Glory Daze

TBS (ended 2011)


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  • Funny, witty, creative show. Its the type of comedy that wont disappoint by running out of stories or "situations" the guys are put in. They go beyond the typical 80s humor that most 80s humor is constantly flooded with. Its too creative for that.

    Remember how "That 70's Show" was a huge success? Then they tried "That 80s show" and that was a total disaster? Well Glory Daze is the exact path or direction the "80s show" could have taken to make for a successful program. Its perfect 80s humor. They dont over do it with the clothes being the entire comical part of the episode. Even the behaviors and personalities of the main characters are 80s'ish... Oh and Tim Meadows? PERFECT! Nobody else should every play his role. The show is witty, it has the type of plots that can last a long time. Meaning they cant run out of humor after so many times because its different each week. Yet they seem to hit it right on the nose when knowing which funny roles should re-occur more then once... IE. Stinkowski.
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