Season 4 Episode 9

Swan Song

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 06, 2012 on FOX

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  • Okay, that's it. It's time to get all Lima Heights on those dumbass writers.

    (Spoilers ahead).

    In the past, Glee has had a history of delivering a really good episode and following it up with a really terrible episode. Last week;s episode wasn;t great but it wasn;t terrible and it ended on a cliffhanger, something Glee has never done. I actually went into this episode with a lot of hopes, them being that Marley;s eating disorder would be confronted, Kitty;s true intentions would be revealed, and she would be forcibly removed.

    Why did Glee have to crap all over everything?

    Let's start with the biggest offense: the Marley situation was handled TERRIBLY. Appallingly. So bad please hold while I get my thesaurus to use more words of the same caliber. This really sucked because they set it up! Santana accused Kitty of sabotaging Marley and nobody says anything? Nobody listens? This is how bad this episode was, it made me want people to listen to Santana! Why didn't Ryder say anything about how he saw her purging during the musical? Why didn;t anyone offer.... anything? Even worse than the fact that Kitty got away with everything (which I can;t even go into because that;s the problem, there;s nothing to go into, she;s still in the club and everything for her is dandy!) but whats worse is... well there are two things. The first is that no one cared if Marley was okay, they cared that they lost. Yes losing sucks, but there are more important things. When someone on your team passes out, you don;t say in front of everybody, "This is all your Which Tina did. TWICE. People complain that Tina doesn't get enough attention which is true considering she;s one of the original members, but ever since then, since season 1, she;s become a really unpleasant character (and in glee, if your unpleasantness stands out, that really says something) and I just wanted to slap almost as much as kitty. The other worse thing about Marley's bulimia is that suddenly, it was okay. After the glee club disbanded, that was it. She was fine, and everything was back to normal. Was everyone so upset about losing that they forgot to see if she needed help? Wouldn;t we see her mom confronting her about this? Wouldn't it at the very least warrant a conversation with Emma, the guidance counselor? Why does glee suck at everything?

    Next thing tonight was Brittany and Sam. Call me crazy, but in the glee universe, I think these two kids make sense. They;re both blonde, both have good hearts and aren;t terribly bright, both see the best in people and each other. Sam leading her to him with cheerios and Brittany telling him she wants to be happy with him was actually really sweet. But even this didn't come without its stupidity, that Brittany originally didn;t want to be wit him because of the "online lesbian community" I know this is the glee writers thinking they;re funny that brittany knows about Brittana shippers, but when people on twitter dictate what happens in your show, that is a sign of how bad your show has gotten. As for Sam, he;s always been a kindhearted guy they;ve never really known what to do with, so he dates whoever;s available. People complain he "falls in love" with all these girls, and it may be hard to believe, but these kids are supposed to be in high school, it;s allowed.

    Then we switch back to new york which is equally as frustrating. it;s believable that rachel would get invited to be in the showcase (somewhat) but what is confusing is her ongoing war with the dance teacher. yes, kate hudson is magnificent as a villain, has an incredible voice and is delightfully bendy, but does she want to see rachel fail? and if so, why? i mean, i could think of a few reasons but rachel admitting she values her voice more than her dancing and striding out of class, while cathartic, makes that whole storyline fall a little flat. whats unbelievable, even by glee standards, is that she;d win. yes i realize it makes her the "first freshman in history" but she made it in, couldnt that be good enough for once? rachel standards by definition mean that she would still get something someone else hadn;t, she just wouldn;t get it all. is that too much to ask?


    although, and i have to say doing something "like you might never get another chance" is a dumb way to live life, but her and brody are a cute blossoming couple. there might;ve been some awwing when he grabbed her hand during kurt;s performance.

    speaking of which, the one thing that impressed me during this episode was rachel bringing up kurt;s "i want to hold your hand" from season 2. she;s right, it was kurt;s best performance throughout the whole show and one of the most heartfelt performances of the show;s run, period, it;s just so surprising rachel brought it up. the way glee functions is they mostly act like the past and season 2 in general didn;t happen. and while kurt does generally rely on making a number be flashy, he can be real and that got him in.

    and that is slightly more believable than rachel winning the showcase.

    and i;m sorry, but the club is going to practice in the courtyard? they acknowledged this a little bit with the snow, but Ohio is in the midwest. It's winter. See where this is

    Next week is titled "Glee, Actually" supposedly based off the movie but because the glee writers take a hit of peyote before they write an episode, it looks more like "it;s a wonderful which it might be on glee if kitty gets the boot. hopefully soon.
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