Glenn Martin, DDS

Season 1 Episode 2

The Grossest Show On Earth

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Aug 18, 2009 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

To cheer up Conor, Glenn and the family visit a roadside circus. Meanwhile, Jackie becomes friends with the circus strong woman. Without Wendy, Courtney learns to get by without her help. Later on, Conor learns of a new, gross talent that he has.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Near the end of this episode when Wendy oversleeps she asked if she should assign herself a punishment or spin the wheel of retribution, the wheels options are the following, Counter-Clockwise

        - Polyester
        - Unpaid Overtime
        - Minus One Vacation Day
        - Dial-up Internet
        - Flogging
        - Decaf
        - Bathe Canine
        - Conor's Laundry

    • QUOTES (17)

      • Courtney: Here, I got you a present.
        Wendy: (Opens present) A Hello Kitty coffee maker. I love it!
        Courtney: You're welcome. I take mine black.

      • Vince: Whoa! What do you think you're doing?
        Glenn: I'm doing what any father would do, I'm getting my son's head out of an elephant's anus.

      • Vince: You've got a special talent. You could have been on Kimmel, Kimmel, Kimmel.
        Conor: Wow, that guy really got into my head.
        Vince: No, I'm right here.
        Conor: Oh…
        Vince: Five minutes to show time. It's not too late.
        Conor: But I'm not allowed to.
        Vince: Yeah, I'm not allowed to drive loaded on goofballs and gin, but that doesn't stop me.

      • Glenn: Conor, if you do this act in public, you'll always be known as the guy in the elephant's butt. And that's a stink that'll never wash off.
        Conor: You always say every job has a value.
        Glenn: No, that doesn't really sound like me.

      • Glenn: (While watching a web video of him soiling himself at church) This is so wrong. I'll post a funny comment, but it is wrong.

      • Jackie: Glenn, your son's getting paid to stick his head in an elephant's rectum.
        Glenn: That's not entirely true. He said nothing about being paid.

      • Jackie: A special preview of Conor's act. I'm so proud, I could just rip his arms off!

      • Glenn: Conor, whoa, what did they have you do, sweep up after the elephants?!
        Conor: Yes.
        Glenn: Fantastic! That's the best job of the circus.
        Conor: I suck at every job here. I couldn't even sweep up a spotlight. I kept tripping over it.
        Glenn: Hey, these are tough jobs to master. It's just a matter of time before you find that one thing that no one else can do.
        Conor: You swear?
        Glenn: Only when I'm stuck in traffic.

      • Parent: (Sees Canine's butt) Good lord!
        Child: Papa, is that dog's butt part of the freak show?
        Parent: Son, not even an unlicensed circus would stoop that low.

      • Vince: Folks, I want you to treat Conor like a real member of the circus family.
        Clown: You mean eh kidnap him from his parents, steal his pay check and blow it on strawberry wine?
        Vince: (To Conor) He's joking.

      • Conor: (At the circus) Awesome!
        Glenn: I told you this was right up your alley. They say this is the only circus that's ever been kicked out of Mexico.

      • Jackie: Poor Conor. You think we caused this? Always celebrating Courtney's achievements, saying things like "You're so much better than your brother."
        Glenn: You really said that?
        Jackie: I was trying to make Courtney feel better. Parenting is such a juggling act.
        Glenn: (As Canine barks, trying to get them to notice the circus trucks) I wish there was somewhere we can take Conor to cheer him up. Something that combines his love of physical deformities and violent mishaps. No, still drawing a blank. Canine, we get it, you have to go. We'll pull over as soon as this comically long line of circus trucks passes by. Hey…

      • Conor: Wait! Are you saying I never actually won anything?
        Jackie: Sure you've won things. Maybe not the traditional fastest, strongest, smartest way, but we consider it a victory that you even tied your shoes.
        Conor: Oh my god! I never won anything. I'm a total loser.
        Courtney: Oh Conor, I've been telling you that for years.

      • Conor: (Showing his parents his tiny fencing trophy) Check it out, "Participant." They don't give these out to just anyone.

      • Courtney: (After winning the fencing trophy) This wouldn't be possible without the help of a few people. My mom and dad, the man upstairs…
        Man: (Sitting from the top of the ceiling) What's up?!
        Courtney: But most of all I need to thank the person who's cutthroat tenacity inspires me every day, Martha Stewart.

      • Fencer: (After losing to Courtney) Please, not the face! I have picture day on Thursday!

      • Courtney: (About to fence with another person) So, what did you find out about this Neanderthal?
        Wendy: A freak firecracker incident left him with no peripheral vision. Attack him low and outside and he won't see you coming, literally.
        Glenn: Go sweetie!
        Jackie: Stab him in the heart!

    • NOTES (1)

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Elephant Butt Incident

        The part about Connor having his head shove inside an elephant's butt is similar to an incident that happened in a zoo in Mexico where a zoo-keeper was cleaning the elephant pen until the elephant backed up as the man's head gets shove inside the elephant's anus.

      • Title: The Grossest Show On Earth

        The title refers to "Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus", which often uses the moniker as The Greatest Show On Earth.