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  • Cute!

    Not a superb episode, but one packed with character development and nice romance. I love Emma and how quirky she is - I also, once again, empathized with Rachel and her personality. I didn't expect to be a fan of Rachel and Finn, but I already am. I also didn't expect to like the adult plot line so much, but I do enjoy learning about Will, his wife, and his romance with Emma. Can't wait to see how the show develops its other characters.
  • Glee.

    Will Schuester finds out that he must recruit more people for New Directions in order to show up at Regionals. Then the Glee Club has their first performance in front of the whole school. This leads Quinn to realize that Rachel has feelings for Finn making her go through great lengths to keep her man. Meanwhile, Will's wife, Terri, receives some unexpected news. I am really enjoying this show, it's really fun and enjoyable to watch! I love watching it while I'm doing homework or just lying in bed waiting to fall asleep. My favourite character is Emma, she is awesome she reminds me of my Biology teacher the way she talks. I alos love the main boy character Finn and of course Will. I hate Will's wife annoying, but she is a cool character to be fair like. I loved the kiss between Rachel and Finn, it's was so cute. I also loved the scene between Will and Emma in the classroom at night, we all know what's going to happen, or at least we all want it to happen. Awesome show though, I'm looking forward to tonight's episode, should be good!
  • Things get hot !

    The second episode was really about uncovering every character's intentions and developing different romanitc storylines. Sue Sylvester wants to bring the Glee club down so she can save her full Cheerios budget, so in order to make that happen, she makes Quinn Fabray, her number one cheerio, join the glee club as a spy. Quinn also has other intentions..not letting Rachel get her hands on Finn who's starting to like her. Student romantic storyline drama is set in order !!! Teacher's Sue Vs. Will baby !!!! Shocking moments...check...Terri finding out she's actually not having a baby and is actually hysterically pregnant. Better than the first episode, kept my attention...9 !
  • Showmance is an awesome episode of glee.

    The Episode starts with Mr Sheuster driving to school with his car where his licence plate says: Glee. He gets out of the car and runs into Finn talking to Rachel, Tina, Artie and Mercedes are doing vocal runs and Kurt is ahnging out with the football team near the dumpster. When Will walks past, Puck and the Football team throw him in the dumpster. Will continues walking through the school where Emma runs into him on Purpose, he thanks her for the advice and she says that that is what she does. Santana walks by them talking and says "Get a room". Quinn, following, says that Sue wants to see Will in her office.
    Will goes to Sue's office where she is working out. Sue stops and says that she has talked with Figgins and he said that if New Directions doesn't place at Regionals, that he is cutting the program. Will says to her not to worry, then Sue presents Will with "Show Choir Rule Book", which says that you need 12 people to even qualify for Regionals. Sue says that Will can be her 2nd assistant, but he declines. He then says that New Directions will win Regionals.
    Quinn is talking to Finn at his locker with Rachel a few lockers down saying that they will be the most popular kids in school and that she doesn't want him to be in Glee. She says that people think that he is gay Finn thinks that Quinn is making a big deal out of this. Quinn says that if Finn quits the club, Finn can touch her breast (with the shirt on and a bra) but he declines, and says not to worry. Finn leaves. Quinn then sees Rachel and thinks she is eavsdropping. Quinn says that Rachel will never have Finn, and Rachel says that she doesn't need to steal Finn, Glee status is going up and hers is going down. Rachel walks away and gets 2 slushie facials (one by Puck)
    New Directions is now in the choir room where they are performing "Le Freak", Mercedes stops to say that this song is terrible, and everyone agrees. Will says that they are doing the song in an assembely in front of the school. They all try to make him change his mind but he says that they are doing it because they need 6 more recruits.
    Will and Terri are discussing a house that they are thinking of buying with a realtist. Will thinks that it is happening so fast, and that it all started when Terri's sister came over for lunch and discussed it. Terri and Will are walking through the house and Will wants to buy a smaller one, but Terri wants the really big one (Which they are looking at now). Terri shows the kids bedroom to Will where he says that we can't afford it. He says (in voice over) that he will get a part time job to make extra money, then he says to Terri to sign the papers.
    In the choir room, Kurt and Mercedes are arguing until Will comes in and says that they can do a little Kanye, but not for the assembely.

