Global Voices - Season 2

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Episode Guide

  • Dinner with the President: A Nation's Journey
    Dictator or liberator? General or president? Pakistani filmmaker Sabiha Sumar sat down with former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, prior to his resignation, to find answers. In an intimate and hard-hitting interview, the former president discusses his vision for the future of Pakistan and its people, and reveals childhood stories that have shaped his life.moreless
  • Street Ballad: A Jakarta Story
    Titi Juwariyah, 27, is a street singer in Jakarta, Indonesia. She leads a challenging, conflicted life '? from her migration to Jakarta as a lost teen from the Java countryside to her heartfelt quest for identity and acceptance in her adopted city.
  • Global Elections Project: Rules of the Game
    Papua New Guinea is one of the most remote places on Earth--fragmented by tribes and clans that collectively speak 800 different languages. RULES OF THE GAME follows the 2007 elections in which three candidates are vying to be the next governor in a system often plagued with political corruption and violence.moreless
  • The Boy Mir - Ten Years in Afghanistan
    What of the generation of Afghans who have grown up since 9/11 and the resulting war in their country? From the director of the international hit, The Boy who Plays on the Buddhas of Bamiyan, this film tracks the irrepressible and lovable Mir from a naïve 8-year-old to a fully grown adult.moreless
  • Global Elections Project: Please Vote for Me
    In the city of Wuhan in central China, three eight-year-old elementary school students campaign for the coveted position of class monitor. This is the first election for a class leader to be held in China. The candidates hold debates, campaign tirelessly and show their intellectual and artistic skills, until one is voted the winner.moreless
  • Chahinaz: What Rights for Women?
    Chahinaz, a 20-year-old student in Algeria, has mixed feelings about the Western world and its values, but she admires the freedom of Western women. Through her curiosity and voyage of self-discovery, Chahinaz begins to wonder what life is like for women in other Muslim countries and around the world and why things are slow to change in Algeria.moreless
  • Global Elections Project: We're Watching You
    Get an intimate look at the recent multi-party elections in Egypt through the eyes of three women working to assure the election's legitimacy. The women provide unprecedented access to activists operating in and around the highest levels of both government and opposition groups.
  • The English Surgeon
    The English Surgeon
    Episode 52
    "In the early 1990s, British neurosurgeon Henry Marsh traveled to Kiev, Ukraine and was horrified by its medieval brain surgical procedures. Since then, Marsh has attempted to improve the system by performing procedures for free and sending used equipment to Igor Kurilets, a controversial Ukrainian neurosurgeon.
  • I Was Worth 50 Sheep
    "Following a long practiced tradition in Afghanistan, 10-year-old Sabere was sold to a man in his fifties. For the next six years she was both slave and wife, miscarrying four times. Now at sixteen, she is fighting for her freedom.
  • 74 Square Meters
    74 Square Meters
    Episode 50
    "Iselsa, Kathy, tribal leader Ivan, and 150 other marginalized families from Valparaiso, Chile, are chosen to participate in a social experiment that moves them into a middle-class neighborhood. But their new neighbors consider them delinquents who would endanger the neighborhood. Filmed over four years, 74 SQUARE METERS explores what happens when two worlds collide.moreless
  • Waiting for the Revolution
    For over 500 years the indigenous people of the Andes have had to endure racism and discrimination. Now, with democracy on their side, the time has come for a change. Following two newly elected indigenous leaders from the campaign trail to their first year in office, filmmaker Rodrigo Vasquez journeys into the heart of the democratic revolution in Bolivia.moreless
  • Pickles, Inc.
    Pickles, Inc.
    Episode 48
    In the Israeli Arab village of Tamra, in Galilee, eight widows challenge social conventions and establish the Azka Pickle Cooperative, seeking financial independence for themselves and their children. With little formal education and no work experience outside of the home, the women face endless hurdles in expanding their business start-up.
  • A Dream in Doubt
    A Dream in Doubt
    Episode 47
    One of America's first post 9/11 hate crime murders punctuated a growing wave of violence in retaliation for the terror attacks. Told from the perspective of the victim's brother, A Dream in Doubt reveals a story of national tragedy, murder, community and the American dream.
