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  • Yuck.

    The show revolves around a dentist named Glenn Martin who is on a road trip around the country with his family. That already sounds like a corny concept right off the bat. How this show got accepted to get put on the air, I'll never know. The writers tried hard when it came to humor, and the animation is revolting to look at. Normally, stop motion is good if it's done correctly, but this show is an exception.
  • Why do you hate it?

    CatDog is one of the m-o-s-t stupidest tv series ever made! This this show! ITS AMAZING! The acting is superb! The mouth movements actually sync in with what the actors are saying! The animation is brilliant! and the characters are much,much,much better than that stupid CatDog and even better than that crap known as SCAREDY SQUIRREL!!!!!!!!!!
  • They should rename this show....

    "The White PJs".
  • Really? A Traveling Dentist?

    This is one of the stupidest concepts for a show I have ever seen. It's about a dentist who goes across the country with his family and after the end of the first episode.

    To be fair, it had enough good moments to keep me watching, but when this got canceled, I honestly forgot all about this show.
  • Anti-Dentite?

    What is it with Nickelodeon & their yen to foist the WORST cartoons they could possibly imagine? Glenn Martin, DDS is one of the worst offerings the network has ever given us, so far that is.

    It is a very unfunny show about a dimwitted dentist & his equally mentally challenged family, colleagues & just about everybody involved in this porridge. This cartoon is not only insulting to the viewer, but heaps on even more insults towards dentists.

    I'm pretty sure animated shows can't sink any lower, at least that was before FX's Archer arrived...
  • Ugh, I hate this show.

    My review is meant to come as no offense to any fans of this show, because I'm just expressing my opinion of what I think of Glenn Martin DDS, a show that, in my opinion, is terrible. Why? Well, first of all, it's an animated show, right? Yet, they use a laugh track. I hate the laugh track in live action shows; I prefer a real live audience. Now using it in a cartoon, you know it's fake, so there's no point in putting it in. Plus, they use it after every freakin' line in the show. Speaking of which, the jokes are lame and aren't funny at all. In fact, watching this show, not once did I laugh. Actually, I had to stop watching it since it was so bad. It's very disgusting; they actually have some about the dog's anus, which is gross. Like I was watching one episode the other night, and they had crashed into a building and the dog's butt happened to stick to the windshield of the RV. And then when Glenn tried to pull the animal off of the window, the dog's anus stretched and it was revolting. Also, the way the characters are designed makes them look so retarded. I mean, just looking at them makes me want to puke, and I am serious. I feel bad for the people who have to do the animation, because I know that this takes a lot of effort to do it. But, this show is just in my opinion, awful. The characters are annoying: the father is a total idiot, the son gets on my nerves, and what the heck is up with Courtney? What is she supposed to be exactly? I don't know. So anyway, if you're a fan of this show, I'm sorry if I offended you in anyway. But this is my opinion for this show. Grade: F. Teen_Tomboy, out!
  • What the hell?

    This show was a mistake. It's not on anymore, I think, but it was not funny in any particular way, thank god it's gone. Nick at Nite fails at making original shows. I think they should stick to comedies.
  • How can the creators of Celebrity Deathmatch make this horrendous piece of junk?

    Nick At Nite is best when it shows it's reruns of old comedies. But when it makes original programming,they fail at it. And I hope it finally learns it's lesson,especially this example. Glen Martin DDS is about a dentist who goes on a family road trip to save his park,and burned his house down. Now,the show barely focuses on that plot,and focuses on other plots that are just unoriginal. Not only that,but the characters are mainly unlikable. Glen is just a stereotypical dad and Jackie is just a stereotypical mom. Connor is just a complete moron who's barely funny. Courtney is just a stereotypical daughter. There,we have an entire family of stereotypes. Wendy seems a bit likable than the others,maybe because she is more serious than the others. The dog is by far the most unlikable character of the show. All he does is provide toilet humor that has to do with his gross butt. Speaking of the humor,it's nothing more than disgusting gross humor. Whenever it's the dog,or Glen getting his finger bitten off,and reaching it out from the kid's anus,or Connor getting his head stuck in the elephant's butt. Yes,I just described the humor. Nothing but butt things. And I find it shocking that Cuppa Coffee,the creators of Celebrity Deathmatch,a great and underrated show made this. I really hope with that new Nick at Nite drama that it doesn't last soon,because their original programming like this suck.
  • I have never wanted to pull the eyes out of my sockets and poke a sharp, pointy object into my ears, until now!