    [Song-Gold Digger by Kanye West ft. Jamie Foxx]

    Emma is in the Girls bathroom washing her hands until she hears someone coughing loudly in the cubical, she walks in to find Rachel, trying to throw up, but she can't.
    In Emma's office, Rachels says that she doesn't have Bolemia (liking to throw up) and she onlytried throwing up because she wanted to be prettier like Quinn, because she liked someone. She says to Rachel to find out what he likes, and that she might do something she would have never thought to do.
    Finn and Rachel are in the Princibal's office with Will and Sue. They are in there because they made banners to advertise New Directions, and they were using the Cheerios! copier to make copies.Sue dropped her shake on the copier floor. They walk out and Rachel once again says that she doesn't want to do the song, but Will says that they are. Finn thinks he's going to be a deadman when he performs the song. Rachel askes Finn to practice but he has a Celibacy Club meeting.
    Will askes Figgins if he can become the Janitor (at half salary) and he accepts.
    Quinn and the Cheerios! are in a room saying that the Celibacy club is in session, and because of a rule thatsays they can let anyone join the club, Rachel is the new member.
    The guys are down the hall thinking about the Celibacy club, Finn joined only to get into Quinn's pants, and it is a good way for the guys to talk about sexual issues.
    Back to the girls who are practicing the teasing for the boys, exept Rachel. To the boys again, they keep talking about "arriving" early, Finn says it isn't a problem for him but it is, and that he thinks of a mailman he ran-over to not "arive too early"
    Quinn is blowing up ballons and the boys and girls are pairing off and practicing "emaculate affections", Finn's ballon pops, then Rachel lectures the Celibacy Club.
    Will is cleaning gumm off the desks and Emma walks by offering to help, they talk about why Emma has a problem with messes. He puts a little chalk on her nose then rubs it off, Ken sees.
    Rachel is talking to the Glee Club (without Mr Sheuster) and she says that they are not going to do the song, they are going to sell sex.
    At the assembly, Will says to join Glee, but he's going to let the club tell them via song, the curtains open.

    [Song- Pust It by Salt n' Peppa]

    Everyone cheers after the song, in the pricibals office, Figgins gives Will a listof songs that they can do, Rachel is in trouble from Mr Sheuster.
    Rachel and Will are talking saying that no parent is going to let their kid join Glee.
    Ken offers to take Emma to Tulipalooza, and she says yes, because Ken saw Emma and Will "Playing House"

    Finn and Rachel are practicing for glee, then they eat with a picnic that Rachel prepared. Finn says that Rachel is a great singer and that the Stuff she said at the Celibacy club was cool. Then they kissed.
    Finn runs out because he almost "arrived early".
    At the baby doctor, Terri has a Phantom pregnancy, which means that she isn't pregnant.
    Quinn, Santana and Brittney audition for Glee and get in. In Sue's office, Sue says that they can be spies for her.
    Will comes home and Terri says that the baby is a boy, even though she is not pregnant.
    Will says in the Choir room that he is giving Quinn the solo to "Don't stop Believin'". Rachel wants to use the auditorium.

    [Song- Take a bow by Rihanna]
  • "Showmance" is the second episode of the American television series Glee. The episode premiered on the Fox network on September 9, 2009.

