Season 5 Episode 2

Tina in the Sky with Diamonds

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 2013 on FOX

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  • @ LilPeregrine

    Oh surprise more Rachel resentment. I guess it doesn't matter that she was bullied for years, or that she always has to be taught a lesson or that people feel the need to knock her down a peg or two instead of just talking to her. Funny how people are fine with others getting chances out of the blue that are totally unrealistic but bitch about Rachel getting chances even though she has worked and trained for years. Santana getting a National commercial with no agent is great, Brittany getting into MIT even though she is as dumb as dirt is fine, but Rachel getting a chance is wrong even though she has been training for years got into a major school and can sing.
  • Oh of course she got fanny...

    Because in Glee, the writers don't care to write plots that make sense as long as there's a "happy ending" for Miss Rachel Berry. Seriously? Again?

    I liked the other plots though:

    - They "cured" Tina's character, who was quite annoying lately.

    - I like Santani, it's quite interesting.

    - They didn't give any solo to Unique, which is a relief (I like the character, but NOT his voice)

    - SOME of the Beatles songs were not all wrong.
  • That's Glee

    This week the second part of Glee's tribute to Beatles show us a fine combination between Lima and NYC. Since Glee adopted this scheme, the conection between the two worlds had been forced. Obviously, there was exceptions, and this episode is one.

    At first, Tina has one of the principal plot of one episode which was strange in the three first seasons but now isn't so extraordinary. But the thing that was extraordinary is that her story wasn't ridiculous -it doesn't mean that it isn't silly-.

    Santana and dani's arc is ok. It's good to be Santana more relaxed with her sexuality and in love.

    And obviously, Rachel is our Fanny Brice.

    Really, I love this episode and in my opinion is one of the best episodes since season 4 started and killed this show.

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