    When I saw the commercials for "Glenn Martin,DDS", I presumed that it was done by the same people who did the infamous Domino's Pizza "Noid" commercials, which were incredibly annoying, but, shockingly, it turns out to be produced by ex-Disney CEO, who either is trying very hard to get back in his old company by giving Nickelodeon a black eye, or was paid a LOT of money by Nickelodeon to produce this dreck, or he had a stroke, or is on mind-altering substances.

    After just 10 minutes of excruciating torture, I had to change channels . . . faux wrestling was beginning to look good by comparison! I have walked out of movie theaters for less!

    The characters' stop-action, claymation effects are choppy and distracting; inexperience shows not only in this, but in the editing room as well. The comedy - - what little there is - - has a laugh track, which is the only thing chuckling at the predictable and unamusing fare; it doesn't even have the decency to be properly timed or to change guffaws, which makes it monotonous and distracting. The transparent plot - - if you can call it that - - of the pilot was stolen from a number of TV shows and movies, which weren't that great on their own, but I won't insult them by mentioning them alongside this nonsense; nobody deserves that!

    Given the huge list of writers and co-producers for this show (refer to the "Cast and Crew" list), it is apparent that none of them has heard the "Too many cooks" adage. But, it is clear that the high-powered B-list cast was given whatever pay should have gone into the creative end of this infantile fluff.

    Nickelodeon must have taken this show on someone's word, because any preview would have sent the demo reel flying through a skyscraper window, along with the poor soul who approved it. I give it three episodes before it is knocked off the air for more SpongeBob reruns.
  • Strike 2 from danparkerstudios. Stirke one was for Out Of Jimmy's Head.

    Okay, let me say this.

    When I saw the promos for this so-called series, I knew it wasn't very good. It showed the main character's finger getting bitten off. Therefore, I had to guess it's a rip-off from a Adult Swim show. I'm not interested in this show, but I'm saying it's a clone of Robot Chicken. Only, they made it their own, and everyone here is soul-less.

    Now, Nick-at-nite is the second Adult Swim. At first, with George Lopez, now, Malcom In The Middle and Everybody Hates Chris. But this show tops it all off.

    I've seen a small does of this show myself. Even my sister has seen it, so did my parents.

    I've recalled the episode with the elephant doing gross stuff. And everytime, everywhere, the dog with the giant- AHHHH!!!

    And everytime I see promos for this lousy show, it just get worse and worse.

    Nickelodeon is officially screwed up. It is no better that The Troop, True Jackson VP and now, Victorious.

    There is nothing good about Glenn Martin DDS, or should I say, "We're cruel people," says the characters on this show!

    At least Fantastic Mr. Fox is way better that this junk-load of garbage. Although, I haven't seen the movie yet. But I have seen Wallace And Gromit shorts and the movie. It is even better.

    Anyway, Glenn Martin DDS, doesn't deserve any support. And after a 11 year old saw a small does of this show, as it said on Wikipedia, it does deserve to be cancelled. I don't care if it's an adult program.

    Do you know what was the worst part?

    They showed this junk at 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning on the kids block on a weekend!

    Thank heavens I choose to ignore this show, like Out Of Jimmy's Head, which was even badder.

    Stupiditly, if the producers made a movie based on this show, I bet if Hewylewis reviewed it, he would treat it like Bebes Kids. Bad movie!

    In my last thoughts, Glenn Martin DDS deserves to be cancelled or put on a different Adult Block and deserves to have tons of negative reviews. Like mines. Do not support this show. Nickelodeon, make some modifications on your channel! By removing this show would be a big start!
  • Unwatchable

    Glenn Martin, DDS is a stop-motion series created by Eric Fogel and Michael Eisner and animated in Canada by Cuppa Coffee Studios. It involves Glenn Martin, a traveling dentist who takes his family on a cross-country road trip to protest the demolition of his favorite childhood park. The trip brings the family together and also brings some stories that will be passed down forever. That's the show about. In my opinion, I thought that this show is awful...just awful. I only saw once and it was just boring. Sorry, I couldn't watch anymore. If were a few years younger, I would have avoided it due to the humor and Nick used to air it around the time Nick at Nite starts. The plot is just lame and I think some of the plots are used in a bunch times. The characters, just meh... That's all I can say. Overall, an awful show on Nick at Nite. 1/10
  • It should be illegal to make shows like this