    Sue Sylvester, coach of William McKinley High School's cheerleading team-the Cheerios-informs glee club director Will Schuester that his club must have twelve members to be eligible to compete at Nationals. Will decides to have New Directions perform in a school assembly, hoping to recruit new members. The group are opposed to his choice of song-"Le Freak" by Chic-so as a compromise, Will suggests they also learn "Gold Digger" by Kanye West. Rachel's crush on Finn leads her to join the celibacy club, which he attends with his girlfriend Quinn, who is head of the Cheerios. Quinn and the other members try to pick on Rachel but she stands up for herself, impressing Finn in the process. Rachel also convinces the glee club members to secretly change their performance to "Push It" by Salt-n-Pepa. The song is well received by the student body, however complaints from parents lead Principal Figgins (Iqbal Theba) to compile a list of pre-approved, sanitary songs which New Directions must choose from in future. Will is angry with Rachel for her actions, and when Quinn, Santana (Naya Rivera) and Brittany (Heather Morris), all Cheerios, audition for the club with a tongue-in-cheek rendition of "I Say A Little Prayer", he awards Quinn with Rachel's solo on "Don't Stop Believin'". Sue later recruits Quinn to help her bring the glee club down from the inside.

    At home, Will is being pushed by his wife Terri to find a second job so that they can afford to move into a new house before the birth of their child. He begins working at the school as a janitor after hours, and shares a romantic moment with Emma, the school guidance counselor. Football coach Ken Tanaka (Patrick Gallagher) observes them, and warns Emma not to become Will's rebound girl. When Will asks her to meet with him after school again, Emma turns him down, having accepted a date with Ken. Terri discovers that she is actually experiencing a hysterical pregnancy, but lies to Will that they are having a son. She tells him to quit working as a janitor, offering up use of her craft room as a nursery for the baby so they do not need to move. Following a private rehearsal, Finn and Rachel kiss, though he is suddenly overwhelmed with anxiety, and experiences premature ejaculation. He tells her to forget that their tryst happened, and goes back to Quinn. The episode ends with a dismayed Rachel singing Rihanna's "Take a Bow" with glee club members Mercedes (Amber Riley) and Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) singing backup.
  • Hilarious!

    Gosh, there were moments I couldn't stop laughing, especially after the Glee Club performs that hideous choreography that made everybody stayed quiet for a moment and then just loving it. Or when Emma was trying to advice Rachel.

    I enjoy the Will/Emma relationship. Will finds in Emma what he can't with Terri and it was interesting to see how Terri pushed him to Emma step by step with her attitude. But poor Emma, she knows she's in dangerous ground and has to step back.

    Sue is the best. It can be a love to hate character, but I love to love her. Her lines are the best, she speaks her mind without minding what other thinks and her constant eagerness makes me want to listen to whatever she has to say.

    Love the last song, Lea has a terrific voice.
  • Well first off - CRINGE

    Okay - the if we completely ignore the cringe worthy performance of Push it then we can see the brillance in this show.

    It was a funny episode that made me love the characters even more and gave a nice dramatic twist at the end. Puck is a really amazing character - made me sad that he's still a idiot!

    Golddigger made up for the other cringey song and that black girl is just - awesome!

    I really REALLY do not like the wife! She's really manipulative and you just want Emma to win in the end don't you? It's definitely one of these shows you can't wait to watch the next one!
  • Glee Club need to recruit more members to qualify for Nationals.

    I have only just discovered this little gem of a show. I'm a Joss Whedon fan and heard that he will be directing a later episode, so took time out to investigate, and boy am I glad. The Kids from Fame were never like this. Premature erruptions? Balloon thrusting? Menstruation? Mr Sharofski never had the slick moves of Matthew Morrsion neither. And, quite frankly, "this is where you start paying.." can't really compete with that first ep line from Coach Sylvester, "You think this is hard? Try waterboarding that's hard." Illegal torture methods and High School, yup, sounds about right.

    Having watched two eps I think I shall be signing up. Guess they just gained another new recruit. Yes, I can see certain cliches within the storylines, but I still think there's enough that's fresh and quirky. And it moves at a cracking pace.

    Just this ep alone I adored the incidentals; the background shots, the throwaway lines.

    The pamphlets in Sue Sylvesters office. "I can't stop touching myself down there", " My Mom is Bi-Polar and Won't Stop Shouting."