  • Arusi Persian Wedding
    Iranian American filmmaker Marjan Tehrani chronicles her brother's return to Iran as he travels with his American wife to have a traditional Persian wedding and explore his lost heritage.
  • Shadya
    Episode 45
    Shadya Zoabi, a charismatic 17-year-old karate world champion, strives to succeed on her own terms within her traditional Muslim village in northern Israel. Despite her father's support, she faces the challenge of balancing her dreams with her religious commitments and the culture's expectations.
  • Acrobat
    Episode 44
    Fabrice Champion, a young internationally renowned trapeze artist, hit another acrobat in mid-air during a show and was paralyzed. Following years of rehabilitation therapy, hopes lost and found, he returns to the circus as director and teacher.
  • Putin's Kiss
    Putin's Kiss
    Episode 43
    Nashi is an increasingly popular political youth organization with direct ties to the Kremlin. Officially, its goal is to support the current political system by creating a future elite among the brightest and most loyal Russian teenagers. But their agenda is also to keep the political opposition from spreading their views among the Russians.moreless
  • Town of Runners
    Town of Runners
    Episode 42
    Town of Runners follows three children keen to follow in their heroes' footsteps, as they move from school track to national competition and from childhood to adulthood. Set against the background of the seasonal rhythms of this farming region, and the impact of increased urbanization and globalization on agriculture, the film shows rural young Africans striving to make their own future.moreless
  • Last Days of the Arctic
    Ragnar Alexsson, a.k.a. RAX, is among the most celebrated photographers in the world. His series "Faces of the North" -- three decades in the making -- is a living document of the dying cultures of the far northern reaches of the planet. On his final shoot for the series, RAX tracks hunters on the Arctic ice as they cope with the devastating effects of climate change.moreless
  • Lakshmi and Me
    Lakshmi and Me
    Episode 40
    Have you ever dreamed of being waited on hand and foot? For the past six years, Lakshmi has been doing just that for her employers--virtually unnoticed. That is, until one of Lakshmi's employers begins to film her daily life on the job in Mumbai, India. In a deeply personal portrait, the film takes a hard look at the Indian caste system, gender and class relations.moreless
  • Comrade Duch: The Bookkeeper of Death
    Kaing Guek Eav (alias Duch) is a Jekyll-and-Hyde character who began as a mathematics teacher, and then became the commandant of Tuol Sleng prison in Cambodia, ultimately responsible for the torture and murder of 14,000 people. Comrade Duch recounts his flight, conversion to evangelical Christianity, and how he was finally brought to justice before an international tribunal.moreless
  • Motherland Afghanistan
    One in seven Afghan women currently dies in childbirth. Motherland Afghanistan introduces the women behind these devastating statistics. Afghan American filmmaker Sedika Mojadidi examines her father's works as an OB/GYN as he struggles to make a difference, first at Kabul's Laura Bush Maternity Ward and then in an isolated provincial hospital, where patients often travel for days to get treatment.moreless
  • Peace vs Justice
    Peace vs Justice
    Episode 37
    When the International Criminal Court was established, it was championed by human-rights crusaders as a long-overdue end to impunity. But what if the victims of heinous crimes don't want the court's version of justice? Peace vs Justice takes a critical look at the problems of applying Western conceptions of justice to other countries and continents.moreless
  • Milking the Rhino
    Milking the Rhino
    Episode 36

    In Milking the Rhino, the director travels to Africa to get a first-hand look at the conservation efforts that are taking place to save the African rhino from extinction. Communities are examined as they come together to make tough decisions that affect both the people and wildlife that live in Africa.

  • A Story of People in War and Peace
    Journalist and former P.O.W. Vardan Hovhannisyan lived alongside the soldiers, doctors, and villagers caught in the Karabagh War and captured their immediate thoughts and last words to their families. Twelve years later, Vardan returns to Karabagh to try and find answers to the war and lessons for peace.
  • Last White Man Standing
    Tom Cholmondeley, grandson of one of the founders of white colonial Kenya, was on the verge of inheriting one of the last great estates in Kenya. But instead, he found himself on trial, charged with murdering a black poacher on his land.
  • A Son's Sacrifice
    A Son's Sacrifice
    Episode 33
    When 27-year-old Imran Uddin struggles to take over his father's halal slaughterhouse during the annual Qurbani holiday, he leads the local Muslim community in a ritual that tests his devotion to his family and his faith.
