Season 4 Episode 4

The Break-Up

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2012 on FOX

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  • Good drme

  • Great

    So Happy to see an episode focused on Rachel and Kurt. I miss them, especially Kurt.
  • A Fanstatic Episode!

    Wow this episode has got to be my favorite episode of Season 4 so far and defiantly one of the best episodes Glee's ever done!

    Even through this episode was incredibly sad it was also packed with some of the best acting and songs in a LONG time!

    Kurt and Blaine's storyline completely threw me through a loop. The whole Call Backs sequence was great, Blaine's performance was amazingly sorrowful. Darren really nailed that song, I think it was a even better rendition than the first time he sang it. Kurt's reaction to Blaine's performance was painful and deeply sad to watch, Chirs Colfer played it wonderfully. The whole scene by the foundation was amazing! Blaine's confession to Kurt really shocked me, it was a great twist. The pain and sorrow Chris and Darren portrayed was really palpable. I was so moved I was in shock my heart was beating so hard the whole time, I couldn't even cry. While it seems that our beloved Klaine is broken up for now I truly hope that they reconcile before the Season 4 finale I don't think my heart can take another break up scene between them!

    Santana's and Brittany's scenes were so wonderfully sad to watch, Santana's reasoning for breaking up made sense but it didn't make it any easier to watch, I hope Britanna can get back together sometime in the foreseeable future!

    Finchel's break up was inevitable so I wasn't that moved by it as I was the others.

    I liked that Emma stood up for herself to Will, it was great seeing her so feisty and not putting up with his crap I hope she stands by her decision.

    Kitty is officially more crazy and weird than Quinn ever was! I really hope she gets more character development because right now she a bitch on wheels and a crazier than a shit house rat and totally unlikable!

    I really hope Jake and Marley end up as a couple because they are so cute and adorable together it was nice seeing them interacting positively!

  • I Loved It, But Was Upset At The Same Time

    I'm an absolute Brittana fan and seeing them broke up made me cry haha but I've also been a fan of Klaine and it's sad seeing that Blaine cheated on Kurt. But I can understand how he feels like he has been left feeling lonely. Thank god Will and Emma didn't break up otherwise that would of been ridiculous! I didn't really give a damn about the Jake and Kitty relationship so yeah. The Finchel break up was unfortunate but was needed, shes in New York and has her whole life ahead of her and well he doesn't really fit in with her NYADA scene. It's just so.... I don't know how to put it astonishing to see how far they have come though. From Rachel being the little quirky anti-sociable girl that liked to post videos on Myspace and Finn being the quaterback of the football team and him being freaked out the first time they met to being a couple, breaking up, then ending up back together again then finally winning Nationals and almost getting married. I just can't believe how long it's been. All in all I loved the end scene of 'The Scientist' bringing back memories of past episodes. It was emotional and just a great job by the cast and crew.
  • "Nobody said it was easy..."

    I'll be honest: I'm not a Gleek, I watch the show on and off, and have never really invested much in the storylines. I had always watched it for the music. So perhaps I don't have a great context of the depth of the relationships in the show, but I really felt I did feel the pain of the characters in this episode - it was great acting. Especially Blaine. Gosh, that version of Teenage Dreams ... it was heartbreaking. I loved that this wasn't just a part of 'character development', but it was very much a part of reality. People move on, grow and go in different directions.
  • Everyone graduated and things got weird

    (Spoilers ahead)

    This was a line of Brittany;s and describes this episode and the direction the season rather well. It's easiest to break down what happened into various couples:

    Kurt and Blaine. Blaine starts this episode by pondering when sitting with Brittany and pondering when their relationships were fun and easy and Brittany in the only moment of the episode where I could stand her pointed out they;re young and their relationships should still be like that, he continues to miss Kurt. And he makes a surprise visit to New York and sings an emotional version of Teenage Dream, the first song he sang to Kurt. After this he reveals he cheated on Kurt. And while it sucks that Klaine is over, I understand why the writers did it. Despite the fact they act, dress, and in real life are much older than their characters, they are still petty high schoolers or just left but still act like petty high schoolers. And shows that are about high schooled aged kids or young adults and aren;t about actual adults, the relationships do not tend to last that long, and Kurt and Blaine have been together for over a year and a half, which is a pretty long time. Also, up until now, Darren Criss is such a delight to watch and Blaine is such a charmer and has such an energy that he has been the one person on Glee who is close to perfect, he;s always the wise one and the sweet one and sure he takes up a lot of the spotlight, but have you seen the boy? He has a right to. What Blaine did is not okay, but he;s a person and he made a mistake and he;s still in high school. And maybe now he can run into Sebastian at the Lima Bean and he can tell him about how he imploded his relationship and they can start hanging out (I want Sebastian to be in season 4, sue me).

    Finn and Rachel: I'm sorry, it's really hard to be on Finn;s side in this. Yes, Rachel kissed Brody behind his back, BUT the end of season 3 seemed like a breakup to me, and not talking to her in any way, shape or form for months seemed to confirm that. And him showing up out of the blue is a little... out of the blue. And Finn basically makes her do a duet with Brody, only to find that yes, the two have incredibly chemistry, yes, Rachel has a great life going in New York and Finn really doesn;t fit in, and yes, he is kind of screwed. And at the end of the episode where they return to the spot where they met and kissed and he proposed Rachel brings up a very good point; no matter what she does, he;ll always look at her as the socially awkward girl in glee who terrified him when they first met whom he feels needs his permission on how to live her life. What it comes down to is Finchel is one of those relationships that really only works in high school, or about ten years after. But Rachel;s started a new chapter in her life that will most likely be the Brochel era.

