Season 4 Episode 8


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 2012 on FOX

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  • Who the hell is the choreographer?

    I agree with sodapopgirl721's review almost entirely. I actually enjoyed Gangnam Style sung by Tina. If I had closed my eyes during this performance I would have said New Directions deserved to win. However, I watched the performance. Whoever choreographed that should find a new job. It was awful! Multiple times, it looked like dance moves you see in the movie Grease. The Glease episode was a few weeks ago. Why are they still incorporating the dance styles now?
  • Good episode, but epic fail ending.

    I kinda enjoyed the Kiki party with Kurt, Rachel and Brody, not to mention Isabelle. Quinn's return and fell for Kitty's supposed charms was a definite must see. Marley passing out was due to the fact that Kitty put the idea in her head that she was going to be just like her mother and encourage to force herself to vomit which isn't right. I'm glad Santana suspected something when she found the laxatives but Quinn refuses to listen to her.
  • Come see about me...

    Nothing is better than good old time Santana, Britney....

    I am not saying new members are I still think original members are the best of all.....

    It is sad that everyone has to graduate high school at the end......
  • Let's not have a kiki.... nor should anyone ever use that phrase again...

    (Spoilers ahead).

    I have to say, I made the mistake of looking forward to this episode of Glee. At the end of season 3, Quinn left for college so peaceful, so put together, so.... not awful. And at the beginning of this episode, on stage, her hair has grown out, she looks happy, the way she runs to give finn a hug, makes it seem like she;s really grown up.

    she had to open her mouth and ruin that, didn;t she?

    since finn has the graduates partner up with the kids in the club, kitty tells quinn that jake is pressuring marley to have sex, which is a complete lie. maybe it's because it's been a while since quinn has had someone who falls at her feet or maybe she really is that dumb, but quinn believes kitty over santana that kitty is sabotaging marley. i could understand quinn not wanting to give marley the victory, but is she really that dumb? how can a girl who planted hot sauce and botox in a woman;s house to get her baby taken away not recognize another cheerleader when a high pony is reading her playbook?this is another sign that quinn has devolved from the mature dare-i-say adult at the end of season 3 to the petulant dumbass from mid season 2. She went from being excited to start college and define who she is herself to proudly announcing she;s dating her professor who;s twice her age and technically still married. this isn;t the quinn who graduated, this is the quinn who told rachel she would end up with finn and live with him in lima forever. and then she has the gall to call santana a loser for going to college as opposed to "following your dreams?" what does that mean, exactly? santana is a chump for choosing an education over going to new york to maybe no one told ryan murphy the reason the song goes "if i can make it there, i can make it anyhwere" is because it;s supposed to be hard to make it in new york, not a place where jobs literally fall into your lap, followed by apartments so big you ride bikes in them. for the first time i sided with santana, and brittany coming in and interrupting like a little kid was adorable (although i would;ve preferred she said "stop the violence ala season 2).

    Next up is the glossed over plots of glee, apparently now jake and marley are an item. Don't get me wrong, they were the couple i was pulling for, and we saw them make a date last week, but they barely had any time together this episode! they need a kiss or another duet or something! that being said ryder and jake;s friendship seems off to an okay start, a finn and puck for the new year.

    This episode also goes to show why the switching back and forth thing doesn;t work. don;t get me wrong, i love rachel and kurt, they;re not exactly will and grace but their cute and spunky in their own way, but their stories are just so annoying! brody shows up in rachel;s class because their teacher couldn't deign to show up, a rant for which i will save when she;s in another episode, and he tells rachel they;re grownups and basically he;s a man with urges. first of all, college freshman are not adults. they make adult choices, usually bad ones, but they are not adults, and seems to forget rachel has only been in new york and out of a tumultous two year relationship for a few months. and then there;s the wtf of kurt;s boss and a million other people showing up at their place and having a "kiki". this was one of the times where glee does a song that is so... appallingly bad that when you go look it up, you;re appalled to find it;s actually a real song. in glee;s attempt to recognize their stupidity, brody roamed around the "kiki" with an amused look of "i have no idea what;s going on, but i;m still attempting to bed this babe so i;ll play along" and the psycho dance teacher is back next week. huzza, huzza.

