Season 3 Episode 1

The Purple Piano Project

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 2011 on FOX

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  • A very good and promising start.



    I thought that this episode was very well done. There was actual character development, no love drama and some surprises.

    We start the season off with Sam gone, Lauren quiting (Glee club's not cool anymore) and Quinn being all punk with pink colored hair and part of a group called the 'Skanks'. We also start senior year for some of the characters, that's why Will decides this year needs to be the year where the 'New Directions' give everything. A girl named Sugar (who has 'self-diagnosed Aspergers') auditions to be a member of the Glee club, but she can't sing at all and Will needs to man up and tell her that she won't be a part of the club. Rachel & Kurt really want to go to New York after Graduation and go to Juilliard, but turns out that they don't have a musical theater department, so Emma suggests NYADA, a great but competitive school, who has a mixer for new applicants. Turns out that all the members (led by a girl named Harmony) have a lot of credits already, unlike Rachel & Kurt. They have very very sweet scene in the car afterwards, where they almost give up, but they build themselves up. So Rachel suggests 'West Side Story' to the Glee club as their school musical this year and Kurt wants to run for senior class president. Sue is running for the united states house of representative and is back to her old evil self, wanting to suspend the 'Arts in public schools'. Will tries to fight back and 'glitter bombs' her, but it actually helps her. Speaking of Will, him and Emma are now an item, but they're relationship is still non-sexual. Santana needs to decide wether she wants to be a cheerio or a glee member, and she decides to be on Sue's side, which leads to Will banning her from Glee club. Kurt and Blaine are still a couple and Blaine transfers to McKinley High. Mercedes has a boyfriend, Mike and Tina are also still a couple, Brittany is still hilarious and dumb.

    Now to the musical performances, I'm just going to grade them.

    1.We Got the Beat (Glee Cast) = B (Really enjoyable)

    2.Ding Dong the Witch is Dead (Rachel & Kurt) = B (Was just silly fun)

    3.It's Not Unusual (Blaine) = C (Fun, but not much more, felt kind of filler)

    4.Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do (Harmony) = A- (Definitely the best)

    5.You Can't Stop the Beat (Glee Cast) = A- (Nice ending, liked it a lot)

    All in all, season 3 is off to a great start, hopefully it will stay this way quality-wise, or get even better.