!!

    Just finished watching this episode and I was truly stunned!! You could feel the terror and fear in that choir room as they huddled, not knowing what was going on. Great work by the writers and by the cast themselves. I will agree with some of the comments here saying that it should have been a cliffhanger 2-part episode!! An opportunity to draw out a little more from the cast and hold the suspense over for a week.
  • Great

    This episode was quite good with good performances from the entire cast but especially ryder and brittany. Probably would have worked even better if it was a double episode, there would be time to deepen the emotions in the choir room (it was too fast), giving them time to "say what they need to say". I think that a longer episode will give time to the writers to improve the story around Betty and the weapon giving us a better conclusion of the story of the alleged shooter... that was too simple at least for me!

    Still one of the best episodes this season.

    Perfect final song

  • Best acting so far?

    Honestly, the acting in this episode was amazing for me. The way the tension was build up was doing it for me too, first a bit of fun with Britney and the end of Lima and then the 'real' deal. I like it when Glee addresses real life issues and problems such as the episode when the boy tried to commit suicide. Thumbs up for the creators!
  • A very nice episode

    So I spent the whole day avoiding twitter and the internet and spoilers... but I've failed a bit and new something big is going to happen in this episode so I've got my mind prepared.

    The first half made me think about One Tree Hill the episode in th third season with the shooting (I think it's the 16th titles "with tired eyes, tired minds, tired soul, we slept). There were a lot of stuff that were similar. But the story with Becky and Sue made it special but also avoid the huge drama (someone is killed, or hurt) maybe not one of the main characters but someone in the school...

    The other thing I was upset about was until the end we couldn't imagine that Becky was so angry or sad...

    the choir room scene was pretty well done and the emotions were here! Heather Morris havs done a good job on her toilet scenes. the acting in this episode was really great!

    but the sides stories were not so great and a bit out of the blue except maybe the one with Ryder.

    I hope that we will feel the consequences of this incident in the next episodes!
  • You've just been GLEE'D!!

    Amidst the actual emotion conveyed by the cast in this week's episode; (bravo cast) the genuine sense of terror that the phrase "school shooting" imparts in many people these days I found myself on the same roller coaster way up here in Canada where we're not even legally allowed to own guns, even though in a city like Toronto we have a permanent police task force called "Guns and Gangs" and we see reports about shootings and school lock downs every week in our local communities. For those 10 minutes - bravo cast!!

    Then we are slapped and slapped HARD by the limitation of filming for a one hour sitcom that has just over 42 minutes (once the commercials are taken into consideration) to tell its story without becoming a be continued" 2-parter. Or are we? Ignoring this time constraint as many other series that air award winning episodes in both the 42 minute and indeed the 21 minute format- have in fact done successfully - is this limitation just a crutch we can use as blame for bad writing? "Too bad we didn't have 2 episodes to deal with it, we could have done better>"?? With the propensity the Glee writing staff have for not only dropping the ball but missing it altogether when it comes to really inspired writing this episode unfortunately plummets such tear inspiring and truly wonderfully engaging performances by this cast, back to the world of "so what's on the other channel now"?

    A misfired gun going off by accident when it gets dropped? A teacher, in fact the antagonist of the show itself and the only force that acts as the ankle weight pushing against our cast of heros knocking them down when they reach too high so they have a common villain they can join together to fight against self sacrificing for a student?

    I can only begin to imagine the brainstorming that went on in the writers' room about "who dunnit and why". Can't you hear it?