    I just saw an episode of Glenn Martin, DDS after hearing about how terrible it is, and like Fanboy and Chum Chum, I should have headed everyone's warnings and stayed away from this show, but now I feel the pain everyone else has suffered from this show. I don't have a problem with clay animation, but it looks very choppy and rushed, the characters look very ugly, and it just looks unappealing to everyone. Compare the clay animation to MTV's Celebrity Death Match, it used clay animation and it looked perfect and has aged well, but in this show, it looks rushed and underdeveloped. The plot of the show is that Glenn is traveling to his hometown to stop the destruction of his childhood park. He is also a dentist which raises the question as to how come he's not doing work. I know dentists make a lot of money and do a lot of work and get long vacations, but does he honestly have the time to go on a cross country trip to his hometown to save his park? There is no way his boss would give him all that time for a protest. If I did that at my workplace, chances are I would get fired immediately. The characters are all forgettable and are flat out boring and annoying. The humor is, well to put it bluntly there are not enough words to describe this abysmal attempt at humor. The stories are a case of been there done that, with no new things to make it enjoyable. I still can't believe that they are making new episodes for this show. Does Nick at Nite even pay attention to the ratings for this show at all? They need to wake up and smell the coffee and get this show off the air. Please don't make the same stupid mistake I did and don't watch this show. Save your sanity and run far away from this show.
  • Glenn Fartin DDS

    This show is horrible! 1st thing is first this does not belong on nick at 8PM. This timeslot used to belong to Full House. Now due channel having a contest who shows the most extreme junk on a kids channel this breaks the sound barrier. Look at it do u want adult themes on Nickelodeon home of SpongeBob SquarePants. at 8 PM. nope! I mean some twisted and horrible guy made this show. Not to forget the horrible animation look at this its ugly. Let this show be a lesson to all shows Claymation is ugly. Jokes are corny and sort of creepy too.The strange mixture of adult and childish humor. Next you have these excuses let me go though them Its on Nick@nite
    answer: Wake up you must like the show. If you may know this is Nick we are talking about at 8PM regradless of time of year.

    Laugh Track is gone:
    Answer that does not change the in appropreate humor that is sort of creepy
  • Oh my god. What the heck is this crap?


    Okay, this isn't as bad, DEFINITELY not as bad as fanboy and chum chum. That's a real bad show with no humor. I put a 4 here because... Well, there are some stupid characters and the name of this show is DDS and I don't like this.

    My rating: 4

  • What's up with all the negative reviews???

    I think this show is great. This show is funny, has good episode plots, and is entertaining. I seriously do not undertsand why everyone hates the show so much. I also don't undertsand why Nickelodeon treats it like crap by airing it on Mondays at 5:30 AM on Nick@Nite and Sundays and Mondays at 4:30 AM on Nicktoons. This show doesn't deserve to be treated that bad. Even though this show is great, it isn't very original. It seems like a Family Guy and RV ripoff. I think this show is going to end after the second season. Despite all this show's criticism and originality, I think this show is great.
  • Cuppa Coffee,how could you quit Celebrity Deathmatch,and then make this abomination?


    Glen Martin DDS is a show that just proves that Nick at Nite should just stick to showing reruns of funny sitcoms,and I will never believe why I even liked this show. This show is about a dentist named Glen Martin,who goes on a road trip with his family to save his childhood park from being destroyed. Why is he taking a trip around the world instead of saving his park? Wasn't that the plot of the show? First off,the animation. The show is done in clay-mation,and it looks horrible. Unlike Celebrity Deathmatch,everybody moves slowly,and lip syncs are somewhat off. Second,the characters. Glen and Jackie are terrible parents who are not funny. The blond girl (Forgot her name) is selfish,and an idiot. Wendy is the only good character of the show,since she acts serious. Connor is OK,but is an idiot. But by far the worst character of the show is the dog. He is only there because of his butt,which looks disgusting. Seriously,We do not want to see his butt,creators! What were they thinking? The humor just fails,and some gags are just idiotic. For example,in one episode,when Glen was with a kid,he bit Glen's finger,cutting it off. His hand goes through the kid's body,but ends up going through his butt. Seriously,is this best the writer's can do? The Humor also relies on toilet humor,which like I said,is immature. And even worse,this also has a laugh track. Why?! This is an ANIMATED show,not a sitcom. It's just like Out of Jimmy's Head having that laugh track too. What's worse is that this is made by it's Cuppa Coffee,the people who made Celebrity Deathmatch. Seriously,why do bad shows have to be made by people who made good shows? Overall,This was just a failure. And I hope this doesn't get renewed.

