Glory Days - Season 1

The WB (ended 2002)


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  • Cirque de So Dead
    Cirque de So Dead
    Episode 11
    Summary Coming Soon.
  • Clowning Glory
    Clowning Glory
    Episode 10
    The Glory Chamber of Commerce brings in a troupe of clowns in order to cheer up the residents, but the plan backfires when a scary-looking clown begins commiting murders. Meanwhile, Rudy develops a romantic relationship with Sara's friend.
  • Cirque de So Dead (UNAIRED)
  • No Guts, No Glory
    No Guts, No Glory
    Episode 9
    Mike, Rudy, and Ellie investigate the murder of a beauty queen pageant. Mike interviews the victim's brother for the newspaper. Meanwhile, Sam gets involved with an older man.
  • There Goes the Neighborhood
    Mike investigates a Rockwell-like family who has moved into the neighborhood. He becomes overly suspicious and is convinced the family is hiding something that doesn't quite go with their perfect outward appearance, especially when his investigation turns up things about their teenage son that could put Sam in grave danger.
  • Everybody Loves Rudy
    When a women is literally stabbed in the heart right after a date with Rudy, Mike and Ellie work with Rudy prove his innocence. Meanwhile, Zane is asked out by a cheerleader.
  • The Lost Girls
    The Lost Girls
    Episode 6
    Three young girls arrive in Glory claiming to be vampires. Rudy questions himself when he finds himself attracted to one, and Zane decides to accept an invitation to hang out with them after Sam once again rejects him. When Sam disturbs a body in the lake while fishing, Mike believes the vampire girls are responsible when Ellie discovers that the bodies were drained of blood. Who killed the woman? Her jealous husband, the passionate artist, or the vampires?moreless
  • Death, Lies and Videotape
    FBI agents arrive in Glory in an attempt to track down a serial killer. Mike is suspicious of Ellie's visiting friend and snoops through his belongings, finding an incriminating videotape. Meanwhile, Mitzi encourages Sara to spend some time with a pediatrician from out of town.
  • Miss Fortune Teller
    When Sam becomes third in a string of girls abducted on Glory Island, Mike, Ellie and Rudy hasten to learn the kidnapper's identity. Mike is desperate to find her. They also investigate a psychic who claims to have known that Sam and her friend would be abducted. Meanwhile, the missing girls find themselves trapped in a frightening predicament.moreless
  • The Devil Made Me Do It
    Mike, Ellie and Rudy investigate a teenage piano prodigy who claims to be possessed by a demon but has no recollection of his violent episodes. Meanwhile, Hazel tries to overcome the tension between herself and Mitzi by trying out for a local theater production.
  • Grim Ferrytale (Pilot)
    Mike Dolan returns to his hometown of Glory, where he is not welcome, after his portrayal of the town's residents in his bestselling novel Glory Days. On the ferryride over, Mike witnesses a murder and tries to uncover the truth about who really did it, while dealing with everyone's cold feelings towards him.moreless
  • Original Pilot
    Original Pilot
    Episode 1
    Mike Dolan's first novel, "Glory Days," was a runaway bestseller and a blockbuster movie. Now, six years later, without having written a single word of the highly anticipated sequel, this 27-year-old author reluctantly returns to his home of Lake Glory, Maine for inspiration. The people of Lake Glory - whose personal lives and dirty laundry were the fodder for Mike's book - welcome him back with all the warmth and enthusiasm of a lynch mob. His first instinct is to flee. Instead, Mike makes the difficult choice to stay put and mend fences, and in the process learns that while you can go home again, there's no guarantee it will be easy.moreless