Glory Daze

TBS (ended 2011)


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  • Four halarious freshmen are in college and they are about to become Omega Sigs in the great, creative comedy on TBS.

    Four freshmen (Joel, Eli, Brian, and Jason) are pledging the Omega Sigma's. This is the PARTYING faternity that is halarious.

    The plot has so many ways it can go, and they are doing perfect with it!

    The characters are likeable and relateable! They each have their personalities that vary, but they are all friends.

    Some of the leaders in the feternity are also very funny, my personal favorite, Stankhousky. He is And pothead thats been there for maybe 10 yearss or longer.

    The shows comedy is perfect for young adults and adults both. Some is sexual but its the 80's! Everything goes!

    A very original show for TBS, I definetly say watch it! Every tuesday night, 9 o'clock central. 10/10!!!