Season 3 Episode 1

The Purple Piano Project

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 2011 on FOX

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  • Kicking off Season 3 had some ups, some downs and some things just fell flat.


    Okay, after the disappointment of coming in 12th in Nationals the Glee
    kids have the opportunity to kick it into high gear, but the season steps
    off with a few "huh?" moments, a few "oh not that again"'s, and some
    decent music.

    While I understand we have to suspend reality, some things are just
    un-suspendable. My main complaints:

    - Quinn as a "Skank" then hanging in the shadows during the last
    musical number?
    - Santana getting kicked out of the Glee Club (rightfully so)? So now
    they're down 4 not just 3. Going in the wrong direction Mr. Shu.
    - While I'm glad Emma and Mr. Shu are together how did we go from
    her washing her grapes to her washing his "grapes" so fast?
    - Blaine, the Warbler's headliner, just up and quits supposedly to be with
    Kurt more? His senior year he bails out of Dalton to take a supporting
    role? (His first number at MHS is a Tom Jones number, ugh!).
    - Sugar's audition was so bad - SO bad - that only a really talented
    singer could pull it off. She'll be back and be a star. We're not that
    - Anyone who doesn't get up and move when "We've Got the Beat"
    comes on is either deaf or dead....and then a food fight?!

    Okay, enough. I liked...
    - The new Will. Finally he's getting spine. To quote Emma "it's hot".
    - Sue's new strategy of going after not just MHS's Glee Club but the
    arts in general. This should make for some good battles ahead.
    - Sam and Zizes ended up on the cutting room floor. Welcome new
    - Kurt and Rachel getting a dose of reality. Your good. Others are better.
    - The music was pretty good, even the aforementioned TJ solo by Blaine.
    - Beist's offer to Will to "rough Sue up". Priceless.

    Overall I thought the episode could have been better but now that a
    bit of character development is happening and we are getting a better
    sense of who will be moving on at the end of the season allows us to
    hope the producers will bring in some fresh talent and fresh ideas to
    get the show, which seemed to be going astray last season, back on