Season 3 Episode 10


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 2012 on FOX

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  • Leave the political digs OFF the show!

    "Just be grateful Comrade Obama still allows Christmas", the line spoken by the character playing Emma's father. I was insulted and angered. It is a riduculous comment and if Glee wants to get political, I won't be watching anymore.
  • gleee

    when is glee going be shown one sky1 again xxxx
  • Good Good Good

    A very good episode of Glee was presented... lots of continuous songs but the episode putting it in perspective was quite good.

    Maybe because we came from one of the most terrible episodes of Glee is because this one was good for me, but hey, i prefer a light storyline from which the songs enter with a reason, than an episode in which a song is put only with five words in between one and another...

  • It was good.... but.....

    (Spoilers ahead).

    This was a good episode, certainly better than their bizarre Christmas episode, it just felt like they crammed too much into one episode. This episode covered Will asking the kids to help him propose to Emma, Sam joining the swim team to get Mercedes back, Finn wanting to join the army, his mom telling him something about his dead dad, becky pursuing artie, beiste getting married, oh and finn proposed to rachel. sounds like a lot, doesnt it?

    granted some of these things were almost completely glossed over it was a wonder they included them in this episode at all. beiste getting married was barely even mentioned, they were in the teachers lounge and she told sue and emma she and the recruiter got hitched and sue was like "okay whatever" and that was it. granted theirs wasnt the most important love triangle in the world but it was dealt with in about ten seconds.

    finn decides he should join the army like his deceased father and his mom tells him his dad didnt die during the war, he died when he came back from drugs after being depressed about the war. which gives finn a crisis to deal with, etc, etc.

    becky asks artie out and the glee club tells him not to go out with her and he points out they can be bad as the rest of the school they;re supposedly better than.

    sam thinks mercedes only likes shane because he;s a football star so he joins the only sports team left; the synchronized swimming team. he gets slushied twice.

    none of these were really bad plot points, they just felt like each could get their own episode. like the general plot, and one on the side, as opposed to the general plot (will proposing to emma) and like five on the side. like this episode blaine didnt speak at all which i definitely missed so they crammed so much in they had to leave some out. but even with so much on the agenda there were still the shining moments:

    finn and will. one of the best things about glee is the relationships (and i dont mean that romantically) but the relationships that you wouldnt expect that are really sweet, like finn and will, puck and rachel, and occassionally rachel and quinn. finn helps will pick out his engagement ring and its reminiscant of their closeness in season 1 and you can tell how much it means to finn when will asks him to be his best man, and not just because he gives him one of his monster hugs.

    lack of santana. i mean she was still in this episode and got a few jabs in and had a solo in two numbers but she wasnt central to this episode, which i thought was a good thing. dont get me wrong, i think naya is a phenomenal actress/singer and i know im in the minority on this one, but i cant stand santana;s character. i mean, she tears people down constantly, then gets torn down, they band together to help her and she;s grateful for two seconds before going back to tearing everyone down. people say she;s no worse than rachel but i think she is because rachel is almost never trying to hurt anyone, and santana almost always is. but of all the plotlines this episodes, one of them wasnt hers, which i thought was a good thing.

    although one odd thing in this episode that was more of a realization is that sue has no role anymore. she no longer has a prayer of destroying the glee club and didnt win congress so what was she reduced to this episode? she sang backup during emma;s number, consoled becky and helped in will;s proposal! its sad because sue used to have the best one-liners but this episode had no jokes about will;s hair and since something big happened in will;s life that she didnt try to stop and actually helped, you know there;s nothing left for her anymore.

