Season 2 Episode 9

Special Education

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 30, 2010 on FOX

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  • Special Ed

    Awesome episode! It felt like sectionals came too fast, but that's not a bad thing. Kurt's plot was kind of sad because he thought he'd be happy at Dalton Academy, but they do things so differently there that it's hard for him to adjust. I love how Kurt and Rachel have this little friendship now. The Brittany/Artie stuff was so cute with the magic comb and Artie thinking she was cheating with Mike but she was avoiding him because she lost the comb. I was shocked that Emma got married to Carl, but it looks like she regrets it. Puck was so funny getting trapped in that Outside washroom thing (forget the name of it), and Lauren Zizes saves him. Lauren is so funny. I liked Kurt and Rachel both singing "Don't Cry for Me Argentina". The old people singing "The Living Years" was funny. I enjoyed Dalton Academy's "Hey, Soul Sister". It was so interesting having Quinn and Sam sing instead of Rachel and Finn. I love Mike and Brittany dancing. I love the end of the episode with Tina and Mercedes singing.
  • I think I disagree with everyone saying this episode was just so-so, and didn't live up to the amazingness that always comes with Sectionals and Regionals.

    I think I disagree with everyone saying this episode was just so-so, and didn't live up to the amazingness that always comes with Sectionals and Regionals. I think Glee had to do this. If Finn and Rachel sung another duet, that would have been boring and sooner or later everyone would realise that. If Glee has the same formula every time, it wouldn't work. So props to Emma for pointing that out to Will, i was cheering her on. That Rachel got the last two solos was fine. Rachel's most redeeming quality is her voice. Even when she is so annoying, when she came out with "Don't rain on my parade, everyone was cheering for her. But Glee is continuing to expand and add characters. Rachel has the best voice, but so many of the other girls are talented as well and it's only right that they get a chance to showcase it.

    Santana sung great. She might not have Rachel's "X factor" but she brought talent and something different to New Directions performance. Brittany and Mike were great but i expected them to be. Quinn and Sam were...sweet. I don't really like Sam, or Quinn for that matter, but they have good voices, even if they were my least favourite duet in "Duets". I think all the other girls have better vocals.

    I did think it was ironic that all five major players in the performance -Quinn, Santana, Brittany, Sam and Mike are all the cheerleaders and two football players.

    As for plot, it was the only part of the episode that didn't thrill me. Brittany and Artie is the worst couple ever. The sooner Brittany and Santana are back the way they were the better. Tina dressing as a dark goth cheerleader was just weird and Finn and Rachel were just messed up. I could see both sides of the argument but when Rachel kissed Puck (though i love puckleberry) i fully supported Finn. I think he and Santana should try to date. I think that would be interesting. Santana is looking so lonely and sad without Brittany. Emma has odd Sectionals wedding symmetry, but i just thought it was a stupid plot and it seems inevitable that she will either cheat or divorce, as she is the only love interest for Will.

    Overall, this episode is still a ten for all the good things it did for the female characters. I think everyone got the spotlight for either singing or dancing. Rachel's duet with Kurt, Quinns's duet with Sam, Santana's solo and Brittany's dancing, then Mercedes and Tina's duet. The boys were a little left out but maybe at regionals the solo can be male vocals.
  • Thanks For Showing the backbone Mr. Shue

    I was excited about a few things n this episode. I liked that Emaa stood up to Mr. Shue & let himm know the formula for his sectional was predictable & boring. I like that Mr. Shue finally stopped being amused by Rachel acting like a diva. Rachel become tedious. She is unpleasant & a caricature of a human. I could totally see her & Puck hooking up again. I love that she showed some strength of character by being honest with Finn about what she did. I like that Finn told her she was mean & hateful for doing it & that he did not forgive her. I know these two will get back together. I just want to be able to root for them again. Finn was right to not forgive her right away. He made a mistake while she was with someone else. She cheated because she was mad. Not at all the same thing. Although she does get props for being honest first. I liked Puck this episode. trying to be a better person even though it doesn't sit comfortably with him yet. I liked that he pulled the plug on his hook up with Rachel. That he put his friendship with Finn ahead of what he wanted.
  • The moment we Gleeks were all waiting for. Sectionals and it didn't disappoint

