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  • Poor photography; intentional or what?

    Although I've been watching Globe Trekker for a long time, I'm constantly annoyed by the "photography". The amateurish swinging camera, image defocusing, staggering frames and the dickering with the color pallette tells me you folks are not capable of quality filming and photojournalism. It's more like you're trying to keep excitement in the program. Sorry folks, it doesn't work here. Go back to school. However, I do enjoy the locations, which are sometimes out of the way (and remote) and the willingness of the travelers to try local "cuisine" is commendable. Often, the dialog is poor and hard to understand.
    Otherwise, please, fix the photography.
  • VIetnam

    I was completely taken by surprise when your host said he felt privileged to meet and speak with a former general that was responsible for fighting against our men in Vietnam. I had friends, cousins, brothers and a husband in Vietnam. I am not saying I agreed with that conflict, but these men of ours were drafted and had no choice but to serve in the military. How can you allow them to be disrespected like this? Maybe if this man spent a sober day at work he would think to choose his words more carefully. I will never watch him again.


    a female veteran
  • Rio Bravo - Correct translation

    I guess it's picky, but your host Ian, I believe, although one of my favorites, made a silly error when he stated that the meaning of "Rio Bravo" (as the Rio Grande is called in Mexico), in English was "Brave River". I think it is important to make sure that what you are stating on a TV program is actually correct. And this is not! The word "bravo" in Spanish means "Angry", "feisty", "violent" and that is what the concept is in Mexico, that this river is violent, full of rapid movement. It is NOT "brave", which is "valiente" in Spanish.

    Just thought you should know! . I am a certified Spanish translator who has earned her living translating for over 40 years.
  • Travel the world from the comfort of your sofa!

    Whether visiting the dense jungles of South America, the secret side of Paris, the cold mountain peaks of the Andes, or the gnarly waves at Oahu, you can be sure of seeing the world as you've never seen it before!

    "Globe Trekker" takes the viewer on journeys well off the beaten track, that neither travel agents or travel books even know about! Our "tour guides" are usually younger men and women whose energy and spirited outlook comes through in everything they do, whether it's crossing a rickety wooden bridge, taking a ride on a modern roller coaster, or chomping on some local delicacy that would make most of us gag! They not only show us the locales, they involve themselves with the locals, sometimes with humorous results! Occasionally, we are taken through somber sites such as churches and war memorials, leading us to appreciate the past as well as the present.

    The guides implore us to reach out to the unknown, and even give us helpful hints, such as which hotels to stay at, which restaurants to eat at, what attractions to see, and, of course, what to avoid!

    Sometimes, they seem to get bogged down in a particular detail or area, usually toward the end of the hour-long show, and I wonder if they are simply filling-in air time, which is the only reason I didn't give them a higher score.

    But, whether you're seeking adventure, an out-of-the-way cafe, or hunting for that great shopping bargain, "Globe Trekker" is the program for you!

    And the theme music is pretty good, too! ; )
  • Application for Travel Show Host

    I am currently the Manager for Cultural Relations and Experiences at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai, India with a five year experience in the Hospitality Industry. My job requires me to ensure that my guests have the optimum experience during their stay with us and I help co-ordinate this thorough the different departments across the hotel. Being Multi Lingual and having personally traveled to different International Destinations coupled with my personal interests in people and culture I help make the connect with my guests and in this way help sell India as a destination to experience.

    I presently conduct the daily tours of the hotel on Heritage and another on Indian Art. They are both becoming increasingly popular as may be seen on Trip Advisor. The same is done with an element of drama and theatre and a blend of cultural influences into the very fabric that forms the subject of the tour.

    I would like to apply for an appropriate post as a Travel Show Host or similar as may seem suitable in your organization wherein I can use my talents and abilities to the best potential, at your esteemed organization.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon. Advise appreciated as well.
  • Sicily

    Please hire a professional cameraman with "steady hands". The quick zoom in & out and moving the lens up & down made me dizzy. When you zoom, do it gently and is easier on the eyes. The new host, Chinn is not fun to watch as Megan or Ian Wright fun types. I have watched your program for over 7 years.
  • Unfortunate incorrect pronunciation of Hawaiian language

    I enjoyed the Globe Trekker episode on Hawaii, but cringed at every mispronounced Hawaiian word uttered by the hostess. It felt like a punch in the gut and an insult to hear her inaccurate pronunciations! For all the great research done to produce this pretty good show about Hawaii, it's an awful shame that no effort was made to learn the correct pronunciation of Hawaiian words - most especially of the names of our Ali'i (chiefs), of the important place names of the islands and other words of the culture. Such a shame. And given that the show featured so many "local" practitioners, I can't fathom how they couldn't have bothered to ask for the correct pronunciations - not only for cultural respect, but accuracy. Auwe! I hope this mistake isn't repeated in other destinations and with other cultures.
  • Educational.

    This is actually a decent show but sometimes can be a bit repetitive. The reason being is that the areas that are featured can look the same as others. But I must admit the show has plenty of things to hold one's interest level. The detail is nice and the hosts usually are good at describing features and the sights with interesting facts. The part I don't care much for is the subject. Sometimes the theme may be boring, and other times it is entertaining, so you don't know what you are going to get in each episode, really. Thank you.
  • Hosts travel all over the world, to bring you the best things to see and do whislt visiting the countries.

    I absolutely love this show!! One of my favourites, if not my actual favourite!! Heres' hoping they keep making them for years to come!! Ian, Megan and Justine, love em!!:D I think one of the best travel shows in its class. Globe Trekker covers the off the beaten track places and things to do, it gives you the history of the place and you get a real feel for the people and the culture. Always comes with a bit a humour from the hosts, and always keeps the viewer interested, even if it is your 10th time to watch the show!!
  • Drunk host-poor role model for Globe Trekker

    Our family has enjoyed the destinations and funny antics of the hosts over the years as they take part in local festivals and cultural activities. If watching a host get drunk is what people want to see--no thanks! If the new Globe Trekker episodes include watching the host standing in underwear while a shaman does a ritual to her and seeing her get drunk more than once on the show and bragging about having too much to drink, then we will not be watching. Not a good role model for young people. Also I question if she really understands the history of her destination. She explained at the beginning of the show that the Wanka people resided in Peru prior to the Incas. Good. Yet later in the show she seemed surprised to learn that Wankas lived in Peru before Incas. Bad editing or??? I hope the editors will remove the drunken party atmosphere and focus on the beauty, culture and native people.