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Season 2010 Episode 06.25.10

Afghanistan: Wealth, War, Propaganda, Petraeus

Full Episode: Afghanistan: Wealth, War, Propaganda, Petraeus


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The recent announcement of vast mineral wealth in Afghanistan sent salesman-in-chief Hamid Karzai to Japan to pitch the allies, while the mastermind of the minerals survey at the Department of Defense arranged publicity here in the U.S. A controversial New York Times article quoted General David Petraeus calling the assessment "stunning," which sent conspiracy theorists spinning. Now, with Petraeus running the war in Afghanistan, are more fabulous discoveries to come?SOURCES: CCTV, China; NHK, Japan; Press TV, Iran; KBS, South Korea; PBS, U.S.; ABC News, U.S.; Department of Defense, U.S.; RT, Russia; Al Jazeera English, Qatar; New York Times, U.S.moreless
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