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  • The things you should be hearing about but aren't.

    From the border, to the housing crisis, to political correctness, Glenn Beck really tells the news like it is, the way other people won't let you see it. He does an excellent job on telling you the real news that you need to hear, but can't find anywhere else. I agree with almost everything he says, but overall is a great news show that is 100% informative all the time. I just love his story about how he is a recovering alcoholic and he bounced back to be this loving father that changed his ways for the love of his children. Great guy, with a great show!!!!
  • Want news on the economy, border, how the government's screwing up? Then watch Beck.

    In a sea of guys who have been commentators for years, there's one guy who has an everyman approach to things. Glen Beck. Yeah, I know, he's got a highly rated radio show, but compared to other guys, he hasn't been on the commentating scene for very long. The result? An almost normal conservative view to things. Want common sense? You'll find a truckload here. From the economy, to the border, to drilling for our own oil, he actually talks about it here. You can also find stuff on faith, which is refreshing on a cable news network. Despite being a regular guy, he's been right on a ton of issues. The economy is a good example. Months before our economy began to slip he was saying our economy's going to slip. Everyone thought he was crazy. Well, it turned out he was right. But, like most conservative commentators he's been hammered and depicted as a racist, which is not true or fair. If you want common sense watch Beck.
  • Fantastic and Real!

    Glenn Beck is bringing America what they need to hear. The truth about what is really going on in the world. He brings stories that aren't heard in the mainstream news and if you go and check out the stories that he has on, he is right on target. He really feels what he says he believes and that makes him really likable and great to watch. I think he was underappreciated on his former network, but even under the pressure he stayed true to who is, someone who is genuine and loves America. His show is definitely worth taking a second look!
  • What a character!

    Wow. Glenn Beck is some piece of work. I can't believe that he thinks people buy into his emotional breakdowns. I really have to say he is very much hilarious and often fake. I like the fact that I don't take him seriously, as I feel he is pretty much a joke. His show is for those who like sketches like SNL or Mad TV. Like everyone from Fox News, he tends to stretch the truth and spin it in an obvious way. Overall, I must say that he and his show are where they belong. They are on a biased news channel. Thank you.
  • Glenn Beck delivers!

    I sat back in my theater seat that Thursday night, not knowing exactly what to expect. I've listened to Beck's radio program with some regularity in the past. What ensued was a refreshing display of clean, good hearted humor and inspiring commentary; all amidst an audience of would-be American patriots.
    The first act, I have to admit, was maybe a little bit hokie for my standards. I have most of the jokes a little more than a chuckle and found myself thinking to myself that only real conservatives are going to enjoy this stuff. By the intermission, I had a feeling that I was going to leave somewhat satsified by the performance, but was mostly just glad to have gone to have given it a fair shot. The second act, however, was a totally different story; Beck had merely set the table in the first half. I found his words to be compelling, inspirational and rang true in my heart. Indeed, the event was well named because everything did seem to be full of common sense. Beck provided some very interesting perspective that I felt was mostly non-partisan. For this reason, I feel that any American could enjoy his message without the limitation of a closed partisan mind.
  • I loved the show.

    Glenn Beck is about as "normal" of a guy you can get. He doesn't just report critical news that you should know, he actually investigates both sides. He is witty, intelligent, relevant, His show is exciting and fun and a joy to watch. He has a wonderful sense of humor and can mix in humor with serious commentary very well. He presents the issues that everybody is talking about while slipping in a few stories you have probably never heard. The Glenn Beck show airs weekdays at 8pm and re-ran at 10 and 12 pm and I highly suggest checking it out.
  • Glenn Beck presents the news and issues with his unabashed and clearly promised conservative attitude.

    Witty, intelligent, relevant, conservative and right. I cannot say enough about Glenn Beck. He is truly a compassionate conservative with a strong religous base. He does not pretend to be anything he is not. He is up front about his conservative views and is not ashamed of them. Beck does not present your run of the mill stuffy conservative commentary. His show is exciting and fun. He has a wonderful sense of humor and can mix in humor with serious commentary very well. He presents the issues that everybody is talking about while slipping in a few stories you have probably never heard. He brings to light what the liberal main stream media does not want you to know and will not tell you.
  • The voice of Americans and Conservatives brings the third highest rated radio show to CNN Headline News. Glenn Beck is the host and does a great job bringing news you should here about, but you don't.

    Glenn Beck is about as "normal" of a guy you can get on the radio. Glenn is a recovering alcoholic and drug user. He's a great father of 2 girls. Has a wife now and has been divorced. What makes Glenn the 3rd highest ratings for a radio talk show host and the fastest growing show of any news show is that he doesn't just report critical news that you should now, is that he actually investigates both sides. Glenn also has the #1 New York Best Seller for it's first week. The book is "A Inconvenient Book". I haven't read it ,but I have heard it's funny and very informative in what Americans should know about islamic fundamentalis (terrorist), immigration, politics, etc ( Glenn Beck show airs weekdays at 8pm and re-ran at 10 and 12 pm. His land mark investigation on the "Perfect Day". As brief of a summary I can make is, Glenn did years of research and found mounds of evidence that Islamic Terrorist (ex.Bin Laden, Iran). Glenn kept getting more and more evidence as he reported on his tv and radio show for a whole week that they could attack our children in schools. Just like what Al Qaeda did in Beslan, Russia in a school. Where Al Qaeda terrorist held 59 teachers and several support staff, and 900 pupils between the ages of six and eighteen. 334 where killed and 186 where children. These terrorist raped children in front of there families. You could be saying, "The Russia and the news reported Chechen separatists did this horrible thing." That's what Glenn does best, he tells you the real truth. Not what they want you to think. Glenn gives you the truth and evidence so you can come to your own opinion. If you are sick of those news shows that report about Britney Spears or half the story. Give the Glenn Beck show a chance. Glenn cares more then anybody in the media about our country and how "we" should take our country back.
  • occasional guests appear, current events and comments from people in the media are challenged, tends to be on the light side of seriousness, conservatively grounded atmosphere

    I just was watching today's show with Jeff Probst. I see this show off and on. Glenn does bring up great points and arguments. He tends to make humor in most of his comments without being a comic. His background is of the LDS church and a recovering alcoholic. This is brought up occasionally on his tv and radio programs. He has the wife and kids that seem to bring bigger challenges for him than the other subjects he speaks of in the news. I have seen several guests that are more Liberal on the scale and Mr. Beck buddies up to them quite a bit. He isn't fighting them, but looking for common ground here.
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