Season 5 Episode 10


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 04, 2014 on FOX

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  • Trio schmio

    Sorry, enough Tina. Enough already. Is there something wrong with the other cast members? Benoist is lovely, seems to be doing a great job but as of lately is mostly off the edge of the camera lens. I thought, gee maybe she's pregnant or something but no I saw her on the fringes while fake, whiny, Tina works to generate fake tears over high school's ending. She's ok as a character but she's not strong enough or interesting enough to be the focus, again and again. Is it easier to write stories involving her because she's been around longer? What's the deal? I'm off looking for something new - you should be too. Becky's dialogue? Really? Just pathetic. I know you want to show that someone with Down Syndrome can be cranky, crude, rude, etc... but too much. Enough hyper bitchy Becky and more than enough Tina!