Glenn Martin, DDS

Monday 8:00 PM on Nickelodeon Premiered Aug 17, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • I have never wanted to pull the eyes out of my sockets and poke a sharp, pointy object into my ears, until now!

    When I saw the commercials for "Glenn Martin,DDS", I presumed that it was done by the same people who did the infamous Domino's Pizza "Noid" commercials, which were incredibly annoying, but, shockingly, it turns out to be produced by ex-Disney CEO, who either is trying very hard to get back in his old company by giving Nickelodeon a black eye, or was paid a LOT of money by Nickelodeon to produce this dreck, or he had a stroke, or is on mind-altering substances.

    After just 10 minutes of excruciating torture, I had to change channels . . . faux wrestling was beginning to look good by comparison! I have walked out of movie theaters for less!

    The characters' stop-action, claymation effects are choppy and distracting; inexperience shows not only in this, but in the editing room as well. The comedy - - what little there is - - has a laugh track, which is the only thing chuckling at the predictable and unamusing fare; it doesn't even have the decency to be properly timed or to change guffaws, which makes it monotonous and distracting. The transparent plot - - if you can call it that - - of the pilot was stolen from a number of TV shows and movies, which weren't that great on their own, but I won't insult them by mentioning them alongside this nonsense; nobody deserves that!

    Given the huge list of writers and co-producers for this show (refer to the "Cast and Crew" list), it is apparent that none of them has heard the "Too many cooks" adage. But, it is clear that the high-powered B-list cast was given whatever pay should have gone into the creative end of this infantile fluff.

    Nickelodeon must have taken this show on someone's word, because any preview would have sent the demo reel flying through a skyscraper window, along with the poor soul who approved it. I give it three episodes before it is knocked off the air for more SpongeBob reruns.
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