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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 14, 2009 on FOX
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Sue's new job as Glee co-chair gives her new opportunities to break up the club as she introduces a tough competition to the group.

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  • Pathos Overload

    The amount of illogical things that occurred in this episode was still high - Finn and Quinn's conversation, the fact that Sue could actually do that much damage to the student body and get away with it, and how Terri could successfully manipulate her baby doctor.

    But, I am willing to suspend reality for this show. In this episode, the characters developed, and the Glee club came together despite their differences. When suspending reality has a purpose and produces something worthwhile, that is when Glee shines.

    Also, the exchanges between Sue and Will were hilarious. Not the auditorium one, but I think you know what I mean.moreless
  • This whole episode is dramatic with an extradordinary performance at the end!

    The Rachel/Finn thing just keeps going and making me hate the writers! it's really obvious how this whole programme will work out - which isn't really a problem - but one just really needs to see it work out!

    It's really an annoying programme - waiting on it drives me crazy! Sign of how I really love something!

    I can't not give this episode 10 even though it's insanely dramatic, it's just got an absolutely brilliant performance at the end.

    Head cheerleader - Quinn? Yes it is! She isn't the best singer is she really but I have to give it to her, her performance at the end in that song - made me nearly cry! Her eyes and her face all the way through it was portraying the emotions completely clearly.

    One thing I have wrong with this episode is really petty but the costumes of the cheerleaders are completely unflattering!moreless
  • Gleek and Proud!

    Quite baffled by reviews berating how unrealistic this show is. Uhm, it's a series where two teenagers can walk down a school corridor, wind machine at the ready, singing to one another - loudly. Get over your usual TV boundaries. This is not a typical TV show. This is a show where on the first rehearsal they nail the song and instinctively know the choreography. Please, just accept that it's a show without certain boundaries.

    I had soo much fun with this episode. Jane Lynch is on fire in this episode, almost EVERYTHING she says throughout is laugh-out-loud funny. She's renowned for her improve; I wonder what lines are her own and what lines she twists. Will doesn't hold any punches and tells Sue exactly what may happen to her if she persists – she'll end up alone. This frightens her, so she eases up. I hope they don't turn her into a complete softy. As for the songs this episode, certainly the best amalgamation of genres, and it's not just Rachel who wows us this time round, although she really wowed me here; Quinn gets a solid number and Mercedes' rendition of Hate on me was fantastic! No Air is still stuck in my head, it was a phenomenal cover by Rachel, oh and Finn =P The Avril cover near the end was also a solid number, and rather poignant. This episode reminds us that Quinn is only supposed to be 16/17, so it's hard truly despising her given the situation she's in. Overall, this was a power-house of an episode, from a vocal standpoint and pure farcical comedy. I loved it. I'm an Official Gleek.moreless
  • What is wrong with the writers of this show?

    Where should I start. First off, this show is UNREALISTIC. You have a nerdy boy blackmailing Rachel for panties to keep quiet about the head cheerleader Star being pregnant, which was unsubstantiated rumours as the nerdy kid had no viable evidence. You have Coach Sue blackmailing the GLEE teacher Will to keep her cheerleaders on staff by changing their grades, you have the same Coach Sue blackmailing the Principal to have her way for her cheerleaders to be able to cheer on an old commercial he did in his home country. Then you have Coach Sue blackmailing the nerdy boy with expulsion since panties were found in his locker. You have two uneducated moron sisters blackmailing an intelligent OB/GYN doctor so one of the two can fool her husband to being pregnant. Then you have Coach Sue telling everyone in GLEE that Star is pregnant.

    In real life, Coach Sue would have been suspend/fired even with Tenure for her actions.

