Season 4 Episode 1

The New Rachel

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 13, 2012 on FOX

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  • glee!

    Blaine is the best singer in glee
  • Good Start and forgettable new members

    It was an excellent episode but really I don't like the new characters. I love Rachel's arc and I liked the idea that when she thought that she had reached her objective, she realised that she must continue fighting for her dream. Kate Hudson, incredible! But Glee club's arc was weak. Marley is very innocent. She has an amazing voice but she hasn't any ambicious so it's very difficult to have a connection with a so neutral character. Jake and Kitty are the new Quinn and Puck, and Unique is the most irritating character. The only interest that I have is Tina and Blaine.
  • Forget the new rachel, this is the new glee :D

    Fantastic opener for the season and a great comeback. Marley's mother's storyline was emotional and fantastic, and Kate Hudson is epic! great :D
  • OK for the season opener

    Transition to the graduated kids and new Glee club kids OK. I like the Rachel spin-off, but where is FINN? I might keep watching, if they have more of "hot" Mr. Shuster. Might not if they have more of Kurt.
  • Amazeballs

    Awesome episode, loved it! Really enjoyed all the NYADA scenes, Kate Hudson is simply fantastic, hope she'll stick around for the whole season! And Kurt is also in NY now, thats so cool, here's the hope he will get into NYADA too!!! And become Kate's new TA and BFF!!! That would be so adorable and awesome! This episode was so good, that I totally got the feeling that it wasn't long enough & I totally wouldn't mind if it would be like four hours long instead of only forty minutes! Can't wait for the next one, although there was one minus here - totally missed Quinn, Santana and Mercedes, here's the hope they will appear in the future episodes, that would be totally amazeballs!!! Just want my glee gang back together, at least for one more episode, but hopefully even more than that! Anyhow, I thought this was the perfect start for the amazing season, can't wait to see what's next!
  • Enjoyed it more than I thought I would

    (Spoilers ahead).

    I was apprehensive to watch the premiere of Glee season 4, cause I was in the minority who thought they didn't need a season 4, because almost all the core members were graduating (they never made any mention that Tina and Artie were younger than everybody else the first year, they pulled that out of their asses so they could keep them around) but everybody scattered just couldn't work. But after the premiere, I was pleasantly surprised.

    Everything with Rachel felt a little forced. The whole my-roommate-a-slut thing is such a cliche and as delightful as Kate Hudson is, I can;t see her being around for many more episodes. The meeting-a-boy-in-the-shower thing is also a bit of a cliche (did the writers just watch movies about college freshman for two days to write the rachel parts?) but Finchel is a ticking time bomb and I am for one am interested to see what happens after they officially break up.

    Speaking of breakups, Tina was basically like "Yeah I broke up with Mike. Whatevs." I think the reason;s Tina;s not a bigger star is she;s a bit of a bitch (yes I know, who isn;t on glee) but I don't know, ever since they changed her character since season 1, it seems really weird the two relationships she;d had she ended herself.

    But the main reason I loved this episode was the two new characters (notice I said two, not three) Jake Puckerman and Marley. Marley is just twelve ounces of adorable with a great voice and while I never minded Rachel, I think Marley will make an outstanding new Rachel.

    I also am excited to see where the Puck's brother character goes, since the episode ended with him in the exact same way Puck ended the pilot, with him watching the glee club. I imagine he'll be in soon enough, I really hope they bring Puckasaurus back to meet his brother.

    When I mention these two, I left out Unique for a reason. As someone who makes it a habit not to watch the glee project, I really think they;re being unfair to their other winners. the harmony chick from last year has disappeared, as has rory who actually had a part, and joe was in this episode but didn;t utter a word. meanwhile alex was a fun guest star, but while it;s unclear whether he is transgender or just a crossdresser (as someone who lives in a city with plenty of both, let me tell you, there IS a difference) I really don't see why his needs to be the story they;re pushing this season, I would much rather spend time getting to know Marley and her mom, a.k.a the female version of kurt and burt.

