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  • Funny, witty, creative show. Its the type of comedy that wont disappoint by running out of stories or "situations" the guys are put in. They go beyond the typical 80s humor that most 80s humor is constantly flooded with. Its too creative for that.

    Remember how "That 70's Show" was a huge success? Then they tried "That 80s show" and that was a total disaster? Well Glory Daze is the exact path or direction the "80s show" could have taken to make for a successful program. Its perfect 80s humor. They dont over do it with the clothes being the entire comical part of the episode. Even the behaviors and personalities of the main characters are 80s'ish... Oh and Tim Meadows? PERFECT! Nobody else should every play his role. The show is witty, it has the type of plots that can last a long time. Meaning they cant run out of humor after so many times because its different each week. Yet they seem to hit it right on the nose when knowing which funny roles should re-occur more then once... IE. Stinkowski.
  • Four halarious freshmen are in college and they are about to become Omega Sigs in the great, creative comedy on TBS.

    Four freshmen (Joel, Eli, Brian, and Jason) are pledging the Omega Sigma's. This is the PARTYING faternity that is halarious.

    The plot has so many ways it can go, and they are doing perfect with it!

    The characters are likeable and relateable! They each have their personalities that vary, but they are all friends.

    Some of the leaders in the feternity are also very funny, my personal favorite, Stankhousky. He is And pothead thats been there for maybe 10 yearss or longer.

    The shows comedy is perfect for young adults and adults both. Some is sexual but its the 80's! Everything goes!

    A very original show for TBS, I definetly say watch it! Every tuesday night, 9 o'clock central. 10/10!!!
  • Refreshing and smart comedy. If you have ever been in a fraternity you can probably relate.

    There are so many great aspects to this show. It isn't scandalous, it chronicles the funny pledge experiences that actually do happen in real life and incorporates plenty of young actors/actresses who are doing great with their first big roles. This show is a lot of fun for those who just want to sit back and have a good clean laugh. In my opinion, I think this show is on the wrong network. There are so many BAD shows on prime network television yet Glory Daze is secluded on TBS. Sure, with Conan following it it might get some added visibility but judging from the ZERO buzz I hear on the streets this show is poorly promoted. This show is a lot fun.

  • This is the best show ever.

    This show was a breath of fresh air on TV, everything was perfect they mixed sexuality, tee life, frat parties and above all friendship. This wasn't just a show it became a tradition for my friends and I every Tuesday we got together poured some drinks and have a lot of laughs. If the sow did get canceled, this would mean that TV shows like jersey show, teen mom, the bucket list, among others, are the show people enjoy and not instant classic's like this one I hope and dream some other network buys this show, It's the best i've seen since how i met your mother aired.