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  • 2010
    • Global Pulse: Summer Break
      Global Pulse: Summer Break
      Episode 07.29.10
      Here is a small summer confection for you. No, it's not as eyebrow-raising as last summer's "Naked Presidents" episode -- but still, we aim to please. The message is that Global Pulse will be back in the fall with all new episodes. And even better, our generous supporters have ordered up a bigger and better Global Pulse when we return, and we're planning that right now. As we said, we aim to please.moreless
    • Toxic Justice? BP and Bhopal
      If you must experience a devastating industrial accident, pray you live in a rich and powerful country. Americans are justifiably angry, but they have 24-hour tar ball removal, a hotline for oiled birds, and a 20 billion dollar compensation fund. In Bhopal, India, tens of thousands were killed 25 years ago when toxic gasescaped from a factory run by the U.S. company Union Carbide. The compensation was meager, the plant is still oozing toxic waste, and the first trials, which took place this year, found executives guilty and handed out 2-year sentences. The American CEO skipped bail and lives comfortably in the U.S. Is suffering, justice and executive accountability different in a rich country than a poor one?SOURCES: BBC, U.K.; Al Jazeera English, Qatar; TV5 Monde, France; ABC, U.S.; Fox News, U.S.; TimesNow, Indiamoreless
    • Afghanistan: Wealth, War, Propaganda, Petraeus
      The recent announcement of vast mineral wealth in Afghanistan sent salesman-in-chief Hamid Karzai to Japan to pitch the allies, while the mastermind of the minerals survey at the Department of Defense arranged publicity here in the U.S. A controversial New York Times article quoted General David Petraeus calling the assessment "stunning," which sent conspiracy theorists spinning. Now, with Petraeus running the war in Afghanistan, are more fabulous discoveries to come?SOURCES: CCTV, China; NHK, Japan; Press TV, Iran; KBS, South Korea; PBS, U.S.; ABC News, U.S.; Department of Defense, U.S.; RT, Russia; Al Jazeera English, Qatar; New York Times, U.S.moreless
    • South Africa: A Cup Half Full
      The U.S. could use a nice distraction, why not the World Cup? The fans worldwide are ready, and so are South Africa's new stadiums. Someone built a fake shanty-town for housing tourists, and a real one for formerly homeless South Africans. But if you can't make it to Johannesburg, you can watch the games on ESPN and even get your own 3D version of the new Soccer City "Calabash" Stadium.SOURCES: SBS, South Korea; DW, Germany; BBC, U.K.; TVN, Chile; TV5MONDE, France; Al Jazeera, Qatar; Global Post, U.S.moreless
    • Korea Family Feud
      Korea Family Feud
      Episode 05.28.10
      After the South Korean warship Cheonan sank -- allegedly due to a North Korean torpedo -- the West was unanimous in its judgment of North Korea's guilt, and quick to spin different theories on the motive for the attack. But, some South Koreans aren't so sure, thinking the attack too neat a coincidence with the looming elections, and finding the evidence murky... The plot thickens.SOURCES: KBS, South Korea; KCTV, North Korea; Fox News, U.S; MBC, South Korea; Al Jazeera English, Qatar; BBC, U.K.; CCTV, China.moreless
    • Times Square Bomber: Terrorist or Pawn?