    Speaking of which, DAMN YOU, BURT HUMMEL! Making me tear up by having another touching moment with your son! I had just recovered from watching your single ladies. As Kurt states when his dad drops him off, he really is the best dad in the world, not to mention the best TV dad so far this millenium, and the best since Alan Matthews or Cliff Huxtable (if you don;t know who the former is, I will punch you in the face).

    The ending where Rachel runs into Kurt;s arms is nothing short of adorable, but (and I know this opinion is unpopular) I would rather focus on the new characters as opposed to the old. While I once said glee is not degrassi and cannot bring in new charatcers and expect us to love them, they really pulled out all the stops. Marley is such a sweetheart and Sam seems to like her and he and Mercedes are done (how did I get this far in the review without mentioning his Sam-tacular Taylor Lautner impression?) and I want to watch Jake;s journey into being accepted into the glee club and them learning who he is. It would be easier to stay focused at the school. This episode didn;t show us what Finn, Puck, Mercedes, Quinn, or Santana are up to, and you know what? I almost didn;t notice.

    Here;s hoping Glee gives us more new characters and less old, but like Kate Hudson;s saucily charged number, they did prove they can still do a thing or two right.
  • Ummm, so that's it?

    With the uncertainty at the end of last season and the hype over the summer I expected Season 4 to start with a big kickoff. Yeah. Not so much. I started breaking the whole show down and then deleted it.

    In a nutshell, the show is lackluster. The plot line was really weak. The new characters and completely forgettable. Some serious work needs to be done or this show is going the way of the other short lived fad shows before it.
  • A very Glee start

    (Sorry for the bad english, I am italian) Oh Glee, Glee ... through the third season i missed the real soul of Glee ... that it's all in this fantastic episode!

    Our questions, during the summer, were : will glee be good enough? will it be a waste? will it disappoint us or surprise us? Fortunatly, this season pilot was amazing, the choice of follow our familliar characters after the graduation seems work, let's see:

    New York: Rachel is alone, in the NYADA, living her dreams, but her new dance teacher Sue... ehm, Cassandra July start picking on her till the first moment, expecially when Rachel find out that Cassandra drinks. And what was the mean of the song? Is Cassandra lesbian? I donno...

    But a good point for her is Brody Weston, that admires her and they suddently become friends (go away Finn , i want the Brodchel v.v );

    Lima: the Glee is back, populare but with not enough components in it so they decide to do some auditions, but Blane Tina Brittany (sweet) and the new diva Wade/Unique want to be the New Rachel and then they do a sing fight. At the end the winner is Blane, that does and exibition to Kurt that was fantastic (It' Time, by Imagine Dragons). Finally, the only new member is Marley (I already love this character) with a mom that is the lady in the lunch dinner and that everyone continue to joke, even the Glee club, that after all decide to say sorry to her and then they do an amazing number, Chasing Pavements, with Marley's fantastic voice.

    Kurt is stuck in Lima, but after the exibithion of Blaine he take courage and move to NY to meet Rachel ( oh yeah :D ); the new cheerleader is hirritant and Jake Puckerman has the same problems of his brother, so let's see what will happen.

    All in all, amazing numbers and storylines, I love Glee so much and I can't wait to see Britney 2.0 :D I just want more numbers of Sam and Joe and Sugar, and i don't see the utility of the new cheerleader ...
  • Not bad (for a first episode)

    For a first episode, it wasn't all bad (especially given what the first episode of the previous season was...).

    Things I liked:

    - Marley: Not only is she the new Rachel, but she's even better! Yeah Marley! And I also like her mom.

    - Sue's baby (how adorable!)

    - The new Quinn: she's going to be a pain, and I think I'll love hating her this season.

    - Puck's brother, though he might become a bit boring if he keeps on rebelling.

    - Kurt/Burt car scene. These two are magical.

    - Rachel and Kurt being roommates! Yay!

