Season 3 Episode 1

The Purple Piano Project

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 2011 on FOX

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  • The good, the bad, the borderline offensive and the are you freaking kidding me?


    The season premiere of Glee wasn't the best, but watch season 2, there has been much, much worse. Let's start with the good:

    The send-off of Sam. I loved Sam's character but being that Chord Overstreet is persona-non-grata at Glee nowadays and that Ryan Murphy is a reputed prick, I figured they;d make it so Sam decided he was too cool for glee, ditched the club and Mercedes and was badmouthing them or something. But Mercedes blithely tells the frizzy-haired kid his dad got a job out of state which fits Sam's storyline and means his family got to move out of the hotel so they handled that very almost maturely.

    Getting rid of Lauren Zizes. I absolutely hated her character as she brought nothing to the plot except to cause unneeded problems and spew verbal venom, she was like a teen version of Sue in the glee club. I will not miss her.

    Blaine... in general. I couldn't help but smile whenever he appeared on the screen.

    Will and Emma... halfway. I loved that they;re a couple and making each other;s lunches in their lunchboxes but they need to stop making it such a big deal they haven;t slept together. it was a good storyline in the Madonna episode but until they finally do the deed, stop bringing it up!

    The musical numbers. One thing that made season1 so great and season 2 so aggravating was season 2 did almost only top-40 songs. but the premiere was back to season 1 where they did a nice hodgepodge of songs that you aren;t likely to hear on the radio the next day so it;s less likely you;ll get sick of them.

    Rachel and Kurt's bestie-ship. It's one of the most adorable relationships on the show and it was good they learned they're not the best. Since Glee is going for "realism" it was a good lesson for Rachel and Kurt to both learn that just because they're the best in Lima doesn't mean much. Granted they are both talented but they needed to see that.

    The bad:

    Blaine. He's in both categories for a reason. The best thing about Blaine was that he was different from Kurt and that they balanced each other out. But now that Blaine just joins New Directions? They;re turning him into Kurt. Turning Blaine into Kurt when there already is a Kurt? Bad misuse of Darren Criss. Not just because he can charm the pants off basically anybody.

    Quinn. But firstoff I absolutely detest her character. Season 1 she was a good girl who made some mistakes and was a little superficial but she was still likable. But season 2 she turned into a social climbing monster who did nothing but abuse the people around her. and I find it very hard to believe she went from a wholesome girl who went to church to a poser with pink hair and a tattoo. I know she;ll be back but I don't miss her in glee club.

    Where are these kid;s parents? I mean I get that they;re seniors but Glee is turning into one of those shows which makes you go "Where are these kid;s parents?" If Quinn's parents threw her out because she got pregnant, even if it's just her mom wouldn't she care her daughter smokes and has an "ironic ryan seacrest tattoo"? (is there anyway to have a sincere ryan seacrest tattoo?) And wouldn't Blaine's parents care that he's switching schools his senior year? it just bugs me

    The borderline offensive:

    Sugar. First off Glee has got to stop giving these charatcers stripper names - Sunshine, Sugar, we;ll still remember them if they;re named Jane or Emily. It wouldn;t be Glee if they didn't include something at least somewhat offensive which in this case is her "self-diagnosed asperger's." that in itself is borderline offensive but it's clear she doesn't know what asperger;s is which isn;t where you can;t control what you say: that;s tourette's. i know she;ll be back but i aleready can;t stand her.

    The are you freaking kidding me?!

    Suddenly Tina and Artie are juniors! This wouldn't meant they were freshmen in season 1 which they never established, it;s just Ryan Murphy PO'd his main stars (Lea, Cory, Chris) an he has to make some of them so that they have to stick around in season 4. he could just make brittany and puck fail senior year, which is believable.

    Was it the best? No. Does it have potential? Yeah. Could it have been a hell of a lot worse? Oh yeah.