    When the series started, this was one of the eipsodes I was keen to see so i had very high expectations when watching it and I loved it.
    I thought that the storyline was very well written and the songs were modern, which suited me. I liked the fact that Finn and Rachel were not at the front singing the solos because they always do. I'm glad that Ryan Murphy gave other characters a chance to sing. We was able to hear belter Mercedes, as well as Tina, Sam and Quinn's singing voice. However the reason why I did not give the episode the perfect 10 was because the ending was very cliche. I understand that the Warblers had to go through to keep Kurt in the show but I thought they could have done it in other ways. Still an enjoyable episode even though it wasn't my favoirte
  • Wow. I mean wow! I really don't know what to say and where to begin.

    Some big changes happen in this episode. First, Mr. Schue decides Sectionals this year will be different. And oh my god, they are different.

    I am so shocked at myself but I was actually upset when Rachel didn't get a solo. In all the previous episodes I was kinda sick of her and she was singing in every single episode but I couldn't imagine Sectionals with her in the background. Don't cry for me Argentina was soooooooo good! I cried during listening to it. Rachel and Kurt were amazing! And don't get me started on their b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l friendship.

    If I focus on Sectionals a little more - what was the most different for me was the atmosphere. This episode was kinda radical because the Glee club members were arguing the whole time but that wasn't such a bad thing actually; it was interesting to see the different side of Glee. I could feel how upset they were, how angry with each other and how hurt. I felt so sorry for Finn at the end, and in one way I understand Rachel for doing what she did but on the other hand I am disappointed in her. I can't believe they broke up! I just can't!! It's interesting - last year they became a couple after Sectionals and now they broke up...
    Glee club sure has a lot of talent but I'm not sure about Quinn and Sam. I like Quinn very much but everytime she sings she has a different voice!! And when the hell will they stop to auto-tune it?? I realise that probably everyone in the show have auto-tuned voices, but when Quinn sings that reflects the most. I would say the same for Sam too actually. His voice isn't that great and he still annoys me a little bit. :D But other than that they were okay singing I had the time of my life. Just okay.
    Valerie on the other hand was great. Santana's solo was good to listen to (what wasn't so great about her - how mean she was in this episode), although I hoped Tina would get a solo. And she did get the one in the end but I hoped she would sing at Sectionals. However, the song at the end was magnificent! I also have to mention Mike and Brittany's dancing. Oh my gooood, that was so amazing. I'm still shocked.

    Lauren Zizes joining the Glee club... I hope that's not permanent, that's all I'm going to say. :D

    What was also interesting to see was how the Warblers really aren't what I expected. And what Kurt expected too. Blaine was so emotional when he watched Kurt sing Don't cry for me Argentina, that was sweet. But why did he sing everything at Sectionals? Emma and Carl getting married??? Didn't see that coming either. I'm still hoping she'll be with Mr. Schue at the end. They make such a better couple than Emma and Carl.

    Overall, different Sectionals than last year. But a good episode.
  • Enjoyable to watch, for the most part.

    Right away, just let me say, that I have serious problems with where the writers/producers have taken Glee this season. I can't write a review of any episode without saying I hate how they use and abuse characters for the purpose of driving the plot forward. Rachel has become sooooo unlikable and unreal, and this episode does not help her character at all. She has pleasant interactions with Kurt, which go against the very selfish, pouty persona she embodies for the rest of the episode. It makes no sense! Any progress her character seems to make in terms of maturing or learning is never ever lasting. She always goes back to being the same old Rachel, which is not only unrealistic, I think, it's also painful to watch!

    All of that said, I really did enjoy the singing and dancing in this episode. Some of the dialogue was pretty funny too, although I really missed having Sue Sylvester around. I honestly don't mind the Britney/Artie relationship, and I loved their conversations. Also, I feel it is important to note that Emma Pillsury's hair is awesome. I wish I could get mine to do that!

