Season 1 Episode 20


Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 25, 2010 on FOX

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  • How Glee got its ga-ga-groove back!

    This episode was a total blast! There's so much to like about this one, I think I'll just throw a few bullet points at you:

    The Bad Romance cover was excellent! It was over the top, but it worked. Everyone looked amazing. Quinn, especially, looked the part!

    Was that really Santana singing? Still on the Bad Romance kick, it was great seeing Tina take the lead in such a big number. Actually, I loved that everyone had a line or three. More, please!

    I wasn't so enthused about the fellas' number, but they looked like they had fun…

    I was shocked to see so much drama in this episode:

    The whole Kurt and Finn ordeal was fairly intense, wasn't it? And they actually both held valid arguments. (Of course, I'm not supporting Finn's homophobic comments, but it does highlight a very real issue with regards to peer pressure).

    I was shocked at Finn actually going there and saying that everything in Kurt's room looked 'F*ggy'.

    Luckily, Super Dad came to the rescue and handed Finn his ass on a plate, and then firmly kicked it out of his home! (My favourite scene of the episode.)

    That Poker Face cover was exceptional! I could have watched these two for hours. And I mean hours!

    Brad – 'He's always just around...'' ROFL!!

    Ryan Murphy saved his best jokes for the main cast this week. Old Reliable (ahem, Sue =P) is nowhere to be seen, and Brittany only has a few lines. Tina, however, gets such a hilarious moment near the end as a vampire. I'd like to see more of this side of Tina. Actually, scrap that, I'd just like to simply see more of Tina (who looks way better without makeup…just sayn').

    The resolution to the whole Kurt/Finn debacle was as cheesy as I expected it to be. I'm still not sure if it lets the former jock off the hook, though. Mind you, he looked so ridiculous in that shower curtain, I may let his outburst slide.