Glenn Martin, DDS

Monday 8:00 PM on Nickelodeon Premiered Aug 17, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • How can the creators of Celebrity Deathmatch make this horrendous piece of junk?

    Nick At Nite is best when it shows it's reruns of old comedies. But when it makes original programming,they fail at it. And I hope it finally learns it's lesson,especially this example. Glen Martin DDS is about a dentist who goes on a family road trip to save his park,and burned his house down. Now,the show barely focuses on that plot,and focuses on other plots that are just unoriginal. Not only that,but the characters are mainly unlikable. Glen is just a stereotypical dad and Jackie is just a stereotypical mom. Connor is just a complete moron who's barely funny. Courtney is just a stereotypical daughter. There,we have an entire family of stereotypes. Wendy seems a bit likable than the others,maybe because she is more serious than the others. The dog is by far the most unlikable character of the show. All he does is provide toilet humor that has to do with his gross butt. Speaking of the humor,it's nothing more than disgusting gross humor. Whenever it's the dog,or Glen getting his finger bitten off,and reaching it out from the kid's anus,or Connor getting his head stuck in the elephant's butt. Yes,I just described the humor. Nothing but butt things. And I find it shocking that Cuppa Coffee,the creators of Celebrity Deathmatch,a great and underrated show made this. I really hope with that new Nick at Nite drama that it doesn't last soon,because their original programming like this suck.
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