Season 3 Episode 5

The First Time

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2011 on FOX

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  • This was the best episode this season, with a few (very) minor hiccups.


    Finally the musical is over and done with - one more number from WS
    and I was out the door. But this episode was the best all season, with a
    few minor exceptions.

    Going into it I was skeptical of the writers and directors ability to handle
    such a touch subject, though I'm sure they anticipated the abstinence
    crowd when creating the episode. All in all it "the first time" was handled
    with dignity and taste and focused more on the love quotient than the

    Despite what I said above the interweaving of some of the WS songs with the plot was also welldone during both the Blane/Kurt/Sebastien scene and the
    ending "first time" vignettes with Blane/Kurt and Finn/Rachel. Featuring
    musical numbers by other cast members was also refreshing. As a side
    note: I feel a little bad for Damien McGinty, the Glee Project winner -
    he won a 7 or 9 epiosode run and if this one counts (he was on the
    screen for a VERY short time) then he was ripped off.

    Okay a few minor gripes: The scene with Mike Chang and his dad must
    have something to do with an upcoming episode b/c it was just thrown
    in out of the blue. Artie talking about sex with Bieste? Can you EVER
    imagine talking to one of your HS teachers about THEIR virginity?
    Speaking of Bieste, what about her "first time"? That would have been
    fun to include. Where was Sue? Campaigning? Finally, I have mixed
    thoughts about the whole Sebastien storyline. Aside from the "Kurt
    doesn't need to know" aspect what's with the underage drinking? Hell
    if people wanted to get up in arms about something that should have
    been it. Again, minor.

    So they've kept me for now. Let's see what next week brings.