  • Somehow this show is still on the air...

    I have hated this show with a strong vengeance since it first came out. The characters suck and look extremely ugly with the hideous claymation, the plot in this show is pathetic and un-original, and the episodes are full of a bunch of cookie cutter recycled storyline's. Somehow, Nick still hasn't woken up to their senses. It's as if Nick doesn't care how bad the show gets reviewed, they still want to keep making it. I saw a commercial for it a day or two ago, and I am still shocked with rage that this show is still on the air. It is dull, boring, crude, stupid, racist, un-original, full of boring jokes, and the show looks ugly as hell.

    Get this show off the air NOW!!!!!
  • You know a show is terribly abysmal when it generates more hated reviews than good reviews.

    How anyone can sit down and actually enjoy this is beyond human abilities. I thought my blog, "The Spectacular Social-Man" (on YouTube.), was terrible but this, this was just sickening. A good show is True Jackson, it has humor, wit, and intrigue. (Plus it's performed in front of a live you know that the laughter's real.) However, if this show got on Nickelodeon (at Nite.) then any show can get on.

    Another thing about this show is its' laugh track. That's the first thing that pissed me off. Who've thought that a show can irrate the crap out of you in five seconds. Unbelievable! The daughter who owns a business had potential but her only emotion destroys the whole character. Get to know Conner? I'd rather not. He's the cliche teen who thinks cool but he is really not...usually, the viewers adore him...but acoording to one of these "hate bases." Nobody loves him. The dog has a large I don't get it.. Glenn is a total idiot and the wife is just useless. Overall, I was hoping that show would be awesome (or at least, moderately intresting.)It has a good concept but the end result is tragic. The laugh track is unneccesary...especially after every sentence. The only reason why there's a laugh track because even the people who made this show know this show isn't funny. I can't think of anyone who would watch this show and enjoy it. Just let this show die down and have Nick at Nite learn a lesson about not settling for the first piece of crap that comes their way.
  • The biggest mistake Nick @ Nite made.

    (Please note, before you read the review, that everything here is in my opinion, and I respect you if you like this show.) I knew that I'd hate this show just from the commercials. Still, I've learned in the past to never judge a show based on the ads, so I decided to watch a few episodes first. Wow-that's just about all I can say. I should've just stuck with my guts and skipped it. Five minutes into this show and it was just so horrible that I had to turn it off. I decided to give it one more chance, and I turned it off after a minute. First of all, the jokes are awful and lame. They are highly unoriginal, and instead of funny, they're annoying. I'm glad they got rid of the laugh track, because that was getting on my nerves. I think there were only a few jokes I found funny, but they didn't even make me crack a smile. But most of the humor is gross humor. They have jokes about the dog's anus-such as it getting stuck to the RV's front window and stretched when the dog was pulled, and Wendy putting a napkin over it-Conner got his head stuck inside an elephant's butt, and Glenn having his finger bit off by a kid during a dentist appointment (trust me, you don't want to know what happened next), and more. This show is grosser than, dare I say it, Fanboy and Chum-Chum. Well, actually, they're equally gross. As for the characters: Glenn is the worst possible father you could have-useless, and oblivious to his own children's needs; the mom is useless as well, and another stereotype about a mom who's tortured by her idiotic husband; Courtney is the stereotype of teenage girls-addicted to texting and bratty; I don't know what's up with Wendy or why she's even in the show. She looks emo and like a school girl, yet she acts similar to Courtney; and Conner is the stereotype of teenage boys-stupid and clumsy. What I hate even more is the doll designs. Don't get me wrong; I don't hate stop-motion animation. I loved Coraline, and many other stop-motion films. However, there's a big difference between them and Glenn Martin: they, at least, look like humans instead of…whatever you wanna call these things. I hate the big lips they have on the characters, especially with Conner. They all just look so gross and it distracts you from the show itself. Now, I know how hard it is for the stop-motion animators, because I've tried to do my own stop-motion in the past, and failed miserably. However, that doesn't excuse the fact that the animators seem very lazy because the characters' movements seem jerky, and like they're pausing every half a second. Whoever designed the dolls, though, needs to go back to art school. Heck, Bratz Dolls-and if you know me, you know how much I hate them-look more appealing than…than those kind of dolls. Stick with the classic shows Nick @ Nite air like Family Matters and Everybody Hates Chris.
  • Why is this show being promoted still?

