Season 3 Episode 1

The Purple Piano Project

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 2011 on FOX

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  • "Glee" still not back on track


    I'm not sure that this train is going to get back on the track. Season two of "Glee" was a disappointment that was noted by many critics (including this one) and fans (including this one) alike after the wonderful opening season. The storylines in season two just went down the drain and we were told that everything would be fixed in season three.

    After the season three premiere, however, on Sept. 20 I'm just not that confident that things will turn around. The premiere titled "The Purple Piano Project" was, frankly, one of the weakest episodes in the now two plus seasons of "Glee." Once again everybody in the cast seems to be lost in some way, I know it's high school and that happens sometimes (if not frequently), but it just feels like "Glee" is once again recycling storylines.

    Another weak aspect of the season three premiere is that there honestly weren't that many musical performances, especially the amount that we typically see and none of the ones that were in the episode really stunned me. The best was maybe a tie between the New Direction's Go-Gos classic "We Got the Beat" and Blaine's (Darren Criss) crooning of Tom Jones' "It's Not Unusual." Neither were great though. Better song choices and performances could certainly help the season in future episodes.


    Will (Matthew Morrison) and Emma (Jayma Mays) are back together after season two saw them apart. Knowing this show they'll probably be off again again and then back on again again sometime in the near future.

    Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) is back to her old way (of course) in trying to ruin the Glee club's lives after she kind of warmed up to them (again) toward the end of season two … seems like it's going to be a pattern. You know when the show's best character is starting to grow tiresome that it's a bad sign for the show as a whole.

    In yet another recycled storyline, Santana (Naya Rivera) still can't decide where her true loyalties lie – with New Directions or the Cheerios. That one is sure to be brought up again soon.

    The only real surprise, but barely touched on thing, in the season three premiere was that Quinn (Diana Agron) has become somewhat of a rebel without a cause and has quit the Glee club. Surely, it won't be long until she's back or at least has a musical number.

    The two high schoolers with the most attention on them: Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Rachel (Lea Michele) seem to have bonded over the fact that both want to have a future on Broadway and we'll probably see too much of that this season (as they might spin those characters off), while certain characters (Mercedes) once again get pushed to the back burner and largely ignored.

    Long story short from the season three premiere … "Glee" is still a mess and if it doesn't get its act together its ratings (which were poor compared to last year) will continue to sink.