    and then there;s the big one. finn proposes to rachel. normally i cant stand teen proposals in tv shows, and im going to sound like an old man but these days it feels like in every show as soon as the kids become of age they feel they have to get married. and yes i realize this isnt the newest concept, but those have more of a leg to stand on. eric and donna? took place in the 70s where that was more common and they had been together somewhat their whole lives. cory and topanga? also together their whole lives. today kids who have been dating for essentially a few months make the rash decision to get hitched. i mean just because you can get married doesnt mean you should. to pull out another that 70s show reference in the words of red forman "i have a snowblower, but i dont use it in july!" i mean admittedly finchel have been dating a while and it makes sense with finn;s character because nothing in his life is going right right now and when he and rachel and kurt are feeling sorry themselves at breadsticks (is there seriously no where else to eat in lima?) rachel sings him a song that basically says she;s not doing anything without him. and he proposes to her in the spot where they shared their first kiss and they talk about that so they do have history. but teen proposals always make me tense up but of course we don;t see rachel;s answer so the big mystery is will she say yes or no?

    all in all glee started the new year with a bang and lots of questions answered but lots more to come.
  • Great Episode 2 Leave us with beated breath 4 January 31st!

    I loved the Yes/No episode but their were things I didn't like.

    I didn't understand why Schuester asked Emma's Parents 4 permission 2 marry her I mean he had 2 of known that they would of said no.

    But besides that I really liked Becky's arc that was cool.

    I did like the Finn proposal but I do understand how it can b seen as ridiculous but as you know Glee is a pretty ridiculous show.

    I can't wait 2 see the Michel Jackson episode!
  • Back to what made it great

    Loved last nights episode. It was like the writers bought back the spark from Series 1. Yes it had its serious side and thats what made it great. The songs were perfect and I never liked "First time" but this version, I could actually tolerate. Well done!
  • Best episode of season 3 so far!

    Ok so Glee is back with great songs, nice story, funny and sad at the same time....

    What I like about this episode:

    - the grease song with the same scene : I've seen this movie a lot and we found the spirit of the movie. This song fit well with the sam and mercedes relation !! Can't wait to see what's gonna happen for those two!

    - Rachel singing "without you", this song is so beautiful (the lyrics where hide by the music, at least for me with my not so good english) and it was really appropriate for the moment

    -the synchronized swimming number : I really enjoy watching this sport and it was a great moment of this episode. I'm really impressed with the actor doing it because it's really hard and the swimmer usually have a lot of training!

    but on the other end I'm a bit skeptical about:

    -the finn story with his dad ending with finn proposing to rachel (even if after we learned what really happened to his dad that what we could expect from him!)

    - I'm happy with Will proposing to Emma but isn't it to soon??? They're together for like not so long and she's adjusting to her OCDs...

    In general it was a great episode especially for the songs that all were really good!!!
  • In one word Perfect

    This episode was in one word: Perfect.

    It had season one roots written all over it! This episode was good with everything. The songs were amazing and the proposal scene in the pool was really cool for Emma. Finn had some really good moments, wanting to join the army and then finding out about his father. Asking Rachel to marry him was a bit soon but they are perfect together.

    I have one message to the makers: "Keep this work up and I hope the ratings will go up with the Michael Jackson episode."
  • highschool hero... life zero...

    So much happening in the plot of GLEE tonight. I like the fact that the stories of the characters are unfolding. Finally, Will and Emma are moving to the next level. It is fun to see Emma sing and it was hilarious for the two coaches to serve as back up singers. That was fun to watch. The opening song of Grease was nice to watch too. I also like the drama tonight regarding Finn's dilemma of having no future in life. It's sad when he admits that he's a highschool hero with life zero. It's a sad fact... It's a good reminder for all of us too that we have to invest in our future and not only in the present. Let's be the best now because our future depends on the choices that we make now.
  • It's All About Wemma

    There aren't many Wemma or even Will or Emma plots this season, but this episode makes up for it. Everything, from the synchronized swimming number to the two proposals, was perfect. Even Sue joined in the bandwagon, it's just hilarious to see her and Beiste wearing those fancy hats. Love the cheesiness of it all. My fave Glee episode this season. ;)
  • Sam's back!!!!

    So happy Sam's back. I can't decide who I want him with though. He and Quinn are perfect together, like when they both missed the Christmas thing everyone else was doing, to go and help people. It was so cute when Santana read out her book of things she would have said to him if he was there. And then theres Mercedes.