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Judging by interest on, Glory Daze days are over

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    [1]Jan 8, 2011
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    Look, my topic title is a little much I admit it. But I needed some attention and activity in here. So you can relax, I have not read anywhere that Glory Daze is being cancelled. However, keep in mind I havent bothered looking for feedback either.

    Honestly, I logged onto tonight to read up on any new news either on the shows page on here or the forums themselves. Im gonna be honest, Ive been a member on awhile. And one thing ive seen constantly is really good shows get yanked after 1, 2 seasons tops. And this is when there are a few hundred posting there anger and effort on the forums trying to save a show. But judging by, I think maybe 4 total people (me being one of them) actually like this show. I dont know if its a TBS thing or a promotion thing, but somethings not working because nobody is talking about it. Well, noton here at least. If you like the show, at least rate it with tv.coms rating thing they let us do. Maybe I will see if I can post the plots or updates of the show on here. Last I checked the last update for Glory Daze on was episode 4. We are on 8 guys.

    Lastly, just some positive words. I love this show!!!! Seriously its so funny though. Remember how "That 70's Show" was a huge success? Then they tried "That 80s show" and that was a total disaster. Well Glory Daze is the exactpath or directionthe"80s show" dudesshould have gone. Its perfect 80s humor. They dont over do it with the clothes being the entire comical part of the episode. Even the behaviors and personalities of the main characters are 80s'ish... Oh and Tim Meadows? PERFECT! Nobody else should every play his role. The show is witty, it has the type of plots that can last a long time. Meaning they cant run out of humor after so many times because its different each week. Yet they seem to hit it right on the nose when knowing which funny roles should re-occur more then once... IE. Stinkowski.

    Thats my pitch on the show. If your reading this, you probably already like the show so Im probably not talking anyone new into giving an episode a chance. But either way,.............. Love the show, great idea, I literally laugh out loud at times, and I hope it lasts. Lets get some threads in these forums guys.



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    [2]Jan 10, 2011
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    Used to post on the site alot.
    Anyways Glory Daze is Amazing and its going to be geting it debut on UK television this month. So that could be a good sign.
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    [3]Jan 19, 2011
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    Phew. Your title had me a little worried, but maybe I should be anyway. I love this show, too, however, I'm also the only person I know who watches. I only started watching because the previews looked kinda good and I caught most of the episodes online. Glad to have definitive proof that I'm not the only one watching this show and hoping it has a future.

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    [4]Jan 19, 2011
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    I'll keep this short and sweet. This show is refreshing and FUNNY! Unlike Glee,The OC, and so many of those other highschool/college shows these guys pull it off. I actually believe they are in college. I'm pretty disappointed that the season finale already came and went. I hope this show doesn't get yanked. It should be on a major network station. Anywhoot! If anyone from TBS sees this, KEEP GLORY DAZE ON!!!
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    [5]Feb 16, 2011
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    Hate this show. I only watched it by accident and turned to Tosh O instead. Glory Daze is the worst new show... Trite. Greek is waaaay better in my humble opinion.
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    [6]Feb 26, 2011
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    It's official, the show is canceled. At least it ended on a decent note.

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