Season 2 Episode 12

Silly Love Songs

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 2011 on FOX

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  • Does it stand out to the other episodes?...

    I have to say it this a good episode of course, but is it a great episode? The other episodes have been one after another blowing each other out of the water. This one felt like a plain-o-simple episode. The songs were "okay", and the subplots entertaining, but come on Puck and the "Fat Bottomed" girl? Kinda silly. Then again the episode is named "Silly Love Songs." You Kinda have to expect the over the top from Glee. It's why its entertaining. I enjoyed the episode, but I am hoping for some more shock and awe on the next one.
  • What I love about Glee is that although it is full of stereotypes and clichés it actually has deeper meaning and explores issues that other shows shy away from.

    The Kurt/Blaine romance actually starts to become something tangible and Puck's wooing of Lauren was sweet (in Puck's twisted way). Lauren's attitude is also a great inspiration to others that you don't have to be a size zero to be strong and attractive to others.

    The whole Finn/Quinn drama is back and it makes you feel so sorry for Sam. When Quinn was cheating with Puck you felt sorry for naive Finn, but now you feel sorry for Sam who seems to be a genuinely good guy. It's all so confusing.

    The end song from the Warblers was great and it seems that the two show choirs get on rather well, so it'll be interesting what happens when they compete at Regionals.
  • Much better than the Super Bowl episode!

    I'll probably have plenty of people disagreeing with me here, but I actually liked this episode a lot more than the one on Sunday night. Not only do we get a pretty good variety of songs, but for the most part, we have some interesting plots that come to a satisfying end. I still think these characters act WAY to erratically, even for a fictional high school musical drama, but hey, I can handle it.

    It's a Valentine's Day themed episode, which means that Mr. Shue has the Glee club come up with songs that best represents the concept of love for each of them. As a result, we get a ton of couples hooking up, trying to hook up and breaking up. It's your typical Valentine's Day episode, but with some pretty interesting twists. For instance, Puck tries to go for Lauren, the big new girl on the Glee club. For awhile, I couldn't figure out why someone as macho and tough as Puck would go for Lauren, but over time, they're little flirting back-and-forth won me over. I also liked hearing Tina's horribly emotional rendition of My Funny Valentine to Mike Chang.. ALSO, everything the Warblers did was great. I'm a fan of a capella type songs, so it was nice to hear that.

    One thing I did not like by any means was this ridiculous change of personality that Finn has. I feel like Finn, Quinn and Rachel have the worst personality shifts of all time, especially Finn. One episode, Finn can be noble and be standing up for people who are nerds, and the next, he's a completely self-centered jock who acts like he's better than everybody. It makes it very difficult to be a fan of him consistently because he's changing up his act so much. Also, I honestly don't think I could forgive Quinn for what she did. Having some other guy's kid? That's worth being friends again maybe, but not a relationship. And staying mad at Rachel for a simple make-out session? It's just weird.

    But overall, what we had here was a fun Valentine's episode.. and I must say, while I've been disappointed at the lack of Kurt and Blaine lately (they usually get like, one scene per episode), we actually got to see them have their own plot. And I love Jane Lynch, but it's remarkable how much more normal an episode can seem without her.
  • Love is in the air for the glee club as some couples celebrate their love, some are chasing love, and others are watching love crumble in front of them.

    Glee is BACK! I all but held a vigil for it and the waiting was worth it. Best episode of season 2! I could not stop laughing. Love the Puck/Lauren storyline. Love a tear-free Kurt. Love Rachel in this episode. I even like where Finn is going. Granted, it makes no sense for him want Quinn with his reasons for breaking up with her and Rachel, but at least it was addressed. And while I still push for Finn/Rachel, I know on-again/off-again is essential for the will they/won't they storyline and the two will find each other again. It's not satisfying if they writers don't smash that relationship around a little first.

    And keep those voiceovers coming! I found the best episodes are when the characters narrate what's in their head. Some of the funniest lines are in there and it's reminiscent of early season one when they did it a lot more.

    Good music, good Brittany lines ("You can try rocking back and forth like they do in movies"), just good, good, good. Even the last number (which I hadn't heard of but love) had one last good zing when Blaine sang a line about never finding love directed at Santana.

    Two enthusiastic thumbs up, can't wait for next week.
  • even though i'm still smiling like a little school girl, i feel my heart breaking on the inside. i'm so torn at the moment. apart from that. i love glee.

    enter a McKinley Highschool, filled with fainting cheerleaders, all because of finn. i loved how becky called finn "finnybear". it's those kind of things that make the show. i love becky. she's one of my favorite characters on the show.

    so, finn thinks he's all that. just because he won the football game. i'm sorry, but there are more people on your tream finn. it's not just you. and now you feel like you have to get quinn? leave quinn alone. she's with sam. fabrevans is the word. no. you cannot have her finn.

    but of course, quinn has to screw it up. you know. quinn is so soft and sweet on the outside, but here she is, cheating again. i don't know why people are being so hard on santana, she's honest about who she is. when here, we have a quinn, who lies... again.

    i begged for more kurt and i got it. poor boy. he's so in love with blaine, it's so hard for me to watch scene's with them together. i feel my stomach turn. i can feel kurts butterflies. (chris colfer!) the devastation all over his face when he found out blaine wasn't going to sing for him.

    in the end. i feel bad for sam. all alone. santana's plan was amazing. "i had mono so many times it turned into stereo." god bless her. that betrayed look on sam's face when both quinn and finn left for the nurse. i still feel so bad for him. but, the end with santana waving at him. do i see a samtana?

    puck and lauren. haha. it's to cool to function. (hearts) all i have to say.

    apart from that. i've never been a fan of rachel. i found her annoying and she sucked all the attention towards her. after the super bowl and this episode, i love her. funny how that changed so drastically. the friendship between her, mercedes and kurt is/was/will always be amazing.

    apart from that. i can't wait to see sam sing for quinn next week (although i know it's a justin bieber song, which i dislike beyond disliking). i'm happy glee's back.
  • Love attacks the glee club.

    I was worried about this episode when I heard about it because i thought it would be all about mr schu. But I was completely worng this episode was really good. the episode help the characters and destroyed the characters. Rachael- this episode made Rachael become that Rachael we know and love and not this annoying girl she's been in season 2.

    Finn- kinda acted like a jerk during the episode, but he's going back to Quinn so thats good

    Artie, Brittany, Mike, and Tina- they had a little story line and it was just that they are friends really,but i have to admit Tina crying while singing to Mike was the funniest part of the episode

    Puck and Lauren- For the entire episode Puck tries to get a date with Lauren and for the entire episode she turns him down until in the end when she relizes that puck loves her for her and not cause shes fat.

    Sam- Sam got played. Plain and simple

    Santana- everyone was being mean to her furing the episode which was sad, but then Santana gets her pay back by give finn and quinn mono and delievers most of the funny lines of the episode

    Kurt and Blaine- It ended with a to be continue. Blaine sang to some guy at GAP but the guy turned him down. Then Kurt said to him he likes him and Blaine says he's bad at relationships and doesn't want to ruin it

    All in all for an episode without Sue it was really good and probably one of my favorites of the season