Glenn Martin, DDS

Monday 8:00 PM on Nickelodeon Premiered Aug 17, 2009 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Amish Anguish
      Episode 1
      Glenn, after noticing his family being caught up in technology, decides to teach them a lesson by taking them to an Amish village.
    • 8/18/09
      To cheer up Conor, Glenn and the family visit a roadside circus. Meanwhile, Jackie becomes friends with the circus strong woman. Without Wendy, Courtney learns to get by without her help. Later on, Conor learns of a new, gross talent that he has.
    • Save the Tooth
      Episode 3
      Glenn convinces his family to travel in an RV in order to protest against the demolition of his favorite childhood park. Unfortunately, in the process he gets in trouble with the law. Will Glenn and his family make it in time for the protest?
    • Pimp My RV
      Episode 4
      Jackie wants to give the RV a makeover. However, Glenn becomes jealous of a mysterious hitchhiker who volunteers to help Jackie redecorate the RV's interior.
    • 8/24/09
      Glenn unwittingly joins the mafia while Courtney and Wendy scheme money off of Conor by tricking him into boxing.
    • 8/25/09
      Jackie, hoping to get environmentally friendly lifestyle tips, convinces her family to visit an eco-village. However, thecommunity director bonds more with Glenn than her. Also, Courtney connects with her hippie peers and Conor gets in touch with his spiritual side.
    • 8/31/09
      When Glenn and Jackie attend their college reunion, Glenn tries to prove to Conor that he is not a nerd while Jackie teaches sisterhood to Courtney and Wendy.
    • 9/14/08
      Wendy and Courtney have their friendship threatened. Also, Glenn searches for the hidden past of Wendy.
    • Fatal Direction
      Episode 9
      Jackie, tired of getting lost during road trips, buys Glenn a navigation system. Unfortunately, the navigation system falls in love with Glenn, causing Jackie's life to be in danger.
    • Tragic Pageant
      Episode 10
      In order to make Jackie happy, Courtney decides to enter a beauty pageant. Meanwhile, in order to get closer to a girl, Conor attempts to fake blindness.
    • Miami Spice
      Miami Spice
      Episode 11
      Glenn finds out that his mom is dating a new guy, Conor gets an alligator as a pet, and Courtney races golf carts.
    • Halloween Hangover
      Episode 12
      Jackie decides to decorate the RV for Halloween, but she gets overboard in the process. Courtney finds out that Wendy has a crush on Conor, and Glenn eats his first piece of candy.
    • Mom Dated THAT Guy?
      While in Los Angeles, the Martins stay with Jackie's ex-boyfriend who is now a wealthy plastic surgeon. Meanwhile, Conor does poorly on a game show.
    • 11/9/09
      While in LA, the Martins visit Jackie's ex-boyfriend who has never gotten over her – and who goes a little too far in trying to win her back. Conor is selected to participate in a new game show, "Are You Smarter than a Chicken?"
    • Deck the Malls
      Episode 14
      Glenn decides to force each member of his family to find a job at Mall of America after they went on a shopping spree with his money. However, with the holiday season upon them, a simple job may be too much for them to handle.
    • Hail to the Teeth
      Hail to the Teeth
      Episode 15
      Glenn experiences a crisis of confidence when Courtney writes an essay citing Millard Fillmore as the person she admires most, not her father.
    • 1/25/10
      An escaped serial killer breaks out of prison and decides to go after the dentist that did a terrible job on his teeth, Glenn. While Glenn and Jackie fear for their life, Conor buys a horse trailer and turns it into a bachelor pad.
    • Hail to the Teeth
      Episode 16
      President Obama praises Glenn for being a prototypical American. However, Glenn is upset when he finds out that the topic of Courtney's essay about who she admires the most is Millard Fillmore, instead of himself.
    • Roller Derby
      Episode 16
      Due to her acute road rage, Jackie is forced to attend anger management and finds release from her stress by joining a roller derby team. Courtney decides to sell cheese steaks made of dog food to the people of Philadelphia.
    • Vegas Strip
      Episode 17
      After trying to impress Jackie's father, Glenn is forced to pay off all of his debts that he got in the process. Meanwhile, Conor tries to get rid of his addiction to second-hand smoke.
    • Band of Old
      Episode 17
      Turning 40 and realizing she hasn't done anything with her life, Jackie leaps at the chance to join her favorite 80s band on tour. Meanwhile, Conor tries miserably to physically compete against Wendy.
    • Skate, Rattle and Roll
      Jackie has been stressed out from the family and other problems, but she finds a way to relax when she joins a roller derby team. Meanwhile, in order to make some easy money, Courtney sells cheese steaks that are made of dog food.
    • Eco Village
      Eco Village
      Episode 19
      Jackie is starting to feel bad about her lack of eco behaviors, so she has Glenn take them to an eco-friendly neighborhood.
    • Funshine, U.S.A.!
      Episode 19
      Jackie tires of raising her family in an RV and talks Glenn into looking into a new subdivision. The family falls in love with the clean and happy neighborhood, but Jackie soon discovers the ugly truth behind the façade.
  • Season 2
  • Season 3
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  • Season 10
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