      No one can understand why someone like Faisal Shahzad, an educated, naturalized U.S. citizen, would try to bomb Times Square. Many in the media question if he is a true terrorist or just being used as a political pawn. While most U.S. and international media condemn Shazhad as a terrorist and dissect every facet of his life, Pakistani media is quick to see a conspiracy and to question American motives. SOURCES: South Asia Newsline, India; France 24, France; BBC, U.K.; Geo TV, Pakistan; Dunya Today, Pakistan; Al Jazeera English, Qatarmoreless
    • The Drug War vs The War on Drugs
      The "War on Drugs" has created a drug war in Mexico. Arizona's crackdown on illegal immigration is an attempt to address the results, but fails to get to the heart of the problem. Reducing U.S. demand for drugs and the flow of guns to Mexico could alleviate the violence -- but the U.S. seems more willing to help Mexico wage war than deal with the issues behind the problem.SOURCES: Televisa, Mexico; Das Erste, Germany; Fox News, U.S.; NBC, U.S.; ABC, U.S.; Al Jazeera English, Qatar.moreless
    • Debt: Greece vs California
      Debt: Greece vs California
      Episode 04.16.10
      A question being hotly debated by bloggers: who is buried in worse debt, Greece or California? News reports lean towards Greece as the real basket case, while TV news loves any reason to show video of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Both Greece and California are cutting deep to balance the books, and their people are hitting back with protests and anger. Will either receive a bailout, or are they both doomed to default? For this special News Hunt episode, we'll grab facts from worldwide news reports and weigh the options with both hands. To be a part of the News Hunt for good journalism on the economy go to Al Jazeera English, Qatar; Fox News, U.S; BBC, U.K; Deutsche Welle, Germany; NBC, U.S; RT, Russiamoreless
    • Is the Pope to Blame? Sex Abuse and the Catholic Church
      Cases of sexual abuse by Catholic priests in Europe echo decade-old events in the U.S. - but the Vatican has responded very differently. As evidence is revealed that shows the Pope may have been a part of the scandal, should something have been learned from the American experience?SOURCES: AL Jazeera English, Qatar; BBC, U.K.; TV5MONDE, France; RTL II and Deutsche Welle, Germany; NBC, U.S.moreless
    • Muslim Fashion: Cover Me Beautiful
      The dress of Muslim women worldwide walks a fine line between conservative and chic. In Chechnya and Iran, politics affect how much skin a woman can show. Pakistani fashion designers rebel against Taliban influence with revealing clothes, while one female Muslim designer is making fabulous clothes that are both respectful and stylish.SOURCES: RT, Russia; South Asia Newsline, India; BBC, U.K.; CBS, U.S.Learn more about women's issues and how you can take action.moreless
    • Chimerica: U.S., China and the Global Economy
      This week Global Pulse revisits China and its relationship with the U.S. and the world, from our 2009 Year-End Special. This overview of China's changing role in the turbulent global economy includes an interview with Wayne Silby, chairman of the board of Calvert Social Investment Foundation, and an unusually deep look at China as portrayed by CCTV, Chinese state television.SOURCES: CCTV, China; Al Jazeera English, Qatar; Fox News, U.S.; CBS, U.S.; BBC, U.K.moreless
    • Obesity Going Global
      Obesity Going Global
      Episode 02.26.10
      The U.S. isn't the only country with an obesity problem. This week's Global Pulse looks at the tactics being deployed worldwide by nations facing an epidemic of obesity. Looking to combat unwanted effects of our modern era's sedentary lifestyle, countries are harkening back to the salad days with campaigns encouraging exercise for adults and children, and the avoidance of fatty foods. As these broadcasters make clear, tackling the problem of childhood obesity requires parental involvement and better access to healthy food.SOURCES: ABC, U.S.; Once Noticias, Mexico; RT, Russia; France 24, France; Al Jazeera English, Qatar; KBS, South Koreamoreless
    • Nigeria's Power Vacuum
      Nigeria's Power Vacuum
      Episode 02.12.10
      Nigeria's president has been in a Saudi hospital for months, and the people and government of Nigeria are wondering who is in control. While President Umaru Yar'Adua seeks medical treatment, there have been mass protests, rowdy government debates, and a severed cease fire with Niger Delta militants, who have now gone back to disrupting Nigeria's oil and gas exports. Vice President Goodluck Jonathan is now officially in command, but even the legality of that is in question. SOURCES: AL Jazeera English, Qatar; TV5, France; Press TV, Iran; BBC, U.K; African Independent Television, Nigeriamoreless
    • Haiti in the Media: Compassion vs. Showboating
      Despite the epic nature of the disaster in Haiti, this overview of worldwide news coverage of the earthquake reveals that media still found time to commend their nation's rescuers, promote their own star journalists, and even get in some digs at the U.S. While the coverage raised awareness and donations for devastated Haiti, these clips from media around the world show a fine line between compassion and self-promotion while thousands go without food or shelter. This episode also includes an interview with The New Republic's Senior Editor Noam Scheiber.SOURCES: KBS, South Korea; Al Jazeera English, Qatar; RT, Russia; TV5, France; CNN, U.S.; CBS, U.S.; ABC, U.S.; FOX, U.S.; The New Republic, U.S.; Health News Review, U.S.moreless
    • Finishing START
      Finishing START
      Episode 01.15.10
      The 1991 START treaty limiting U.S. and Russian nuclear weapons expired in December, but expectations for a reduction in arms remained high. Since then, the picture has been clouded by a push for weapons modernization by American conservatives, and new criticism from Russia's prime minister, Vladimir Putin -- who may be playing to the crowd with his eye on the next presidential election.SOURCES: RT, Russia; CCTV, China; Reuters, U.S.; CBS, U.S.; Al Jazeera English, Qatar; BBC, U.K.; New York Times, U.S.; The Moscow Times, Russia.moreless
  • 2009