Season 1 Episode 5

The Rhodes Not Taken

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 30, 2009 on FOX

Episode Recap

The Glee club starts singing a rendition of "Don't Stop Believing" with Quinn as the lead. But her morning sickness settles in and she can't hold a note. The team knows they need Rachel back.
Meanwhile, Terri is having the opposite problem - no morning sickness and Will starts to wonder what is going on. After recognizing and old student that is now a member of Vocal Adrenaline, Will hatches a plan to bring on old pal into the glee club.
Finn decides to go to Emma for some special guidance and she tells him he could get a full ride scholarship if he just stays in Glee, she also tries to convince him to get Rachel back, because without her the club will certainly fail.
Emma decides to give Will April Rhodes' confidential file, telling him that she never actually graduated from high school. Turns out he had a huge crush on her in high school.
Will goes to April's house, but it turns out she is a squatter and has become quite the alcoholic, telling Will that her life has taken quite a downward turn. He decides to turn her life around by offering her a spot in Glee club.
April introduces herself to Glee club and they are all taken a back at the idea of having an "old person" in the club. She proves herself by singing "Maybe This Time," which Rachel is singing at the same time for her "Cabaret" role. But she hasn't quite won over the club yet.
She give Kurt alcohol for liquid courage, teaches Mercedes and Tina how to shoplift and is seen leaving the shower's after Puck and Matt. While Rachel is rehearsing for Cabaret, Sandy keeps putting her down which leads to her having a breakdown in the bathroom. April finds her and tries to make her feel better but Rachel just puts her down. April doesn't let it get to her.
Kurt turns out to really like the alcohol and comes to school the next day reeking of it and ends up puking on Emma. She goes to the hospital and Emma tells him that April is most likely to blame. Finn decides to help Rachel rehearse for her musical but tries to get her to join Glee again in the process. They go on a bowling date together and Finn flirts with her constantly. She scores a strike and he kisses her - winning her over to quit the musical and pursue Glee club again, but looks remorseful after he realizes he has led her on.
A few lanes over, Will talks to April about being a bad influence but she still wants in. He says he has always dreamed of singing with her and they break out into song to Heart's "Alone."
Rachel announces her return to Glee club, but the group is focused on the fact that Puck revealed that Quinn is pregnant. Rachel gets upset for Finn not telling her and quits the club again.
Before the invitational, April comes in drunk even after she promised Will to stop drinking and Emma chastises Will for allowing her behavior. Glee performs for the first time in front of an audience singing "Last Name." Rachel watches and sees what Glee is missing without her. April and Will end up realizing that she doesn't belong on Glee and decides to move on.
Will announces that April has left before their final number at the show and Rachel offers to act as her understudy and the show closes with a performance of Queen's "Somebody to Love."