Season 3 Episode 12

The Spanish Teacher

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2012 on FOX

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  • Embarrassing

    As much As I usually love Glee, this episode was appalling. The only reason to watch it was Santanta and Sam/Mercedes. The rest was just utter horrible drivel, it had a lot of potential and after last week's Michael Jackson episode I thought that it was back on form.

    Will gets more and more Douchey everyday and they really have no idea what to do with Sue anymore. They should never have killed off her sister, when Jean was alive, that was when Sue was at her best. I really hope that next week's episode picks up the pace again or it's gonna be a very dull remainder of the season.

    Just horrendous.
  • Unrealistic and Poor Miming

    Big lover of Glee but that makes me find its flaws a lot too. Firstly the whole Will not knowing Spanish but teaching it I am sure was just meant to come across light hearted and humorous from the writers but it becomes silly and patronising to its audience. Would this actually happen in a real education facility? Maybe a really bad one!

    Secondly, Ricky Martin was fun to watch and glad to say his acting wasn't terrible but his miming was cringe worthy. Did they not want to ask him to do a few retakes to get it right because it's Ricky Martin? When he performs 'Sexy' my critical eyes took a battering at his terrible attempt to make it appear like he is actually singing and performing in sync.

  • Wrong impression of teacher certification

    Will's storyline about not being able to effectively teach Spanish because he didn't have the certification to teach it was a really bad message about teachers. Teachers are supposed to be certified in their subject matter (college degree in subject and education classes). This story line indicated that he was now going to teach History because he liked it. This was very insulting to we teachers who not only graduated with the credentials to teach but also have continued to maintain those credentials to be a highlly certified teacher.
  • Not worth to see

    is sad how americans see latins, they are more than that, and another thing, those boots are not normal in the type of music that they were playing/singing whatever, i hope this show ends soon, i think they are getting loss with the ideas.

  • Just okay

    I thought this episode was just...good.

    It wasn't the BEST episode of Season Three but I liked it.

    It had some good moments,

    I didn't see the point to the Will storyline I mean yeah he's a teacher but so what?

    The show is supposed to be about the "kids" not the adults.

    The stuff with Finn and Kurt was GREAT I really missed seeing their relationship and I thought that Kurt gave Finn realistic and honest advice.

    I totally agree with Santana's approach to Will and I'm glad it got resolved.

    Sue's storyline is completely unrealistic and I am not invested in it at all because I don't think it is going to work.

    I really liked Ricky Martian's character he was very sweet and sexy, the songs were very cool too it was refreshing.
  • Hot, Hot, HOT!

    Ricky Martin and his hotness had my attention for sure! But this ep wasn't fantastic. I was impressed with the cast learning to sing in spanish though, its not easy to do. I also loved seeing at least a little bit of Brittany and Mike dancing in unison...even though the camera didnt show her moves enough!

    So out of the entire ep, the saving grace was them learning to sing in Spanish (impressive), Brit and Mike dancing the bigger moves that highlighted them as the two cast members who are actually professional dancers, and that should have their moves highlighted more often...of course there wasn't much of it but I take seeing Heather getting to use her moves whenever I can! And then there was Ricky Martin who provided the extra hotness.

    As for the rest of the show, it faded from my mind almost instantly, probably because it unrealistically showed that Will can't really understand a word of Spanish even though he teaches has he gotten away with that for so many yrs?! Even Figgins told him to learn Spanish!! Why would he be paid to teach a class that the principle knows he can't really teach?!

    Thankfully I had my three highlights. Spanish singing. Mike/Brittany dancing and Ricky Martin!
  • I liked it...

    But only because I have loved Ricky Martin since I was a wee little nipper and heard the song "Livin la vida loca" it was my song growing up. Then he sang another childhood favourite of mine, La Isla Bonita(my Dad has really good tatse in music, while all my friends were listening to the soundtrack to Barney, my mom and dad had me listening to Shakira, Madonna, Ricky Martin and so on) I absolutely LOVE Naya Rivera, so that was one of my all time favorite Glee covers.
  • Only Because Ricky Martin was there!

    I finished the episode today only because of Ricky Martin. I didn't like their songs much except for La Isla Bonita and the song of Sam. The storyline of Coach Sue was very out of character. The whole show is about being out of character but for Coach Sue to want to carry her own kid at her age, it's simply weird. There were simply too many insults thrown at her that I think it is not funny anymore. I usually like the bantering but this was a bit going over board.

    The only saving grace in this episode, I think, is Emma.
  • the greatness

    it was great