Season 4 Episode 5

The Role You Were Born to Play

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2012 on FOX

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  • Looking for a lead?

    Glee's return from hiatus was much better than I expected. Some things I loved; Artie's and Finn's conversation in the tire shop, Juke Box Hero, Finn's conversation with Wade in the library, and Jake and Kitty's Everybody Talks. The main part that I am disappointed in was that we didn't get enough about Tina and Mike, or Mike and Mercedes' update with their lives. I love that they are focusing more on Finn and his struggles as well as his learning to stand up for himself in the process. I am really looking forward to the play next week.
  • A charming episode

    I liked seeing the newbies show off, and it was a very nice welcome back.

    Espeically since the last episode was so sad and dark.

    I still HATE kitty, I hope she gets a actual character arc soon.

    Ryder is a very cute and adorable new character.

    I didn't like how Blaine only got one solo and only a few lines of dialogue, I felt really bad for him and I hope he can bounce back.

    I'm glad Emma stuck to her guns and her and Will ended up working things out.

    All in all I thought this was a very good episode just not great.
  • Like the first season....

    (Spoilers ahead).

    ....that is, if the first season had been inconsistent and left out major plot points. For example, this episode focuses on the new characters, and Marley liking the new guy but still kind of liking Jake and Jake liking Marley but still conversing with Kitty and Kitty just being obnoxious. My problem with the Jake and Kitty thing is that we never saw them actually going out. With Quinn and Finn season 1, yes there was a lot of yelling and putdowns and trickery, but there were some sweet moments between Finn and Quinn, despite the fact they were already dating when the show started. But this season is on a track of telling as opposed to showing, as seen when Kitty just popped up and told Marley she and Jake were going out, and the next episode, they were over. Now it was incredibly sweet of Jake to break up with Kitty because she was trashing Marley's mom, BUT he did kinda sorta like her at some point. Their "Everybody Talks" number oozes chemistry and implies that if Marley chooses to go out with Ryder, jake might get back with Kitty. (But that is another problem, Kitty is insulting Jake one minute and the next they;re singing a flirty song together? This is another problem of Glee's, that the characters can drop whatever and sing, like how Brittany is incredibly stupid but can perform songs with the best of 'em. Boy did I not miss her this week.)

    And with the graduated seniors, Mike and Mercedes are back this week, because we have no idea where Mercedes has been, but not in school, and Mike Chang is just... there. This was surprisingly harmless, except for the Tina-Mike "drama." Tina is a brat to Mike for coming back and not telling her when it was previously stated that she broke up with him, making her the girl who dumps somebody and then throws a fit when they start dating somebody else. I liked Tina during season 1, but at the start of season 2 they started weeding her out of episodes and whenever her character spoke she was just really petty and unpleasant.

    Meanwhile, Finn is directing and Unique wants to be Rizzo. Finn thinks thats fine, but Sue doesn;t and there is a flare-up, needless to say. This just felt like another moment to cock your head to the side and say, "Really, Glee?" First off, Sue protesting what they;re doing again. It became clear in season 3 they had absolutely no idea what to do with her character anymore, because they had her helping the glee club and having a child (which is actually mentioned in this episode, for the second time this year) but its a new year and they need to have her be sue again and I'd be willing to bet that part of why they brought in Unique was so Sue could have a new reason to plot against the glee club (that being said, I loved that her calling Marley "incredibly stunning, nice faced blue eyed girl" still came out sounding like the meanest thing ever).

    And next in the entry of Really, Glee? is Finn saying a bad word. Again. I'm sorry, when is Finn going to stop being the glee punching bag? We get it. Finn is a loser. Finn has no future. Finn is a jerk. Finn gets riled up and says mean things. What did Cory Monteith do to tick off the glee writers? There was a time when Finn was a meathead jock, BUT he also had a huge heart, wanted to help his friends fit in somewhere, and was the kind of person to look up to. And Finn directing the musical and helming the glee club could work (if you discount logic, background checks, the paperwork needed to work in a school, all things nonexistent in the glee universe) but then in a heat fight with Sue, Finn uses a bad slur. Again. I mean, they do this at least once a year and it's gotten old. Am I the only one who wants the see the world on Finn's side for a change?

    Will is going to Washington, but he and Emma are back on track. I was relieved at that because in a show that is about petty high schoolers or petty just-out-of-high-schoolers, you expect relationships to build and crumble as often as the school bell chimes. But Will and Emma are freaking adults who deserve to have their relationship work and it';s good to see them united again. For now.

    The other big thing this episode was a lack of certain people. Not just Puck, Quinn, etc (I think it's good we;re not seeing Quinn, not because I didn't like her but it means shel;s actually going to college and building a future like she said she was going to in the Michael Jackson episode and it's nice to see the college thing working out for someone). But also no Rachel, Kurt, no Manhattan skyline. While I love Rachel (yes I'm aware I might be the only one, but I still can't fathom why everyone favors Santana over her) it was really nice to watch the show focused in one place. Going back and forth from Lima to NY is frustrating. Technically because Glee is about the club, it should be anchored at the school, and there it should remain.

    Also, Brittany was in this episode, but she didn't have any lines or if she did, not many. This was a welcome change because the how-stupid-is-Brittany thing isn't funny anymore. The fact she;s no closer to graduating now then she was a year ago isn;t funny anymore. It;s just sad and uncomfortble to watch.

    Not a completely awful episode of Glee, and I liked the staying in one place, so we;ll have to see what they do with Grease.
  • It's not a grease festival

    After a long hiatus I expected a strong episode but I found a solid episode with a silly plot. It's not bad but it's far to be excellent. I need more NYC, I need more Rachel.
  • great

    2words ........

  • The Role You Were Born to Play

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    The Role You Were Born to Play

    For real? Since when can shows go a month in their on season without an episode. Remember the good old days they actually stuck to there commitment of giving you a NEW episode every week<3

    its later because the winner of the glee project season 2 comes in this episode & obviously they will need a bit more time to get him into the acting schedule
  • finally a decent good old glee episode

    wow, this was good old Glee

    It was really nice to see Mike and Mercedes again and yes, Coach Beast! Marley and Unique rocked, Sue was Sue - unfortunately Kitty sucks. Finn stopped whining and found his path thanks to Artie. Let's see where this leads us with Finn as Glee club leader and Mr Shue in Washington. And I only realized after some time that there was no Rachel and no Kurt at all! But it was okay for this time.
  • Everybody Talks!

    Jake and Kitty's Everybody Talks was awesome, I LOVED IT!