GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

(ended 1990)


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GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

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A group of sexy, female wrestlers starred in this show. Taped in Las Vegas.
Dawn Rice

Dawn Rice

Godiva (Seasons 3-4)

Janeen Jewitt

Janeen Jewitt

Palestina (Seasons 1-2)

Janet Bowers

Janet Bowers

Vine (Seasons 1-3), Princess Of Darkness (Seasons 1-2)

Kitty Burke

Kitty Burke

Aunt Kitty

Lori Weathers

Lori Weathers

Colonel Ninotchka

Nancy Daley

Nancy Daley

Dementia (Season 3) & Widow Woman in Black (Seasons 3-4)

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  • Many Names Wrong

    The actresses that worked on GLOW have long been listed by fake names, given for safety reasons. Today The Majority of the ladies are using their real names! Accurate and dependable list is available on the Official GLOW Fan-site! For real cast names, now and then photos on my website!the-cast
  • GLOW was an all female wrestling promotion which was run by David Mclaine for the first two seasons and relaced by Johnny C for seasons 3&4 when Mclaine left the business,the show featured some sketches and was very popular with viewers across the statesmoreless

    Ran by David Mclaine GLOW has become one of the most popular wrestling businesses of all time, there was 2 rosters on the show a heel roster lead by Matilda The Hun and The babyface roster lead by Mt Fiji, at the beginjing of the show the girls stood round the ring and sang the official GLOW rap, then before their matches the girls would do their own raps. Some characters were then either replaced at the end of each season or left most popular wrestlers of the business were,Tina&Ashley,California Doll,Hollywood&Vine,The Farmers Daughters(Sally,Babe&Amy) and others Glow was a hit world widemoreless
  • Interesting Cult Series For Wrestling Fans

    If you watched G.L.O.W. for any reason, you probably turned in regularly for one of three things: to see woman wrestling and killing each other, to see the female wrestlers do some of the funniest comedy sketches or there was nothing else on. The wrestling was obviously choreographed to keep them from really killing each other - after all, many of them were actually actresses or porn stars trying to get legitimate work. None of them had any real wrestling experience except for maybe a week to a months worth of orientation they underwent to avoid bruises and broken bones. Some of the scenes in the ring were obviously fake. The Princess Of Darkness could "hypnotize" her opponents by flicking on and off a flashlight built inside a bone. Dementia (actress Nancy Daley) was often brought out in a cage wearing a Lizzie Borden dress and hockey mask. Tammy Jones once won a fight in the last minute after being consistently pummeled by Matilda The Hun (actress Dee Booher, now Queen Kong), and two guys once alledgedly "snuck" through security, into the locker rooms, passed themselves off as lady wrestlers and tried to rape Hollywood and Vine in the ring. The comedy though was a good part of the appeal as Mountain Fiji often dreamed of being Mae West, Russian Colonel Ninotchka (actually American actress Lori Weathers) was often sending spy reports to Mother Russia and Spanish Red played a waitress in several diner sketches. The videos and the short-lived magazine series are collectors items now that this female federation has dissolved, but many of them have become models and actresses in shows like Married With Children.moreless
  • I loved GLOW

    GLOW is one of the weirdest, but cool shows ever made.

    Full of color, strange singing bits, wrestling of variable quality, and of course, beautiful women wrestlers.

    What is not to like about GLOW?

    Derided by more serious wrestling fans, I nevertheless think we should just appreciate GLOW for what it was, this unique slice of camp, that somehow created a host of memorable characters and wrestlers.

    Attache, as my name suggests, I loved, she was this unique, hugely charismatic woman...but there were so many more...Spanish Red, Star, Vine, Palestina...a whole roster full of women with much more about them than the current batch of WWE Divas.

    If you ever get a chance to see the show, DO!

  • Was A True Human Interest Show

    As I be waitin to record ma rap songs, tha show popped up into ma mind. Once it popped into ma mind, I thought I'd get on here to find out where tha GLOW ladies have been & where they are now, after not checkin em' after almost 20 years. I was 13-14 yrs old when I watched tha show, which was during tha actual time it was aired on television. I definitely remember Season 2 episodes & maybe Season 1. I might have watched only 1 Season 3 show. I had fun watchin tha show, cuz it was pretty much hilarious, excitin, interestin, & unique show. I enjoyed watchin tha show, cuz women were engagin in a once men's sport & pretty much changed tha game of sports for women. I understand that at least 1/2 tha show was fake, but the women on tha show were very special. They had enuff nerve to get on national television to do what they did. On addition, they dedicated themselves & worked very hard. It made a mark for those who either made it to Professional Wrestling or other sectors of tha entertainment and/or sports industry. This was truly a one of tha kind show. I hate that it went off tha air after such a short time, but I'm happy that this show was out. I recall talkin to ma peoples bout' tha show either back then or now. Tha first thing that cums out of at least 1/2 of people's mouths is that all tha women on tha show as well as any females who are into it is that, "U & them girls must be a bunch of dykes." Well I fought that hatin shit tooth & nail. Women wrestling is just like men's wrestling or playin football. It's not fair that one can say that bout' tha females, but never bother tha men bout' it. I see it as an excitin sport just as if I was watchin men do tha same sport. Them girls I think gave a lot of themselves & to be honest, they were disrespected & from what I heard treated very poorly. I found out from one of tha GLOW ladies myself that tha promoters & producers didn't even pay them. Now, if David Mclane, if u readin this, why would they have them women get on TV wearin ass-bearin clothes, get laughed at, & decide at tha end to not pay them. Them GLOW ladies were sure bein pretty nice by just walkin out on they ass. Man, I can't believe Mclane would dog them women like that. With them bein wrestlers, it surprises me that at least one of them didn't kick sum asses, If it wouldv'e been me, I would had to sue them for everything they had if they tell me upfront before I go on tha show that I would get paid such & such dollas. Well I get off that subject. I pretty much followed GLOW from tha time I started watchin it till it went off. I never knew bout' tha POWW show that lots of tha girls went into doin. Now, that I've been back into it, aside from doin ma rap thang, I'm workin on gettin a scrap book together of GLOW. Even though, I hear that there will never be anutha GLOW, if I'm ever in tha position, I would even put out anutha show like it. Also since it's been almost 20 yrs, I think GLOW should plan a reunion show. Some of tha girls often say that this was a once in a lifetime experience for them. Hardly anybody has gotten to do what they did on GLOW. This should be very special to them. Before, I jump off this, I would like to remind those who are readin this that there is a petition online for people to sign who wish that GLOW wrestler known as Tina Ferrari now known as Ivory will be gettin her own site. If yall think tha baddest chick from GLOW should have her own website, pleaz sign tha petition. If any of yall have any pics, old videos, and/or info. on any of tha GLOW girls, pleaz e-mail me at I need sum info. for tha scrapbook. I thank anyone who does this so much.moreless
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