    The doctor should have been smart enough to call the cops to do a sting operation for blackmail. The principal should have called the cops to do a sting operation on top of the other one. Then Coach Sue tried to blackmail the nerdy boy who had no reason to worry about having panties in his locker due to no law against boys wearing girl panties, this could have been a sexual preference. Star could sue the school for revealing to all her medical condition. When the doctor hid the lower body part of Will's wife is ridiculous as that is his wife! When Will does find out, he could sue the Doctor for false pregnancy and conspiracy to commit fraud, remember, the doctor gets paid for visits and I am sure he would lose his medical license for this. I am neither a doctor or lawyer, but even I see that if I were the doctor, my career/practice is more valuable than helping 2 sisters fool a man into thinking his wife is carrying his child. Let alone when Star would have mother's remorse whether day of birth of 20yrs down the road that she would not come forward for her child. Simple DNA test can confirm that would be her child. Also I take it that Will & his wife are no longer intimate due to he has not seen her naked for 4+ months due to her wearing a fake baby belly suit. With all this blackmail & last week's show having kids passing over the counter medicine around like candy the school would have been national news and the Principal & his administration involved would have been quickly removed from the school for the safety of the kids and the school would have been under investigation for the issues this school has.

    This show started off well but since the 2nd episode has gone downhill fast, I can no longer watch this show as the writers try to insult our intelligence. And I though this show was about helping kids gain confidence and perhaps a future career as a singer?moreless
  • Sue and Will get very angry at eachother and split the club. Terri and Kendra force her OB to go with her lie to Will. Rachel tries to help Finn out.moreless

    This was a great episode, and my favorite in the first 8. Tere were 3 main situations- Sue & Will fighting, Terri and the fake pregnancy, and Rachel trying to stop Jacob from running the Quinn story.

    The slow motion yelling was great at the beginning- so funny, especially when they argued in voiceover. Splitting up the Glee club was not fair to the students. It was also not fair that Sue got to chose hers and leave Will with the rest. At the end, when it showed the rest of the argument, it was nice to have Finn step in and use the cliche Mommy-Daddy analogy.

    I absolutely hate Terri, and it's annoying how she manupilates Will and how he listens to her. Her sister Kendra is equally awful. Forcing him to use Quinn's sonogram (likely hers, but it wasn't mentioned) to show Will was bad. I can't stand either of them (plus, Terri won't even help Quinn out on support money, as she told her in Vitamin D).

    I admit it, Drizzle is an awful name. Quinn and Finn's conversation should have been heard by everyone else in that class. Anyway, Quinn should not have confronted Rachel, because Rachel was helping her out, even if it was for Finn. Jacob was his super creepy self, but the panty bribe was worse. Sue making him tell her and blurting out that she found out in front of Quinn and the Glee club was just evil.

    Major Performances:

    Hate on Me by Mercedes and the rest of Sue's "minority" group was a great. Will was right, though, that she was literally singing about hate.

    In his response, Rachel, Finn, and the remaining members' singing of No Air was also great. It along with You Keep Me Hanging On were very music video-esque with the shot changes.

    Quinn's You Keep Me Hanging On was ok. It was incredibly random, and a little scary.

    Keep Holding On at the end was the best song of the episode. The whole club was together and the choreography was nice and expressive. It's nice to see Quinn tear up throughout the song, instead of the perfect happy faces we're used to. The song had the more heart than any other so far.moreless
Jennifer Aspen

Jennifer Aspen


Guest Star

Kenneth Choi

Kenneth Choi

Dr. Wu (as Ken Choi)

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Amy Hill

Amy Hill

Dr. Chin

Guest Star

Iqbal Theba

Iqbal Theba

Principal Figgins

Recurring Role

Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera

Santana Lopez

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Harry Shum Jr.

Harry Shum Jr.

Mike Chang

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • To get back at Sue, Will failed many of the Cheerios, so they were no longer academically eligible for the squad. (The majority of the cheerleaders should have been failed long before, but he let them pass.) When Sue arrives to practice, Quinn, Santana, and Brittany are warming up. If Will decided to fail all the Cheerios who needed to be, as he said, Brittany would not be there. (It is proved that Brittany is in Will's class, so he likely let her stay because she is in Glee.)