    1) Finn flips out completely and has gone totally off the edge as the cops are on his trail for assaulting Brody and destroying an expensive hotel suite in New York, he's ex military and has guns... NO his DAD was ex military and had guns... yeah.... and he comes back to his safe haven at McKinley and the cops have him pinned in a standoff and he shoots..... (guess that wouldn't have worked as that would have sullied the Finn character's name by actually making him face justice for his illegal actions in New York and besides, poor Corey's off in rehab again anyway so his character's not going to be around much longer )

    2) Ryder's character was only supposed to last 7 episodes since he was last year's winner of the game show called "The Glee Project" on which Ryan himself said directly into the camera "this year we will NOT be having more than 1 winner and this year we will be strictly adhering to the 7 episode limit of that person's prize!" So its past time he gets written off, at least according to Ryan's own words caught on film forever. So why not have him go out in a blaze of quazi orgasmic glory and go all postally nutts with a gun about this fake-lover stuff? He doesn't have to actually kill anyone, I mean... we still want the censors to allow us to air this stuff without cancelling the show right... so what if... what if he is found sitting in silence in the gym under the bleachers in a catatonic state just holding the gun and we pan the camera to his cell phone where all his pain has come from lately and le voila... THAT's what he shot? Then he can get carted off to get mental help, nobody gets hurt, his 7 episode story arc is fulfilled and we can move on?

    3) Kristin Chenoweth's character April Rhodes comes back and has fallen off the wagon again and this time she's played as a gun toting happy drunk who was just holding a high ball filled with Ginn and Tonic in one hand and a starter's pistol in her other (prop gun from her last failed musical road show she was just fired off of) and she's just sitting on the curb in the McKinley parking lot leaning against Schuster's car getting drunk and yelling "yee haaaaw!"... the parking lot is close enough to the school that with the outer door to the gymnasium being open while classes run track events it would have echoed through the gym and sounded like shots were in the building. Then nobody gets hurt, nobody goes to jail, and we get to see the fantastic Kristin Chenoweth for another Glee episode?

    4) The deposed head of the Dalton Academy Warbler's comes back after being kicked out of school, thrown out of his parents house and is now living on the streets after disgracing the academy, his friends and family in the steroid/cheating episode where Dalton makes headlines for having used steroids to illegally win sectionals. He comes to McKinley looking for some pay back but instead just takes 2 shots at the outside of the building, drops his gun and runs they catch him NO - BETTER - he remorsefully turns himself in - nobody gets hurt, a guy everyone loves to hate completes his character's fall from grace and we have tragic gold?

    5) Some unknown, never before and in fact not seen even now... student... a placeholder.... the "every student" brings a gun to school, intentions can be anything but we don't even tell anyone... the student kills themself in one of the bathrooms and we never see the person's face, never read the person's name, never deal with that individual directly and instead write the entire episode around how that type of violence personally effects the Glee cast. Do a character development film and lets peel the onion and really show what these kids are made of like never before - oh and film the whole thing from the point of view of one of the band people who are nameless, without lines but are just always you know... THERE. An on the spot 3rd party hand held camera footage the Emmy Goes to.. !

    That last one would have been NICE to have seen - ANY of them would have been much more "meat on the bones" and filled with "substance" rather than being "just all flash", but NOOOOOO - once again, a silly side story about a cat, a dead bug on a potato chip can, an online dating service where the only man on the planet suitable for the current coach of McKinley's football team is the coach she replaced? And Becky Jackson, the token developmentally challenged kid is now the gun owner whom of course Sue shields by committing a further crime and lies to the FBI who would have been on hand at a school shooting in Ohio.

    YES people, once again... what started with interest, built to a promising cast performance that had even me shedding a tear or 2, the end result is: MEDIOCRE WRITING that killed the potentially award winning episode and made it into something very unmemorably middle of the road.


  • One Word: WHOA!

    All right when I heard the rumblings that Glee was going to do a episode like this I was prepared to be annoyed and offended, I was thinking that they were going to do a 'typical' episode of this type. You know a person who was bullied comes back for revenge and opens fire.

    Wow have I ever been more happy to be wrong in my life!

    This episode was wonderful and impeccably acted I was truly moved!

    The Brittany asteroid/meteor end of the world scenario was kinda out there I was able to put it aside.