    So I give this high score with some reservations, but I did really enjoy watching it, so I feel like it's deserved.
  • On the right track to getting back to a Glee-like plot, but not quite there...

    Not that this excuses Rachel, but didn't Finn make out with Rachel while he was still with Quinn early in season 1? Granted, the reasons were different and Rachel's reasons were cruel, but that still kinda makes him a hypocrite.

    I'm a Finchel fan and a complete sucker for will they/won't they. By law, it's about time for them to split. Besides, it's rumored they're bringing Jesse back (curious as to how though, since he was a senior) and he'll need something to do to wreak havoc on the students at McKinley.

    I missed Sue.

    I miss Kurt. The happy version. I do love what they're doing with him at Dalton. I feel stifled for him just watching it. Can't wait until be busts!

    Dump the Sam and Quinn thing. Vanilla, boring, I'll take the cartoonistic version of Rachel they're churning out and wimpy Finn over them any episode. They don't DO anything.

    I miss Mercedes. She was there, right? Hmmm. Maybe they should give her a line or two.

    I can't stand Shu/Emma. He started off ok, but when I rewatch an episode (I know, I know, major Gleek) I find myself tempted to fast forward through his scenes.

    All in all, love what the creators have done in this groundbreaking TV show and though it may be in a bit of a sophomore slump, I have faith in them. They're too brilliant not to. I heard they keep a pulse on what fans think and it may be influencing their writing. I wish they'd stop and simply go with their guts since that's how the first half of season one was churned out and it's by far their best material. They hooked millions of people with their own unadulterated ideas, myself included. Go back to a closet, lock the door, and bang out an awesome season 3!
  • Not one of the season's best

    This season has been really inconsistent, and this episode was no exception. Going it and knowing New Directions was going to Sectionals, I had a lot of hope that the episode would be as exciting as past competition episodes have been. Not to be. Instead I was left with a lot of unanswered questions:

    Did Rachel sleep with Puck? Didn't he say he "couldn't do it to a friend again" and leave? If they didn't "do it" why would Rachel lie. The Sam/Quinn couple is dull. QB (wannabe) and Head Cheerleader. Totally milquetoast. Kurt is clearly miserable at Dalton and will never fit in, canary analogies aside. Why the sudden friendship between Rachel and Kurt? Even though the producers tried to explain it by having Rachel tell Kurt "You were my competition" it totally didn't fly with me. The hug looked so forced and insincere.

    I used to enjoy Emma but now she is a completely secondary character. The Shu/Emma storyline is now over. The producers need to move on and move her out.

    Then we get to Sectionals. The Hipsters weren't so good. The Warblers were pretty good, although Kurt looked like he was having stomach pains. Why did New Directions get to perform two numbers whe the others only did one? Why did Shu take the trophy if there was a tie? If the two singers vying for a solo at Sectionals were the finalists for the spot why did Blaine sing the solo?

    I loved seeing Shu get mad. Finally he seems to have emotion about something. Brittany was funny as always. The Dog Days number was the best of the episode, second was The Warblers Hey Soul Sister.

    Next week is the Christmas episode. I'm bracing for some treacly get reunions and overplayed carols. Ah well, 'tis the season. Hopefully when the show resumes in February the producers will have had some time to do some serious writing and get the show back on track.
  • A few mistakes in the path.However,a good episode.

    New Directions head to Sectionals,between conflicts and a hard path.(SPOILERS)Emma get's married.Finn and Rachel break up and Kurt on his new school.Glee is a great series,don't get me wrong,but this season become inconsistent.I Love this show,and i want better.Quinn and Sam(Ken & Barbie)doing great on ''I've Had The Time of My Life'',Santana as well on "Valerie".Great moments with Tina/Mercedes on "Dog Days Are Over''.I think the songs are doing fine.Storyline needs a little improvoment.Need a Less Highschool Drama,More Depth Drama,Real Drama.I'll be waiting "A very Glee Christmas" with hope.Good Episode,not the better of the season,neither the worst one.Now,we wait and see where this will lead us.
  • A pretty good episode

    Overall, the episode was very good because it gave screen time t all of the characters, which is great. I wasn't really crazy about any of the songs in it. Well, I did love "Don't Cry for me Argentina". I always love the Rachel/Kurt duets. Their voices fit nicely together. Speaking of Rachel and Kurt, I really loved them together in thi episode. I am seriously loving this new friendship they are developing! And I think Rachel could really use him. She needs a friend. Especially now that she and Finn broke up. She's never really had a real friend... It's kind of sad. The only people she was ever close to having a real friendship with were Finn and Jesse, and she was romantically invoved with both of them. Well, now it seems that Puck will be a friend to her too, shich is great.