    And any show that writes a line, I may be paraphrasing, such as the following response to the groups' "Push It",

    "I have never seen anything so disgusting in over twenty years of teaching. And that includes a production of "Hair" by an Elementary School",

    and then gives that line to Jane Lynch to deliver just smacks of wicked genius.

    Actually, because Terri, his wife is not loved by some folk on this, I am going to give her character my line of the night, by way of compensation. It was delivered perfectly and made me howl:- Will and Terri are looking at the nursery in the model home, and she declares that it will sleep either "our future daughter or our gay son".

    Witty, camp, inclusive and yet so damning. This show has a very sly sense of humour and I am liking it a lot. Although I do wish someone would come to the rescue of poor Kurt on Trash Day.

    Thanks for popping by.
  • Disco Will!

    After hearing a lot of gafuffle about how the second episode from this music/drama/comedy wasn't quite reaching the high notes of the pilot, I hesitated to watch this one. Thankfully, though, I did, and I have to admit, I liked it even more!

    Perhaps more obvious with its slapstick, I actually enjoyed the flashbacks – akin to Family Guy in its randomosity, yet charming all the same – there were quite a few funnies to be had, and these are the ones without the aid of the marvelously cast Jane Lynch, playing the nefarious coach, she's a laugh a minute.

    From Emma's solo all by herself, to Finn's triumphant efforts to recall a hilarious accident to prevent him from experiencing an embarrassing mishap of his own, these offbeat excursions provide beats of comedy that make the admittedly overdosed teen-angst manageable.

    The musical interludes this week are a mix of cheese, humor and angst – but they all work. I had goosebumps by the end, it was a great performance, while their sexed up routine was 20% cringe, 80% genius!

    Overall, this was a really good second episode. Jayma Mays, no matter what she's in, ALWAYS gets a thumb's up from me. Hands down, though, Jane Lynch stole this episode. Every.Single.Line was comic gold ('You don't have my bone structure' had me in stitches!). It still isn't perfect, but I'm having so much fun right now so I'm not bothered in the slightest.
  • Not quite great yet.. but it's getting there.

    Compared to the pilot, which definitely showed the potential this show has, this episode was a little lackluster.. but there were some great moments as well.

    For me, I continue to be impressed by the choreography of the show. We already know that Ryan Murphy is a superb showrunner (Nip/Tuck is awesome) and with this show, he seems to get the best of each actor, whether it's in acting or dancing. The Kanye West number was catchy and just watching them practice is enough to entertain. Also, Jane Lynch continues to bring the laughs. I hope they include more lines from her.

    However, every now and then, the show descends into over the top sentimental material and it starts to feel less like the unique comedy/musical its marketed as and more like a High School Musical knock-off. The end song, with Rachel singing "Take A Bow," was cringe-worthy and difficult to watch.. not saying anything against the talent of her voice, but God.. the show just felt too much like a Disney show.

    If only there was a way to find some balance to the show now, it could become a bonafide hit.. but I don't know how long the show could last on Fox if it keeps up its current routine.
  • Not good as the premiere but definetly with good potential....

    The only thing danger on this show is the fact that the teachers are much more interesting than the students.

    Sue is hilariuos and I can´t wait to see Glee Club start to menace the Cheerios to see her reaction.

    The song selection on this episode was not my favourite, apart from Gold Digger.
    I would love to see in the upcoming episodes a flashback with a song from the time that Will was on Glee club.

    My favourite part of this week episode was Emma and Will moment I will really enjoy seeing them together at some point.

    Althought it is a show about loosers, Finn/Rachel as a couple did not convinced me at this first stage. I just don´t see the sparks. I really like the fact that Finn doesn´t seem to belong to Glee Club, he stills a Football guy.
  • A great show, once the wife dies in the fire.