    This episode was awesome in terms of acting, everyone in the core cast really pulled it off I was truly impressed in a way I haven't been impressed by a Glee episode acting wise in a LONG time!

    I was really hoping that by the end of episode we would find out who was behind the shooting.

    The eventual reveal was really compelling I totally wasn't expecting it!, and I liked it a lot plus for once I think it made total sense.

    Ryder's 'catfishing' mystery still hasn't been solved and I gotta say I am pretty intrigued at this point, I mean I wasn't earlier but I am pretty interested now I can't wait 4 next week to see who 'Katie' is.

    All in all this episode was one of the highlights of Seasons 4 for me I am hoping that Glee can continue to crank out more of these wonderfully acting episodes!

  • Okay, that I can honestly say I didn't see coming.

    (Spoilers ahead).

    When I saw the "this episode has violence, viewer discretion advised" warning before this episode, I was confused. People gets into scrape all the time on glee, finn and will, ryder and jake, finn beating puck into the ground in season 1, so what would make this episode different?

    let the record show there are still a few things glee can get done. cause this episode scared the shitaki outta me.

    this episode started out pretty predictable, brittany is doing the same bit that got old a year and a half ago, ryder was all excited because he saw his online buddy at the school and got through a whole serenade before she told him she hadn;t the foggiest idea who he was, but someone had lifted her picture, to the surprise of.... no one. Ryder went off on both Marley and Jake, thinking it had to be one of them, but my money was on Kitty. He angry texted whoever his mystery buddy was and they agreed to meet. Everyone was in the choir room when shots rang out... and I felt my heart stop.

    I;m not gonna lie, the ten minutes when the glee kids and Will were hiding terrified in the choir room was legit chilling. Accompanied with Sam trying to fight Will and Beiste outta the room to find Brittany (who was hiding in a bathroom stall) to the fact my supernova-sized hatred of Kitty lessened a microscopic bit because she tearfully admitted to marley she altered her costumes during grease (yes she made no mention of the fact she did everything to make sure marley was purging short of sticking her own fingers down the girl;s throat and we know she;ll get off scot free but still). and of course, someone had to be lucky/unlucky enough not to be in the choir room, and three guesses who that was? that;s right, even without all the original players, tina is still the most useless member of the original cast.

    Brittany;s remains stock still when she hears someone enter the bathroom but it turns out to be Will, who leads her and the other two in the bathroom to safety. (oh, and my heart was pulled by marley trying to get ahold of her mom in the cafeteria). and ryder called "katie"... and a phone in the glee club rang.

    i was impressed glee managed to squeeze some actual genuine emotion and terror out of something that is sadly becoming more commonplace, but then they did what glee does and crap all over it. when will went on about going through everyone;s stuff to expel the shooter, sue reveals it was her gun that she keeps at school, which went off when she was cleaning it and again when she dropped it. does that sound completely ridiculous? i thought so too, and luckily, it was a blatant lie, becky was upset and accidentally fired the gun and sue took the rap. which actually makes sense given her relationship with becky and is a nice way to have a sue-sylvester free glee (god bless jane lynch, but like brittany, her schtick got old lonnnnnng ago).

    Meanwhile, because Dot-Marie Jones still has some contract with glee, Beiste tells Will that she likes him and he tells her he;s back with Emma and she;s crushed, but she;s in the room and he sets her up with online dating to find a new someone... and finds Coach Tenaka. It;s a small world, after all.

    Sam and Brittany continue to be adorable, i;m sorry Brittana fans, but you know Sam and Brittany won;t be together forever and Sam has such a big heart, it;s good he found someone who appreciates it.

    And we still don;t find out who ryder;s online girl is (kitty swears it wasn;t her) because she stands him up at their scheduled meet.

    glee certainly came back with a bang this week (shooting star? get it? eh?) and while it certainly wasn;t the greatest school shooting episode ever (again, everything glee has ever done, degrassi has done, and done a better job) but compared to the last few eps/this season in general, not half bad, glee. Not half bad.