Season 4 Episode 8


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 2012 on FOX

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  • Interesting...

    The grads coming in was refreshing and worked out really well. Quinns return was great. She was perfect in all her scenes. Marleys fall at the end was dramatic and may cost the glee club their sectionals win based on the promo, but maybe Kitty was able to pique the judges attention with her winks like Quinn suggested to do. The warblers choices were better and they got to do two songs. Why would the new directions not perform more songs than the other teams. I understand part of the number of songs covered is due to time restrictions in the show, but another song prior to Marleys collapse would have been nice. With next weeks reveal to Marleys story, i really doubt they can make kitty into one of the "good" guys, then again the writers seem to be changing Brittanys outlook on life making her like Sam (possibly more than Santana based on the promo for next week) so anything is possible? Time will tell on those issues.

    As for the New york side, the kiki performance was interesting. I do like the fact that Klaine will attempt to repair their relationship.

    Gagnam style has been getting lots of grief from viewers since its release, Seems like 50% like it. I think the song was ok for a cover and jenna sang well, but it seemed like there was too many camera switches to enjoy the dancing that was supposed to be something big in this number. When they kept the camera focused it was usually on simple moves. The camera work seemed to defeat the jake ryder story line on dancing It was a downer.


    - Quinn and Santana - Two reasons why the show used to be great :)

    - Warblers performance

    - Gagnam Style?
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