Season 4 Episode 9

Swan Song

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 06, 2012 on FOX

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  • Good episode, barring one glaring omission.


    Wow, if you hate the show so much, stop watching it. The only thing I agree with in that review you just gave is the whole thing with Kitty/Marley and how the blame was misplaced but seriously if you are that negative about a show you used to love you should seriously just give up and stop watching and stop complaining. I personally thought that the episode was great, besides the fact that they didn't hold Kitty accountable for what she did to Marley.

    I'm so sick of "original" glee fans hating on the show because it's changed since season one. Its called evolution and progression people! If a show stays the same each progressive season it gets boring and dull! I, for one, love it when my shows take new directions in their storylines. Be Open minded and stop being critical when things don't go your own way. Evolve with the creative processes of the show and if you don't like it, stop watching and don't waste your time and energy being a negative force on people who actually do like the show.