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  • Glenn Beck delivers!

    I sat back in my theater seat that Thursday night, not knowing exactly what to expect. I've listened to Beck's radio program with some regularity in the past. What ensued was a refreshing display of clean, good hearted humor and inspiring commentary; all amidst an audience of would-be American patriots.
    The first act, I have to admit, was maybe a little bit hokie for my standards. I have most of the jokes a little more than a chuckle and found myself thinking to myself that only real conservatives are going to enjoy this stuff. By the intermission, I had a feeling that I was going to leave somewhat satsified by the performance, but was mostly just glad to have gone to have given it a fair shot. The second act, however, was a totally different story; Beck had merely set the table in the first half. I found his words to be compelling, inspirational and rang true in my heart. Indeed, the event was well named because everything did seem to be full of common sense. Beck provided some very interesting perspective that I felt was mostly non-partisan. For this reason, I feel that any American could enjoy his message without the limitation of a closed partisan mind.