    This episode was an improvement in the pilot, mainly in managing to tone down the kids personalities so they're more realistic (and Lea Michele's mic so she doesn't completely blow the other kids out of the water) while retaining the sense of farce and charm that was most impressive about the Spring pilot. What results is a show that's quirky, charming, completely ridiculous and laugh out loud funny, so much so that the wholesale theft from "Election" hardly bother's me. The musical numbers aren't mindblowing, but they are plenty enjoyable and believable to make the grade.

    However, one glaring and potentially dealbreaking problem remains. Simply put, I hate the wife. Hate her with a passion. Hate her with every fiber of my being. Start thinking of painful and prolonged ways I would kill her every time she graces the screen, so stupid, lazy, and selfish is she, and so annoying her screen time actually makes me wince.

    If the problem were limited to one sorry excuse of a human being, one character that never should have been, it would be a simple fix. Unfortunately, the fact that Mr. Schu loves such a worthless human being (not to mention oblivious to his sexual chemistry with the guidance counselor) makes him a dumbass, which makes it hard for me to believe or care about him, and as he's the star of the show, that's a major problem. If the producers are wise, they will either make the wife a semi-decent human being or kill her off, lest her appearance continue to poison and otherwise delightful offering.
  • "I will not be told to 'hold on' to anything"

    First thing's first: Jane Lynch's Coach Sylvester has instantly skyrocketed to becoming my favorite character in all of TV. I expressed disappointment in her lack of a presence in the Glee pilot, but here, her snide performance in "Showmance" is exactly what I'm looking for. This episode must be submitted for "Supporting Actress in a Comedy" next year! I can honestly say, she's never been funnier! The rest of the episode was just as strong as she was. Getting into the groove of what kind of show this will be seemed to make it easier for the viewer- the quirky tone still fully intact, and the jokes coming at rapid-fire pace. This official season premiere is a million-years funnier than the teaser pilot we got back in May. What worked best were the throw away lines, or quick sight gags, that almost demand repeat viewing. I particularly liked the exchange in the bathroom:
    Rachel- "I guess I don't have a gag reflex."
    Ms. Pilsbury- "One day when you're older, that will turn out to be a gift."
    These are the sorts of great censor-pushing choices that made Desperate Housewives turn heads back when they hit the scene. I love when network shows take these sorts of chances, especially in such a sexually sensitive society. But sex was the theme in Showmance, where we visit for the first time, the abstinence club. Some nice material here as Diana Agron's Quinn finally shines as the series' villain. She's already up there with Rachel McAdams' delicious performance in Mean Girls. Not so strong, surprisingly, were the songs this time around. Not that they are badly performed, it's just that the obvious V.O/lip-syncing is so jarring, it can pull me right out of the show. They can get away with it for the stage-y performances like "Push It" (the wheelchair-bound Artie got HUGE laughs from me) but the "Gold Digger" rehearsal was borderline atrocious. They still need to find the right balance (and the right sound mixing) for fitting some of the musical numbers into their world. Quinn's "I Say a Little Prayer" was so surreally fake to me. The music-video approach to Rachel's "Take a Bow" is a step in the right direction, though. Though a more depressing call back to "I can hear the bells" from Hairspray, I liked the song and Lea's strong performance.

    Also, I still can't get a handle on Jessalyn Goslig's wife. One moment she's a spoiled brat, and it seemed clear this is a woman Matthew Morrison should be leaving. But then when she turns out not to be pregnant I was wondering if we were supposed to feel pity for her. She cares about his feelings, and asked him not to work the janitor shifts anymore, but still lies to the husband. There's a difference between making a character complex, and making them complicated.

    Finally, an aesthetic critique: Sometimes the camera will quickly pan or crash-zoom on something as if to suggest this is handheld, a documentary-style show, like The Office. Don't get me wrong- it's really funny, and they use it sparingly, but with the random voice over narratives, the random breaks into song, and of course the drama to balance out the comedy...stylistically, Glee can be a bit all over the place.