  • The Beetle
    The Beetle
    Episode 33
    Israeli director Yishai Orian, the owner of an old Volkswagen Beetle, is about to become a father. His mechanic says the car will not last long, and his wife complains it is unsuitable for a baby. Determined to keep his beloved VW, Orian embarks on a journey, which begins with the Beetle's previous owners, continues to a repair shop in Jordan, and finally ends with the birth of his first child.moreless
  • On Wheels Brasil
    On Wheels Brasil
    Episode 32
    Following the lives of people that push, pull, or pedal some kind of vehicle to earn their living on Brazil's city streets, On Wheels Brasil establishes a relationship between the wheel's movement and the inconstancy of life.
  • Be Like Others
    Be Like Others
    Episode 31
    An intimate and unflinching look at life in Iran through the eyes of young men choosing to undergo sex change surgery, Be Like Others explores the implications and sacrifices of those living on the fringes of an Islamic society.
  • Sons of Cuba
    Sons of Cuba
    Episode 30
    Deep in the the unseen heart of modern-day Cuba, a group of unforgettable young boxers fights not only for their own dreams, for the fading memory of the Revolution.
  • The Siege
    The Siege
    Episode 29
    In a desperate attempt to save his wife's life, Nestor Cerpa, leader of the Peruvian Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement and his squad of commandos, seized the Japanese ambassador's residence in Lima, holding dozens of foreign diplomats and businessmen hostage for 126 days.
  • The Mosquito Problem & Other Stories
    The Mosquito Problem & Other Stories is the tale of a village, turned concentration camp, turned city, turned nuclear power plant. In a world instantly transformed by ideologies, regimes and dreams of economic prosperity, characters' lives intersect in a sinister past and nuclear future.
  • Storm of Emotions
    Storm of Emotions
    Episode 27
    Storm of Emotions chronicles the Israeli disengagement from the Gaza Strip and efforts to achieve democracy amidst great social and political turmoil. Told from the perspective of the Israeli police force, this film explores how these individuals try to balance their emotions, beliefs and conscience while attempting to maintain civil order.moreless
  • Belarusian Waltzs
    Belarusian Waltzs
    Episode 26
    Belarus is Europe's last dictatorship, a society of total political control, nuclear pollution and mass poverty. Human rights activists in Belarus often fall victim to a merciless strategy of persecution by the government. Belarusian Waltz is the story of Alexander Pushkin, a performance artist who used his "patriotic" art to protest against his country's dictatorship.moreless
  • A Working Mom
    A Working Mom
    Episode 25
    A divorced mother of two returns to her home and children in Bolivia after 15 years of struggling for a better life in Israel, only to find her family members have become strangers. A Working Mom is a story that demonstrates the extremes that individuals will go to in order to save their families--sometimes saving and losing them in the same act.moreless
  • Iranian Kidney Bargain Sale
    With an official kidney referral agency as the backdrop, Iranian Kidney Bargain Sale follows young Iranians through the organ trade process: from their first encounter to surgery and kidney removal.
  • Cowboys in India
    Cowboys in India
    Episode 23
    Aided by two locals, Director Simon Chambers goes to the poorest area in India where a tribe is fighting to save a sacred mountain from multinational mining moguls who say its resources will bring prosperity to the people. Cowboys in India explores accusations of murder and whether the company-built hospitals and schools actually exist--landing these investigators in bigger trouble than expected.moreless
  • End of Waiting Time
    End of Waiting Time
    Episode 23
    During the long dictatorship of Spanish General Francisco Franco, hundreds of people were arrested, executed or disappeared. Today, the families of those who vanished have begun to search for answers about their relatives.
  • New Year Baby
    New Year Baby
    Episode 22
    Filmmaker Socheata Poeuv grew up in the United States never knowing that her family had survived the Khmer Rouge genocide. In New Year Baby, she embarks on a journey to Cambodia in search of the truth about her family's past.
