Season 3 Episode 5

The First Time

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2011 on FOX

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  • Practically perfect in every way


    (Spoilers ahead).

    The latest episode of Glee was just... amazing. Breathtaking. And everything in between. The episode revolves around the opening of West Side Story and Rachel and Kurt losing their virginity. If they had done this in season 2, it would;ve been a disaster. But this year they managed to pull it off in a poignant, beautiful way. To break it down, this episode was amazing because of:

    It didn't surprise me at all Rachel would have sex to make her acting better. Really, does that surprise anyone else? And she talks it over with the glee girls and while the populars (quinn, brittany, santana) tell her to wait, Tina tells her that her first time was perfect because her and Mike love each other and no matter what happens, she;ll always look back on that first time with no regrets. In this day and age of casual sex and revenge sex and hey, look at Quinn's first time, it's nice to see a teenage couple having sex simply because they love each other and they want to be together.

    Puck. He didn't have much in this episode but I loved the part he had. Finn asks him for advice on protection and Puck thinks he's cheating on Rachel and tells him "That's not cool. And that's coming from me." When Finn tells him he wants to do it with Rachel, Puck approves and adds, "I always thought it'd be me, but secretly hoped it'd be you." The Puckleberry shipper in me couldn;t help but "awwww!" at that part.

    Lack of Sue. Don't get me wrong, I love Sue and Jane Lynch is a fantastically underrated actress who should be getting the recognition she deserves, but there is very little left for her character anymore. The "Sue is trying to destroy glee club... AGAIN!" has worn just a tad thin, and while the congress plot is good (sort of) we no longer need to see her every episode, and it was nice she wasnt in this one.

    Blaine/Kurt/Karofsky. Blaine returns to Dalton to invite his Warbler buddies to WSS and some new Warbler starts hitting on him and isn;t subtle about it at all. Like, he doesnt mind Blaine has a boyfriend. He invites Kurt and Blaine out to a gay club to which Kurt accepts because he worries they;re too "safe." There Kurt runs into Karofsky who we learn transferred to another school but has accepted himself. It was nice to see him and Kurt toast to "baby steps."

    Lack of Will/Troubletones I'm sorry, but lately Will and Shelby's rival glee club have just provided annoying plot points that time could be used for anything else. In this episode, Will was just in the audience watching the show with Emma, and that was perfectly fine.

    Finn. A recruiter comes from Ohio State and tells Finn his football dreams are dead. He is devastated and feels like he'll never get out of Lima and Rachel tells him he just outgrew his dreams, but they;ll find new ones together. He is surprised she still wants to sleep with him and she tells him she wants to be with the boy she loves.

    Blaine tells Kurt he doesn;t care about Sebastian and wants to be with him.

    In the end, we see both Finn and Rachel and Blaine and Kurt in bed together. Given the trainwreck that was season 2, Glee pulled off the impossible: this episode had a good message that wasnt preachy or tawdry and was simply...beautiful.