Season 2 Episode 11

The Sue Sylvester Shuffle

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 06, 2011 on FOX

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  • Max Adler FTMFW!!

    Max Adler FTMFW!! Now that it is out of my system let's talk about the episode. It wasn't the best one but it reminded me of the O13 in a way. In joy of performing, in the absurdity of some of it, in the humor, in the care. Glee needs more Happy!Dave. Max is really doing such an amazing job in brining so many layers to Dave and conveying so much with just a shrug, a look. He really has such a grasp of the character. It's a joy to watch him bring Dave to life. Also, I really liked Azimio in this episode. I was wondering what his role in this story going to be and now I have a bit of a hope that when Dave eventually comes out he will be his BFF rather then a jerk. It was nice seeing Will as a teacher again. And Shannon rocks. I realy like their friendship and I think she was very much right about respect - there is none lost between the Gleeks and the "though crowd". Maybe this was a one little step in the right direction? Not to become friends but to show a bit of respect to each other? Although knowing Glee, I'm not exactly holding my breath. But what irked me a bit was the casual way Will talked about the bullying - firstly I felt he was preaching to the wrong crowd and secondly, it sort of felt liek he was saying "There is bullying in the scool, we know about it and we are doing squat." Seeing Sue lose was funny. It obviously cannot happen very offen because she is Sue after all but when it occassionally does it is even more enjoyable. Especially Will's grin at the end of that video :) As for the performances:

    Need you know - parts of the song were great and other parts were terrible. I really hope with this we laid Puckleberry to rest where it should have been a long time ago. Best part of the performance to me were the reaction shots. And was it just me or was Quinn eyeing Puck rather appriciatively while Sam scowled at her?

    She's not there - easily the best performance of the episode. It was fun, great song choice for Cory's voice and unlike some other in the episode it were the right lenght. The only thing I would have maybe liked to see were reaction shots - especially Rachel's. BBB - the show is really doing everything in thiei power to make me dislike the Warblers. This was such an unnecessary moment that completly thrown off the pacing of the episode. And it was so long. I fast forwarded through the whole thing and it still seemed endless. Though I liked the coffee break afterwards. It was nice to see some continuation of the Kurt/Rachel friendship. And to see Mercedes included. Blaine to me sounded pretty condescending in that little chat though. Maybe he should have sounded mentor-y but to me he is just a little Mr. Know-It_all. If it is deliberate then kudos to Darren. If not? Well, there is always the FF button. Thriller - this was actually a bit underwhelming. Especially after all the hype about it. Firts thing, it was too short. I also think that they should have gone with just Thriller without mashing it unnecessarily with something esle. Maybe it was the editing but somehow the best part of the performance was Dave joining in half way through. I really liked Finn in this episode. He was trying to be a leader - Again. and this time he actually succeeded I would say. Though I'm not sure whether I should see his insistence to the Cheerios to choose Glee as a character growth or hypocracy. But since I like him I will go with the former. I really liked his last scene with Dave. It was so sad to watch. To see Dave going from happy to scared with just a word and then seeing all his walls being pulled back up was heartbreaking. To know that he really enjoyed performing - his face when Will complimented him was the sweetest thing, but that he lacks the strenght or will or self-security to pursue it was really sad. But at least the seed has been planted. But I liked his line about the short memory when it comes to HS kids. So spot on. And Finn hoping that when Dave and Kurt make up all can be good again... was so Finn. Such a simplified view. Maybe not wrong but unfortunately there is more then animosity in that particular mess and until they both resolve those issues no one will be sining Kumbaya. I for one can't wait to see it. Dave/Finn friendship is second on my list of things I would like to see happen on Glee. I think they have a lot of things in common. Talking about frienships - the rekindling of the Finn/Puck bromance was really nice to watch as well. The last scene with Quinn though left me all WTF?! And now I also know the biggest reason why I don't think they should be togehter. He seems to be bringing out the worst in her. I hoped they would use this opportunity to adrress their unresolved issues from the WrongDaddyGate and instead we got that.