    • Music featured in this episode:
      • "O Fortuna" from Carmina Burana by Carl Orff
      • "Hate on Me" by Jill Scott
      • "Ride Wit Me" by Nelly
      • "No Air" by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown
      • "You Keep Me Hangin' On" by The Supremes
      • "Keep Holding On" by Avril Lavigne

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Brittany takes Quinn's test to see her answers.
      Quinn: Will you give me my test back?
      Brittany: I just don't understand anything.
      Quinn: That's not my problem.

    • Quinn: (Finn passes a note to Quinn) What is this?
      Finn: Check it out. I came up with the name that I think we can give for the kid.
      Will: Eyes on your own test, Finn. What's up now, Ronnie?
      Finn: Anyway, then I read that Gwyneth Paltrow named her kid Apple and I think that's so cool 'cause you know how much I love apples, right?
      Quinn: And so I figured we should name our kid something more original and poetic. Then I came up with the best baby name of all time... (Quinn opens the note) Drizzle!
      Quinn: Drizzle?!
      Finn: Yeah, yeah, it's- you know how awesome it is when it's drizzling outside, but it- it's not really raining so it smells like rain but you don't need an umbrella to go outside?
      Quinn: Are you a moron?!
      Finn: What?
      Quinn: We're not naming our baby Drizzle- we're not naming our baby anything! Finish your test, Finn.

    • Will: Sue. Hey, Sylvester, I'm talking to you!
      Sue: Oh, hey, buddy. I thought I smelled failure.
      Will: Why'd you take the piano when it was my time up with the kids?
      Sue: A properly steam-cleaned piano is the key to any successful music group.
      Will: You are undermining me in front of these students.
      Sue: Your delusions of persecution are a telltale sign of early-stage paranoid schizophrenia.

    • Sue: (to Principal Figgins about Will failing most of her cheerleaders) This is a travesty of international proportions! You are jeopardizing my Cherrios' role as good-will ambassadors, and I have a call in to the president.
      Will: Sue, I have in my hand a Spanish quiz in which one of your cheerleaders misspelled her name, and answered every question with a drawing of a sombrero!

    • Will: Since 1992, 95 percent of your Cheerios should have flunked Spanish, and I, for one, am not gonna be a part of it anymore!
      Sue: Oh, Will! We all know about your devotion to that dying language!
      Will: Dying language?!
      Sue: Let me break this down for you, okay? I empower my Cheerios to be champions. Do they go on to college? I don't know. I don't care. Should they learn Spanish? Sure, if they want to become dishwashers and gardeners. But if they wanna be bankers and lawyers and captains of industry, the most important lesson they could possibly learn is how to do a round-off!

    • Will: See you at Glee Club, Sue.
      Sue: Don't touch me.
      (Will pokes Sue)
      Sue: That is a lawsuit, mister! I will sue your ass!

    • Kurt: Sue told me that if she caught me even talking to one of Mr. Schue's kids, she'd shave my head! And I just can't rock that look. (All the kids laugh) Even Justin Timberlake is growing his 'fro back!

    • Sue: Are these your droopy white granny panties, Jacob? Are you an Eve who was born a Steve? Because if you are, I think there's a special school that would better address your needs. And I think that school is in Thailand.

    • Sue: Sometimes people ask me, "Sue, how come you're so sensitive to minorities?" Well, I'll tell you why: because I know firsthand how hard it is to struggle as a minority in America today. I'm 1/16th Comanche Indian. In fact, I like minorities so much, I'm thinking of moving to California to become one.

    • Sue: I don't trust a man with curly hair. I can't help but picture little birds laying sulfurous eggs in there, and it disgusts me.

    • Sue: Santana! Wheels! Gay kid! Asian! Other Asian! Aretha! And Shaft! (to Will)See, Will? I don't want to participate in any group that ignores the needs of minority students.

    • Sue: I'm all about empowerment. I empower my Cheerios to live in a state of constant fear by creating an environment of irrational, random terror.

    • Sue: I can't stand the sight of kids getting emotional unless it's from physical exhaustion.

  • NOTES (5)