    Why is this show still being promoted? It has choppy animation, penis and anus jokes, the original plot of Glenn going to his hometown has been abandoned, and--apparently they show disregard for nearly everyone. He burned down his house? Stupid, huh? We also see in one episode that Glenn is stupid and a sexist. Stereotypes of nearly everyone abound in this show; and Courtney works for an eleven year old?! Wendy looks like she's at least a short 16-year old, rather than an eleven year old. The whole freaking show is still promoted, even though no one likes it and it's moved from 8:00 to 10:00 at night. Either way, turn off the TV, or, if you already have this on, ignore it.
  • This is not good.

    Glenn Martin DDS is not a show I like. It's really gross and disturbing most of the time and I didn't laugh once while watching an episode. It has a laugh track, but that's not a big deal for me, but the humor isn't even funny at all. The characters aren't good either and the dog's backside always showing to the audience isn't necessary. This show's profanity and violence didn't even work for this show, unlike South Park's case which is actually hilarious. This should have less profanity and violence as SpongeBob does. Also for The Simpsons, which are creative get higher ratings than this show because it's actually funny. Better shows out there are The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad and SpongeBob and a lot more. If you wanna watch the show, go try it out. You may like it but I sure didn't.
  • Why hasn't this show taken a hike already?

    Another good example of bad television. Lately, nick has been slipping in airing good shows. Fanboy and Chum Chum? EPIC FAIL. The Mighty B? NO. I have a question probably a lot of you are asking too. Who is letting these shows air? Glen Martin DDS is terrible because it has terrible animation, the humor is AWFUL, the characters are terribly stupid, and Connor. What the heck were they thinking when they thought of Connor? Wait, they weren't, and neither does he. Why is every preview of the next episode always show Jackie beating up someone? All in all, bad show, bad animation, bad characters. Take it off NOW!
  • Worst show to ever hit the face of television

    I love lots of cartoon shows like SpongeBob, The Penguins of Madagascar, and Teen Titans. This show is a disgrace to television. Last year, my cousin was excited to see this show, but i knew it was terrible just looking at the promos. Its weird how they dont cancel this show despite the low ratings and they canceled teen titans despite the high ratings. What has Cartoon Network and Nick@Nite become?
    The show is ugly in animation, and the humor.....good gravy, dont get me started on that. Oh, and speaking of Teen Titans, if you agree Teen titans should be brought back on the air, press "thumbs up", if you think this show sucks, press "thumbs up". This show is a disgrace.
  • And I thought Adventure Time sucked...

    Ok, frist off I'd like to say when I first saw the promos for this, I was not very enthusiastic, but I thought that Nick at Nite could do better then it looked. Boy, was I wrong as hell. This show has so many negatives, it looks like Robot Chicken's animation, but 100x worse, the storylines are boring and unfunny, the characters have absolutly no personalitys beyond their cliches, just a horrid show, and even worse it's still running. I assumed it got cancelled, but I saw a promo for a new episode. I can't believe Nick would let this horrid show go on. 0/10 F-
  • Oh, I wanna hit the road too!

