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  • Want news on the economy, border, how the government's screwing up? Then watch Beck.

    In a sea of guys who have been commentators for years, there's one guy who has an everyman approach to things. Glen Beck. Yeah, I know, he's got a highly rated radio show, but compared to other guys, he hasn't been on the commentating scene for very long. The result? An almost normal conservative view to things. Want common sense? You'll find a truckload here. From the economy, to the border, to drilling for our own oil, he actually talks about it here. You can also find stuff on faith, which is refreshing on a cable news network. Despite being a regular guy, he's been right on a ton of issues. The economy is a good example. Months before our economy began to slip he was saying our economy's going to slip. Everyone thought he was crazy. Well, it turned out he was right. But, like most conservative commentators he's been hammered and depicted as a racist, which is not true or fair. If you want common sense watch Beck.
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