  • Young Yakuza
    Young Yakuza
    Episode 21
    Meet the Japanese Mafia's latest son: a 20 year old named Naoki, part of a surging, decade-long wave of juvenile delinquency in Japan. As Naoki rejects school, jobs and family, his desperate mother decides to take one last chance to save him--by handing him over to the Mafia for one year and letting him choose his own path.moreless
  • We're Watching You
    Get an intimate look at the recent multi-party elections in Egypt through the eyes of three women working to assure the election's legitimacy. The women provide unprecedented access to activists operating in and around the highest levels of both government and opposition groups.
  • Antonio Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons"
    Four violinists in four different corners of the globe perform one of the world's most beloved pieces: Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons." This musical journey travels from springtime in Tokyo and summer in Australia to winter in Finland and autumn in New York, combining stunning visuals and cultural experiences with performances by an international array of musicians.moreless
  • Please Vote for Me
    Please Vote for Me
    Episode 10
    On this episode of Global Voices three eight year old elementary school students are campaigning to become class monitors in Wuhan, a city in central China. this is important as it is the first election for a class leader to be held in China. The young candidates hold debates, campaign and prove their artistic skills and intellectual prowess until one is elected the winner.moreless
  • Beyond the Border Mas Alla de la Frontera
    Beyond the Border — Más Allá de la Frontera traces the painful transition made by four sons in the Ayala family who leave their family in Mexico to seek "una vida mejor" (a better life) in Kentucky, where they fight cultural, class and language barriers.
  • Vietnam: The Next Generation
    Meet eight young citizens of Vietnam, some born in the final days of the Vietnam War, others in its aftermath. They are entrepreneurs and street kids, farmers and students, artists and engineers. Together they embody the hopes, dreams, and challenges of a new Vietnam.
  • The Last Tightrope Dancer in Armenia
    Zhora (76 years old) and Knyaz (77 years old) were once the most celebrated masters of tightrope dancing in Armenia. Today, they are the only surviving performers who can keep this ancient art alive. They come together to train a 16-year-old orphan boy, who then must has to decide if he is willing to become last tightrope dancer in a society that has abandoned both him and his craft.moreless
  • The Beetle
    The Beetle
    Episode 7
    Israeli director Yishai Orian, the owner of an old Volkswagen Beetle, is about to become a father. His mechanic says the car will not last long, and his wife complains it is unsuitable for a baby. Determined to keep his beloved VW, Orian embarks on a journey, which begins with the Beetle's previous owners, continues to a repair shop in Jordan, and finally ends with the birth of his first child.moreless
  • Rain in a Dry Land
    Rain in a Dry Land
    Episode 6
    Follow two Somali Bantu families, transported by relief agencies from years of civil war and refugee life to Springfield, Massachusetts and Atlanta, Georgia. They confront racism, poverty, and 21st-century culture shock as they try to survive in a new country and create a safe haven for their war-torn families. Their poetry, humor, and amazing resilience show us our own world through new eyes.moreless
  • The Caviar Connection
    The Rat brothers are on a quest to find the big fish - the one that will bring easy money and allow them to leave their small village in Serbia for the bright lights of Vegas. In this dramatic and often humorous tale, The Caviar Connection follows the brothers as they unsuccessfully gamble with the rules of nature and economics, and in the process become deeper without even noticing it.moreless
  • Teacher
    Episode 4
    For the past 15 years, Nguyen Van Hung - once a homeless drug addict - has dedicated his life to helping street children survive AIDS in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Teacher is the story of his fight against an epidemic that claims its victims by the millions, and of the innocent children and teenagers trapped in a global nightmare.moreless
  • Return to the Border
    A Chinese-born filmmaker reflects on the personal ramifications of the political ideals of communism and socialism from his memories of a childhood in the border town of Dandong to his experiences in North Korea.
  • Sentenced Home
    Sentenced Home
    Episode 2
    Raised as Americans in inner-city projects near Seattle, three young Cambodian American men are deported back to a country they barely remember, caught between a tragic past and an uncertain future by a system that doesn't offer any second chances.
  • The Dictator Hunter
    An American lawyer and son of a Holocaust survivor along with a Chadian survivor work in a fight against all odds to bring brutal dictator Hissène Habré, to justice.
  • China Blue
    China Blue
    Episode 1
    Shot clandestinely at a blue jeans factory in southern China where 17-year-old Jasmine and her friends work around the clock for pennies a day, China Blue reveals what international retail companies don't want us to see: how the clothes we buy are actually made.
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