Season 4 Episode 19

Sweet Dreams

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 18, 2013 on FOX

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  • Say - WHUH!?!?!

    OK let's for the moment forget the opening montage where Mister Murphy has told us all that Teachers College is just one giant frat party of inappropriate 1/2 naked dancing and sex parties... and let's vault past Finn finding a Puckerman on the floor of his college dorm room for no apparently coherent reason, and start with Sam/Evin.

    Whose acid trip was THAT!?

    I guess we weren't done with National Lampoon's College Dorm daze Part seven, and Murphy's jaunt down "screwballs/American Pie" wannabe flashbacks just yet and we get a slip n'slide down the hallway of a teacher's college?!?! And just by the way, how was Finn able to get into a teacher's college since he not only didn't apply for one, but his grades were so shitty he couldn't get into anywhere last season which made the break from Rachel's college experience happen in the first place?

    What kind of drugs is Mister Murphy on this week?

    And Heir Furer Wil Schuster - I know he's an ass, and I'd love to see that ... written off the show entirely as a useless piece of time wastage, but he was written this week to be such a complete ass, surpassing his own usual level of elevated ass-ishness that I am somewhat hopeful its the first step in cancelling his contract and saying "adios bonehead!"

    Now we've got Rachel at the premier arts school in all the land and the failed glee teacher from Vocal Adrenaline, who couldn't hold down a part time glee choir job at McKinley High somehow on stage mentoring Rachel for a broadway play?

    I guess dealing with the school shooting just isn't the way this writing staff is wired.

    Ugh... I give up.

    There's a new episode of Vampire Diaries on the other network.

    That's it...

    bye bye bye!

    My time is much better spent elsewhere.

    Post-Broadcast note:

    I was right. Vampire Diaries this week was GREAT! Elena's complete character plunge included her trying to kill her best friend and having to be locked up in the Salvatore basement to protect her from her own lack of humanity; while Bonnie's special powers with dark magic continued to evolve where she seems to cause wind gusts and the headlights on parked cars to spontaneously turn on when she gets upset. We are also shown more of a Sialas that can appear as anyone it wants at will and in fact gets the Salvatore brothers alone and stabs them both in separate instances, though of course they pull through in the end. Oh and major spoiler alert - someone actually gets "the cure", toward the end of tis episode and it takes a few characters by surprise.

    Now if Mister Murphy could write like that i wouldn't have had to switch networks mid broadcast just to remain entertained and captivated as an audience member.

    Sad, but this will be my last Glee review. I'm over it.

    There's MUCH better entertainment out there during the same time slot which is written FAR better, has much more in depth character development and to be honest, isn't about writing for the 3rd grade mentality but for thinkers who dare to ask "why am I watching this show".

    .Mister Murphy - SHAME on you.