    But besides all that, I had a blast with this episode. Jane Lynch's hilarious performance alone has elevated Glee's mild 8 score to a 9. The meaner she gets, the more attracted I get! Is that weird? I am officially sold on this show. And with some of my favorites winding down (Lost) and other new shows looking like utter crap, Glee will be fun and refreshing to stick with for a while
  • The pilot was good, but it seems this is turning into High School Musical: The Series

    The pilot really had me going: it was funny, the music was alright and the cast was good. Add the humor and it keeps the whole thing from becoming too cheesy, but after watching the second episode it seems this is turning into High School Musical: the series (which, just to clarify, I think is a bad thing because I'm over the age of twelve).
    The songs are still well performed, but it looks and sounds more like playback and that thing at the end where whatsername is singing standing next to the guy she's after makes this more of a musical than a show about a choir like club - which is fine for a series as long as it starts out that way from the beginning... which this show didn't.
    So I hope they get rid of the whole musical aspect interfering with a pretty funny show that is already about singing and work on the songs sounding like they haven't been recorded in the studio to which the actors then lip sync.
    I'm probably going to watch a couple more episodes to see where this show is headed, but they definitely gotta find out what kind of series this wants to be...
  • This is going to be an awesome show!

    This was such brilliant TV...from the interesting and quirky characters to the fantastic musical numbers I enjoyed every minute. I really like the relationship between Will and Emma...both are great characters with the latter being completely hilarious with her cleaning obsession. I loved her meeting with Rachel, talking about crushes and stuff. Will and his wife should be entertaining...she's really mental and lied about the baby. Can't wait to see how that turns out.

    Rachel trying to impress Finn was great too, I loved how the episode ended with her singing that song. I liked that there was development on a few characters, like flashbacks and stuff. All the musical numbers were awesome...from the Kayne West song to the strange sex song at the assembly. Plus the gym teacher is quite funny, with her vendetta against the glee club.

    I seriously enjoyed this so much...I cannot wait for more.
  • 6.0
    I eagerly anticipated this episode for nearly four months, primarily to see/hear the incredible Lea Michele. Her vocals in the pilot haunted me and her solo that closed this episode was as good as a performance can be. But I feel the obvious talents of the entire cast - which will be the reason this show succeeds or fails - will be sabotaged by the all-too-common crudeness and sexual innuendo that permeated this episode. I am not a prude, just someone that craves good music and good entertainment I can share with my family without embarrassment. I still have high hopes this show will provide what I seek.
  • Will wants the Glee Club to perform in front of the school to get recruits. He wants disco but the kids pull a fast one and blow the socks off the student body. Will's wife finds out she's not pregnant. Quinn joins Glee and Sue wants her to spy!

    I would have to characterize this episode in three parts. The first twenty minutes, the second twenty minutes, and the final twenty minutes.

    The first twenty minutes was awful. None of the real feel of the original pilot. Sort of drab and lifeless. We dealt with the house and pregnancy, Sue trying to threaten Will, and all of the usual things I guess we'll have to deal with this show. That first musical number was awful as well, but then again that's what the kids thought too. I would give the first twenty minutes a 6.5 at best.

    The second twenty minutes sparkled. The number the kids did was great. The bit with the copier machine was good as well. You've got to love Iqbal Theta as Principal Figgins. The acceptable list from his pastor was a scream as well. This part I'd give a 10.

    The final twenty minutes was OK. The song that Rachel sings at the end was good. Quinn and the cheerleaders were very entertaining. The whole thing with the lying about the pregnancy and the dinner with the Schuester's was OK. Even the scene where Sue tells her girls to spy on the Glee Club was OK. I would give this an 8.5.

    So overall this episode gets an 8.5. This coming from a former professional stage singer/actor. They will have to do better than this for this show to survive based on what I believe the budgets and expectations are. It will be interesting to see the viewer numbers tomorrow. Overall I am pleased to see Jane Lynch get her own or part of her own series. I just hope they really let her comical straight humor come out to play. Thanks for reading...