Go, Diego, Go!

Weekdays 10:30 AM on Nickelodeon Premiered Sep 06, 2005 Between Seasons


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Go, Diego, Go!
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Diego Marquez, is an eight-year-old rough and tumble action-adventure hero with an intense love of nature and the animals around him. Diego takes viewers on high stakes animal rescue missions while encouraging them to jump, clap, cheer and speak in English and Spanish each step of the way. Diego is joined by his 11-year-old sister Alicia, along with a loving group of loyal animal friends including baby Jaquar, and occasionally his cousin Dora (Dora The Explorer,) who will encourage kids to use scientific thinking and investigative strategies to help the animal in trouble.

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  • Dangerous, Filled With Incorrect Facts, and as Bad as Dora.

    Just like Diego's cousin, his parents got their . Residency cards confiscated, the plots repeat and make no sense, feeds kids bad information, and is filled with profanity. Diego always comes up to a wild animal like he's not going to startle it and get bitten or scratched. In real life, you'd get ripped to shreds. No joke. What I mean by the plots making no sense is in one episode, a star blows up the moon into chunks, and drowns in the Gulf of Mexico(my educational guess, after all, this show is based about Mexican citizens). Nothing else to say, really, it's just equally as bad as Dora the Explorer.moreless
  • this show is dangerous

    I once knew a kid who went into the woods behind their house because a baby possum was crying. it bit him and he died... lol no .. but what if that did happen..
  • Crap that needs to burn.

    It's a little better ,but like Dora this show needs to burn.
  • Go Diego Go I Like this show!

    I really like this show all of the children have watched and will contin to watch it was long as they can i think they learn a lot from this show! Not once has any of my children tryed to go and do anything like finding anything dangres
  • Hated this as a little kid

    Before we jump into ANYTHING, I wanna point something out: This show tries to teach children about animals, but the character Diego can 'talk' to animals, okay? Well that's harmless, seeing as talking to animals is an actual ability [I can ._.], but this, like, 8 year old kid walks up to these animals, make it seem like if a little kid did that, the fox or whatever isn't going to get startled and scratch/bite/whatever.

    Okay rant over...moreless
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