    Santana and Brittany:

    This once again brings me to my point last year where the character of Brittany has run its course. The dumber than any dumb blonde you;ve ever met was funny for a while but now it;s just sad. When Santana visits, Brittany makes her feel terrible about now having time for her and tells Santana she left her behind. But Brittany did that to herself, by not graduating and acting like a four year old expecting Santana to give up her future for her. It's not Santana's fault that she;s doing something with her life and Brittany is stuck where she is (much like Finn and Rachel). Santana decides to end things because half of their relationship is in high school and it is hard and they won;t hold each other back. Santana specified it wasn;t a break up, but as Brittany said, it sure felt like one.

    Will and Emma:

    The one couple that I really don;t want to break up because they;re actually adults and their relationships deserves to be saved. They;re also the only couple which didn;t decidedly break up, they just had a big fight. Will gets the blue ribbon panel and expects Emma to go with him. Like Brittany, he expects Emma to drop her life for him and can;t understand why Emma won;t come with him when all he wants is to be with his fiance. That;s sweet Will, if you;re a policitician and your significant other doesn;t have a job, but as Emma points out, she has a job she loves and doesn;t want to wait in motels like a puppy for Will to come back. They had a fight and she walked out so hopefully their relationship can be saved.

    Jake and Marley and Kitty:

    I have to say, I was surprised that Jake and Kitty broke up already. Yes that was random and felt like the show was just doing it to do it but you;d think they;d want to get Kitty into the glee club somehow, and short of a lobotomy, dating Jake seems to be her way in. And being that they weren;t in last week;s episode, we never really saw them as a couple, so them being over already feels weird. Also in terms of the "rapture" thing, people forget Quinn was once president of the celibacy club which did odd dances with balloons, and Kitty;s thing just felt like that, only much much worse. They appear to be making Kitty an amalgam of Quinn and Santana, so lord help us one and all now that she has turned on Jake and Marley. That being said, those two are adorable and should get together soon.

    Also, Santana;s jab at how easy Kurt got his job was well appreciated, it was like Glee saying "we know this show makes no logical sense anymore, but we appreciate you still watch it."

    And in the how-stupid-do-the-writers-think-you-are entry for this week, pretty much everybody in this episode flew from New York to Ohio or back in this episode! It;s clearly been a long time since the glee writers flew coach, but how do these high school and just started college and drifting in life kids keep affording their flights?!

    On another note, Finn did do some things right this episode. All of his scenes with Kurt were adorable, especially because at the beginning of the show Kurt stalked Finn and scared him and now they really do look at each other as brothers.

    It was also sweet that Finn went to see and Will and made sense with the show, from when Finn went to Will and broke down thinking he got his girlfriend pregnant to going to him and breaking down because his life feels useless. Finn may be lost but he still has his Obi-Wan.

    On another note it seems weird that Sam and Joe would be in Kitty;s club. Yes I get that they;re both religious, but Kitty;s club seems to be for fanatics or people who don;t know better and Joe may be the former but Sam doesn;t seem like he;d be either.

    All in all, a game-changing episode of Glee and one that makes you nuts we have to wait another month to see what happens next.
  • Break-up's stories

    Write about break-up is something subjective. Anyone who has faced that moment, could describe it in different ways, not only for the situation but the feelings.

    This Glee's episode try to carry us to that different situations and show us that sometimes something that we found interesting in the past could be annoying in the present.

    Obviously, the kids has grown up and new objectives has appeared. We can't blame Kurt for not being interested in Blaine's achievements. For someone who works at Vogue may be won the school's elections is silly. But, also, we can't blame Blane for feeling alone and abandoned.

    I believe that "The Break-up" is the deepest episode in Glee's history. Every story has differents edges and these are shown through one of the best script of the series. Maybe Rachel and Kurt's story are the most powerful but all the episode is perfect: music and acting.

  • The Scientist

    Back during the shows first two season I was a major "gleek" but by season 3, the show was a shell of its former self and has only gotten worse this season, but I Have to say this is one of my favorite episodes of the series. During the final number I cried. Not like a tear, but cried. It was so heart breaking and their version of one of my favorite songs of all time was amazing. Great acting, great writing, great ending. This is the Glee I miss. It gave me chills to see them all back on stage again, were in my eyes, they still belong.
  • Best episode in a LONG time!

    The teaser for this episode was which one would break up. Spoiler alert!

    The answer was they all did, pretty much.

    But the episode itself was very well written and focused on the characters, albeit most of the time was spent in NYC. Suspending reality a few minutes prevented a perfect 10: Finn's gun would never have been loaded while he cleaned it, and where did he get the money to just jet back and forth to NY if he hasn't worked for months? Anyway...

    All the musical numbers worked seamlessly with the script. The final number was phenomenal. While not a lot of time was spent in Ohio (which was fine since a lot of time was spent on the nasty cheerleader) I hope they keep this up. Time will tell.
  • The Break-Up

    This was an amazingly powerful and emotional episode.

    The acting and songs were exceptional.

    I have to say Cory Monteith "Fin" blew me away this episode with his acting and singing. I loved the scene where Fin was walking out and he gave his bro Kurt a hug. I was also very touched when Fin went to see Will Schuester. I felt it must have been very emotional for Fin seeing Mr Schue as a Mentor the way Fin does. Reminded me how much they have been through the last 3 years. Seems as though Fin might look after the Glee club while Mr Schue goes to Washington.

    Oh my God that ending was exceptional, starting from, Fin standing in the auditorium by himself then Rachel walks in. The whole Performance was so powerful it brought back memories and feelings and got very emotional. I forgot how long it's been since a show hit me so hard with a brilliant performance like that. Amazing Talent!!