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A race of intelligent robots is hiding on Earth, disguising themselves as ordinary cars and motorcycles. There are two factions: the good Go-Bots and the evil Renegades. Each episode features new attempts by the Renegades to seize power from the Go-Bots, and the Go-Bots' efforts to maintain dominance over the Renegades.

Challenge of the GoBots also known as Mighty Machine Men is an animated series produced by USA company Hanna-Barbera Productions, based on the toy line from Tonka. The show was first released on the 8 September 1984.

The show is similar in theme to the more popular Transformers series, Gobots dealt with two opposing forces of transforming robots, the heroic Guardians, led by Leader-1, and the evil Renegades, led by Cy-Kill. The characters were based on the toy line released for the Japanese animated television series, Machine Robo.

Hasbro bought the Gobots name in the early 1990's in an attempt to remove their competition and either in spite or as a homage released a series of toys titled 'Transformers: Gobots', which has no attachment to the Challenge of the GoBots.

The initial Gobots toys were re-releases from the Japanese Machine Robo series, sold on blister cards. Other toys from the Machine Robo DX were also released as ‘Super Gobots’. Tonka also created a number of original toys for the line, such as the Command Centre, Thruster attack ship and the robot dinosaur, Zod. The initial Gobots were released in 1984.

The Gobots were divided into two factions, the Guardians and the Renegades. Unlike in the Transformers toy line, there was no clear divide between the two factions; the toys had no identifying insignias or markings to indicate their allegiance. Likewise, there was no commonality of design within each faction. The only “theme” to a side was that anything that turned into a “monstrous” looking robot or vehicle was a Renegade.

As the line continued, Tonka added more original toys to the, like the Power Suits and the Secret Raiders. A spin off line, the Rock Lords was launched in 1986, but it was a failure. The Gobots line was discontinued in 1987, the Dread Launchers being the last toys released.

Gobots were sold in Australia under the name Mighty Machine Men.moreless