Glory Days

The WB (ended 2002)


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  • I don't get it

    Like everyone else it seems, I was looking forward to this show. But, I hate to say it; it is just plain old bad dumb TV. Bad plots, bad dialogue, bad production values. Sad, sad, sad. For some reason I thought that the name "Kevin Williamson" would indicate some level of quality. Then I looked back at Williamson's filmography- is he really all that? The Scream series is brilliant and witty, and Dawson's had moments. But beyond that, when you add Glory Days to the pile, his inane juvenile panderings are seriously starting to outweigh his insightful fresh offerings. Yes, Glory Days has been cancelled. It did have potential- I'll admit I watched beyond the dreadful premiere. But it never seemed to realize that potential was not enough. In order to succeed and satisfy, it desperately needed to honestly evaluate what works and what doesn't from the genres it was drawing on. Perhaps if they had left behind the unbelievable soap-opera-ish set-ups, which are the annoying hallmark of suspense shows directed at the older set, including Murder She Wrote and Diagnosis Murder, I could have swallowed it? After all, it ain't the gray hair that keeps me away from those shows, it is the endless parade of Scooby-Doo like "mysteries." Yes, the amusement park owner, or the new boyfriend, or any number of stock "killers" really DID do it. Did the fun twists of Scream wear Williamson out? Or what if they'd tried harder to make us care about the main characters, as Williamson was somehow able to do in Dawson's? I fully acknowledge that Williamson is no Whedon, so I knew better than to expect anything actually thought provoking. But even slightly believable, or engaging, or entertaining, could have kept this show afloat. Good Riddance. But here's to hoping the WB will try its hand at the genre again.