    I didn't really plan on ever reviewing this show, I feel that I have to. This show is a total disgrace to Claymation. I thought it looked okay at first, but I started to get annoyed over time. There is no clear aspect to why anybody would find this show charming in any way. Yes, a show about a dentist named Glenn, depicted as "the average man", who only wishes to spend time with his family. He takes them on a road trip to strengthen the family bond (and after burning the house down). Now that would sound pleasing...but no, not really. Every action in this show is clearly set up to becoming disastrous and disturbing, and in a more stupid way than funny. And that's just sad, because if something can't be stupid in a funny way, then your just wasting your time. I'm mean, I can understand if it's strictly for teens and adults, but why would you put this on a family station on a 7:00-8:00 PM time?! I mean I'm talking violence (blood and gore included), sexual reference (sometimes more visual than it needs to be), and a giant dog's anus?!? (I still don't get it either). And it not so much as just the all the adult content, the totally bland, lifeless characters are irritating too. I can find a little humor in a hormonally-challenged teenage boy, but this guy is just an idiot. And seriously, an 11 year-old girl who acts like a adult business woman? I find the idea of power-crazed teenage girls annoying enough. And I already mentioned the dog's enormous rear end, right? Anyway, when it comes to animated shows like on Comedy Central of Adult Swim, I don't watch them but I keep an open mind that they are funny to other people. However, those stations make it clear whether something is appropriate for younger viewers or not. Glenn Martin, DDS tries to cross the border from adult programing to family programing in a way that should never be done. But on any grounds, this show is a displeasure to Nick@Nite watchers, and all lovers of animation. This show is appalling on so many levels. HelpMickeyMouse is out, Peace!

    Just yesterday on Nickelodeon like around 8pm, it showed a promo for a new Glenn Martin DDS episode. I could not believe that they are still making this show, it's like the ratings on here don't exist to Nick to take the show off. This show is so painful to watch with the creepy animation and ugly characters. They haven't been airing this show a lot these days and that's why I thought it was done for. Nickelodeon along with Cartoonetwork and Disney don't care about ratings, they sure did back then, not anymore. I hate this show as much as the next person. Final Grade: F-----
  • Oh my god I swear this show is a pile of crap.

    I tuned in to watch this and I felt like I was going to puke it was so bad. This show is horrible. If you value your life don't watch it. And come on, they said the b word in the second episode. Several younger kids watch it. I hate this show so bad I wanted burn the TV down. Overall I give this crap show a 0. It sucks. And the second episode it disgusting. It's horrible. Look at how many fans it has. None because it crap that's thrown on the screen. This show is ruining Nick @ nite and plain Nick. I bet it'll get cancelled by the end of the month.
  • Well animated, well written and now... NO LAUGH TRACK!!

    All the snarky comments that rip the show can now be disregarded. It HAS BEEN REMOVED!

    Nealon and O'Hara are hilarious together. I think the reviews ripped it because people wanted Michael Eisner to fail. Judge the show on ITS OWN MERITS.

    Not because it replaced the NANNY.

    And not because you feel Nick should run SPONGEBOB 24/7.

    I swear -- those are always mentioned in about 90% of the haters' reviews.

    The stories are original, and the premise -- the family in a different town every week is fresh. (Yes, I know "gary and Mike" did 10 episodes 15 years ago. But no one watched it, and it wasn't very good anyway.)
  • Probably one of the worst shows ive seen in a while

    Ok, so there were some very few scenes that actually made me giggle, not laugh. and by that i really do mean VERY FEW in the past 2 episodes ive seen. its one of those shows that will be off too nicktoons very shortly and will most likely even be cancelled there. does Yakkity Yak ring a bell? that show was brought up and advertised so much before it was released and it ended up not even making a month on Nick. I am expecting the same from this show. though i do respect peoples opinions most of the time, i just cant understand why someone would enjoy this show. it really does puzzle me
  • I don't think that I have ever hated a show before...

    Okay, I don't care if the show was targeted for kids or adults, I don't like it. It is absolutely terrible! What is funny about it? Nothing! Connor sticking his head up an elephant's butt? Disturbing, disgusting, and dumb! The dog's butt getting stuck to the windshield? What kind of show does that?! This show is the worst show that I have ever had the displeasure of watching. The only people I can see liking this show are immature, teenage boys. Any true mature person wouldn't like this kind of show. I'm very disappointed in Nick. I am so sorry if you are a fan of this show, but I cannot see the value of this trash airing on TV. You have your right to like it, just as much as I have my right to not like it. =)
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