Season 4 Episode 4

The Break-Up

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2012 on FOX

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  • A Fanstatic Episode!

    Wow this episode has got to be my favorite episode of Season 4 so far and defiantly one of the best episodes Glee's ever done!

    Even through this episode was incredibly sad it was also packed with some of the best acting and songs in a LONG time!

    Kurt and Blaine's storyline completely threw me through a loop. The whole Call Backs sequence was great, Blaine's performance was amazingly sorrowful. Darren really nailed that song, I think it was a even better rendition than the first time he sang it. Kurt's reaction to Blaine's performance was painful and deeply sad to watch, Chirs Colfer played it wonderfully. The whole scene by the foundation was amazing! Blaine's confession to Kurt really shocked me, it was a great twist. The pain and sorrow Chris and Darren portrayed was really palpable. I was so moved I was in shock my heart was beating so hard the whole time, I couldn't even cry. While it seems that our beloved Klaine is broken up for now I truly hope that they reconcile before the Season 4 finale I don't think my heart can take another break up scene between them!

    Santana's and Brittany's scenes were so wonderfully sad to watch, Santana's reasoning for breaking up made sense but it didn't make it any easier to watch, I hope Britanna can get back together sometime in the foreseeable future!

    Finchel's break up was inevitable so I wasn't that moved by it as I was the others.

    I liked that Emma stood up for herself to Will, it was great seeing her so feisty and not putting up with his crap I hope she stands by her decision.

    Kitty is officially more crazy and weird than Quinn ever was! I really hope she gets more character development because right now she a bitch on wheels and a crazier than a shit house rat and totally unlikable!

    I really hope Jake and Marley end up as a couple because they are so cute and adorable together it was nice seeing them interacting positively!