    I know that a lot of people are probably worried that Rachel will replace Mercedes as Kurts best friend, but I really honestly do not believe that that would ever happen. Di everyone see that wink Jurt did for Mercedes after she smiled at him? And she followed right after Rachel in jumping up and down clapping for Kurt during sectionals. I think they are going to be just fine :)

    Did anyone else simply adore Puck in this episode? I thought he was amazing! He was so sweet and genuinly seemed to care about everyone. I think that Kurt will tranfer back to McKinley relatively soon. Maybe not right away, but definitely before regionals. He seemed awkward and uncomforable being at Dalton and I think the lack of individuality and personality in the Warblers is definitely going to be a problem for him. I mean, lets face it, Kurt is a flamboyant, comfident, out and proud gay man. he is not going to be able to fit into the crowd. Blaine is gay but not obviously gay like Kurt. That's just my humble opinion and I will welcome my beloved Kurt back into New Directions full heartedly ;)

    Over all, I enjoyed the episode. I felt bad for rachel and Finn though and I am really enjoying Artie and Brittany's relationship :)
  • 2x09 sectionals year two

    so after viewing this episode I still have this feeling that Glee is not always really well balance and that they are huge differences of quality between the episodes of this second season. Overall I've really enjoyed this show but it's not as good as it used to be...

    The good point of this episode it's that they've done an other sectional episode but which is not the same. The episode is kind of different because the organization of the glee club is different but as the same time we have some parallelism between all the competition's episodes (sectional & regionals)...
    I like the songs, they are not the best ones but they are quite good. I was expecting some stuff in this episode such as the two teams going to regional and the break-up (thanks to Lea Michele tweet I've read before watching the episode) but I was surprise by other stuff (I won't say more not to spoil you)!!!
    Next week a Xmas episode with Sue and Brittany stories!!! I can't wait!
  • Sectionals is here, and the drama is high.

    After the highs of last week, I was disappointed to see the arrival of Sectionals be nothing more than a sub-par rehash of last year's Sectionals episode. And last year's Sectionals episode was great. This one, however, was not. I did like some of the songs and some of the moments, but boy, this show can be pretty back and forth in quality.

    The sectionals have arrived, and just when you think Rachel might be becoming a bit more normal and stopping her immature ways, something pops up to remind us of how self-centered and irritating she can be. Emma gets Will to try and branch out with his Glee club members and decides to not let Rachel sing a solo and let other members get a chance. Of course, Rachel's ego takes over and she turns everybody in the Glee club against her again. More drama ensues after Santana announces that she slept with Finn the year before when Finn and Rachel weren't together.

    Take all this drama, add in the fact that Kurt is with the Warblers now (the Warblers are a weird singing group with stupid rules) and that Emma got married to Carl and you have a more dramatic than usual episode of "Glee." I 100% agree with the person who reviewed below me; if the Warblers are such a closely-knit team, why in the world was Blaine singing the song by himself? If anything, they all should've been singing some part of it. Meanwhile, the songs that New Directions sang were okay... the song from Dirty Dancing was incredibly lame, while the "Valerie" song was awesome, especially the dancing by Mike Chang and Britney. Mike has never gotten enough props from me or other people, and he's always the underdog or the guy that sort of lurks in the background. He's definitely a talented actor and I'm glad this season focuses on him more.

    All in all, the episode came to a satisfying ending. I liked the "Florence and the Machine" cover, and while we were left with a pretty happy end, it was pretty crazy to see Finn and Rachel broken up. I knew AND figured it would happen eventually, but I didn't think it would happen now.