    last up is marley. all throughout this episode she was shown to be getting progressively worse that her fainting as confetti landed on her wasn;t too big of a shocker. what doesn;t make sense is that she felt this immense pressure from her mother. from the start of the year, marley and her mom;s relationship has been very open and honest and full of love and not full of crushing pressure that comes from parents on gossip girl (from five years ago, when the parents still interacted with their children on that show). but this is where things get tricky, because as i;ve stated before, degrassi glee is not. meaning that while glee tackles a lot of heavy issues, it has yet to handle one with... well, let's see, grace, couth, dignity, to name a few. marley has a problem and while she;s not damaged for life, it;s not something to be wrapped up in a week, and certainly is not all her fault. kitty better face some repercussions for this, or better yet, be kicked out. she is a poison that needs to be extracted from the glee club like now.

    so in glee;s first ever cliffhanger we are left not knowing will they win or lose? i;m still pulling for a loss not just because it would make the show more interesting but gangnum style is... awful. It was so painful and awkward to watch, if they had done the macarena it would;ve been less painful. Not to mention the warblers were clearly better. this hasn;t been the first time that the they win despite not being the best thing has come up. yes, last year the troubletones were better, but glee is a show about a plucky glee club, not a glee club formed out of spite and pettiness. i personally loved that the warblers got two songs, even though their new leader (someone from the glee project i;m guessing) isn;t half as entertaining as sebastian, whose voice fit that new direction song better than his blazer :)

    also the two pucks together are adorbs. while i would;ve liked to see their breakthrough moment where they became brothers, when glee doesn;t totally screw something up, you get what you get.

    also worth noting is that jake has the laptop the warblers left behind, which is nice to see for people who live in a world where leaving a laptop vindictively is an expensively big deal and it;s nice the "poor" kid is using it.

    next week brittany and sam kiss! and other stuff happens.
  • Interesting...

    The grads coming in was refreshing and worked out really well. Quinns return was great. She was perfect in all her scenes. Marleys fall at the end was dramatic and may cost the glee club their sectionals win based on the promo, but maybe Kitty was able to pique the judges attention with her winks like Quinn suggested to do. The warblers choices were better and they got to do two songs. Why would the new directions not perform more songs than the other teams. I understand part of the number of songs covered is due to time restrictions in the show, but another song prior to Marleys collapse would have been nice. With next weeks reveal to Marleys story, i really doubt they can make kitty into one of the "good" guys, then again the writers seem to be changing Brittanys outlook on life making her like Sam (possibly more than Santana based on the promo for next week) so anything is possible? Time will tell on those issues.

    As for the New york side, the kiki performance was interesting. I do like the fact that Klaine will attempt to repair their relationship.

    Gagnam style has been getting lots of grief from viewers since its release, Seems like 50% like it. I think the song was ok for a cover and jenna sang well, but it seemed like there was too many camera switches to enjoy the dancing that was supposed to be something big in this number. When they kept the camera focused it was usually on simple moves. The camera work seemed to defeat the jake ryder story line on dancing It was a downer.


    - Quinn and Santana - Two reasons why the show used to be great :)

    - Warblers performance

    - Gagnam Style?
  • A Very Glee Thanksgiving

    I really liked this episode it was really cool seeing the graduates give the newbies advice.

    Marley's storyline was okay the ending with her was super dramatic and I didn't like it.

    Rachel and Kurt's Thanksgiving was cute and I liked how they weren't super depressed the whole time.

    Blaine and Kurt's long distance phone call was the highlight of this episode for me I was tearing up the whole time!!

    I'm really psyched for next week!