    What I didn't like:

    - The "Call me maybe" number. It wasn't fun, and Tina really looked bitchy in this, which doesn't suit her.

    - The fact that Rory is gone. If only the writers had taken time to actually WRITE something for him, his character could've been great. And his voice and presence were amazing!

    - The fact that Unique is back. I still don't like his voice, I'm sorry. So, his acting part has potential (though I sincerely doubt Ryan Murphy and co are able to write a plausible part for him, given that the character he's replacing (Mercedes, let's face it!) has NEVER been really written properly... but I still hope they prove me wrong!), but I really don't like him when he sings. If he could just stand on the back, sway a little, and sing very, very quietly...

  • Enjoyable season premiere

    I thorougly enjoyed this episode. I liked a lot of the musical performances, especially Call Me Maybe. It was really funny to see Tina, Blaine, Brittany and Unique battle for the new Rachel spot. I also liked Marley a lot, though her voice isn't as strong as I thought it'd be.

    I dislike Kitty, and I mean dislike her. I know we don't have to like her, but she is completely unlikable at the moment.

    I enjoyed Rachel's New York moments, too. They were nice blended in and Brody seems like a cool guy and sparkles already seem to fly.

    The Kate Hudson plot seems too predictable though, at least to me and her acting was sadly, too, so-so. Maybe Glee will prove me wrong though.

    The best part for me though, was the Burt/Kurt moment, when he dropped him off at the airport. A really touching moment, those two just have fantastic chemistry.

    And Rachel and Kurt are also a great duo, so it's good to have him in NY.

    But biggest complaint, Tina as a mean bitch, really unnecessary.

    Also Sue's baby Robin was cute, hope we find out who the father is soon.

    Well, all in all, a decent, even great season premiere. I hope they do a more consistent, cohesive season this year. The first episode was a good start.
  • A good first gleek out of the season

    For a premiere episode season four started out very well, unlike its predecessors seasons 2 and 3. The new fresh take with Rachel in NY City is what really made this premiere buzz. Another great addition is Puckerman's brother, who seems to have an interesting chip that is as juicy as his brother's can't wait for that arc. Sadly, however, i don't like the new girl Marley? (I prefer the dog from Marley and Me any day)...i like her mom better.....and they put her in the league of Rachel? Come on producers....people are not deaf!...Her naisly mediocre voice is gonna numb a lot of brains...also the new a boring Quinn/Santana least they're saving money by combining the two characters and pay one actress...but least some of the oldies are still sticking around to keep the show interesting. The new spin is going to save the show, for at least 1 more season after this.
  • New Rachel, New Year, New Glee Club!

    Okay I was REALLY excited 4 this Season 4 premiere

    And I've got to admit that this was really great!

    It was super amazing 2 see most of our favorite Gleeks back in action,

    However their holier than thou attitudes in the beginning was a complete turn off!

    The new blood I.e., Cassandra , Brody, Marley, Jake Puckerman, & Kitty (AKA the 2nd Coming of Quinn), was really nice, it's gonna be quite interesting to see how these new characters shake up the Gleeverse!

    I have two qualms about this premiere,

    1st: The Gleeks giving into bullying! It was so hypocritical especially since everything they've gone through!

    2nd: The parallel story-lines between Ohio, & New York is defiantly something I need to get used to it was a bit jarring

    The things I defiantly liked:

    Rachel's New York Experience: I liked how it wasn't all Sunshine & Rainbows that would of been way 2 annoying! It was very funny & honest which I appreciated.

    The Klaine Scene: OMG this is super sweet and chock full of adorableness, Blaine serenading Kurt in the courtyard once again was wonderfully touching and sweet!

    The Burt And Kurt Scene: Anything with this duo is absolutely touching and full of genuine emotion, Such was this good-bye scene! I'm also glad that is wasn't incredibly drawn out.

    Burt truly is the best dad ever!

    All in all while this premiere was far from perfect I think it was a very great start to the fourth season!