Season 3 Episode 10


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 2012 on FOX

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  • Best episode of season 3 so far!

    Ok so Glee is back with great songs, nice story, funny and sad at the same time....

    What I like about this episode:

    - the grease song with the same scene : I've seen this movie a lot and we found the spirit of the movie. This song fit well with the sam and mercedes relation !! Can't wait to see what's gonna happen for those two!

    - Rachel singing "without you", this song is so beautiful (the lyrics where hide by the music, at least for me with my not so good english) and it was really appropriate for the moment

    -the synchronized swimming number : I really enjoy watching this sport and it was a great moment of this episode. I'm really impressed with the actor doing it because it's really hard and the swimmer usually have a lot of training!

    but on the other end I'm a bit skeptical about:

    -the finn story with his dad ending with finn proposing to rachel (even if after we learned what really happened to his dad that what we could expect from him!)

    - I'm happy with Will proposing to Emma but isn't it to soon??? They're together for like not so long and she's adjusting to her OCDs...

    In general it was a great episode especially for the songs that all were really good!!!