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  • Forget diego let's have a show all about Baby jaguar!

    I love baby jaguar! He's so cute and he can talk. He's got an awesome voice that draws me in. Of course I hate diego and I want him to die. But baby jaguar can stay! You know what? Let's get rid of diego and ALL of the other characters and have a show all about baby jaguar. Funny thing is, Thomas sharkey (baby jaguar's voice actor) is also on another Nick jr. Show called the Backyardigans (best show ever!).
  • My Child loves this show!

    Gage is almost 3 and he absolutely loves Diego! He has never tried to run into our 7 acres of woods to rescue an animal or tried to stuff harmful things into a backpack. Its just a show people, get a grip. Geez.
  • This Show is Awesome

    I'm so sorry this show got cancelled. My son loves this show. What I find amazing is that never once has my son run off into the jungle to try and rescue a wild animal or attempted to operate a hand glider or water skies as a result of this show as some parents might suggest. Some parents need to get a grip. Hello...It just a cartoon.
  • An absolute hit of a show, nothing could touch this.

    The way Go Diego Go has settled into my life is through my 8 year old nephew, who has Asperger's Syndrome (a mild form of autism). He has little in the way of social skil, but Diego has dragged him out of his shell communication-wise. Diego and Baby Jaguar have introduced a new breed of show to kids in the 21st century - the eco-show. Teaching children about nature, wildlife and such is not a bad thing, and combining it with a smattering of Spanish in a country where a heck of a lot of the people who live there use spanish as a first language has gotta be good.

    I know it has a lot of similarities to the format of Dora the Explorer (each has someone or something in trouble, each has 3 tasks to do before they complete it and sort out the problem, each has a normally inanimate object for a helper (map & rescue pack)) but you just got to look at this and realise that it is doing good.

    I have kids round my way who went out picking up litter from a local park "because Diego does it" and it "keeps the place clean for the animals". This show is in no way stupid, or patronising to kids, especially to its target age group, and when a child like my nephew will react positively to Diego as a role model and communicate with him, that is only pointing to doing good.

    I'm sorry for all those of you who don't like Diego and his adventures, but remember, you probably aren't kids, and you probably aren't seeing this from a child's perspective. Having been a teacher for 9 years, I am seeing kids influenced and learning from this show, and where the parents don't always get it right, a role character that children can like, respect and learn from is a blessing for all of us.
  • Fabulous show for any little boy preschooler

    My son absoulutly loves this show, it keeps him entertained and I love watching him mimic diego. He really learns a lot, thats why its my new best friend. Its so cute when he makes the animal calls with diego, activates the rescue pack and makes the bo bo brothers freeze!
  • An extention for Dora Go Diego Go is an absolutely fabulous show bringing a sense of adventure into your living room. The Animals are fabulous and the Resue Pack is stunning. Preschoolers love it.

    This is an absolutely great show. My 3 boys love it. It gives kids an oppurtunity to look at different kinds of animals and be sensitive towards nature. Great Show.. keep it going. Great for boys with a sense of adventure while Dora caters more toward girls this is a great show for boys.
  • Go Diego Go is about a wonderful little boy and his older sister who are animal rescuers, and their animal scientist parents.

    Go Diego Go is perfect! I introduced Diego to the four year old boy I babysit, and he absolutely adores him now; we have a lot of fun playing "Alicia and Diego." Go Diego Go is fun, educational, interesting, imaginative, and sweet. I couldn't have asked for a better show for boys, espically ones already familiar with Dora. All young kids would benefit from watching it, and even older people, such as parents (or teenage babysitters) can really enjoy it. However, it is not for people who want fast-paced, edgy shows, and is not for people who like Inuyasha.
  • This is a terrific addition to the Nick Jr. family. My boys are absolutely fascinated by it. They are learning more and more about animals every day! Way to Go, Diego, Go!!!

    Go, Diego, Go follows the basic ideas and structure of Dora The Explorer but with new friends and a focus on the animal world. My boys (ages 2 and 4) are absolutely fascinated by it. They are learning more and more about animals everyday, and it's a bonus that the animals featured are not ones we'd ever have encountered in the US. It's a an absolute treat.

    My son already wants a rescue pack like Diego's. I don't have anything negative to say about the show at all. We're looking forward to seeing more.

    Way to Go, Diego, Go!!!
  • Go Diego Go is one of my favorite television shows.

    I like Go Diego go. His sister Alisia sometimes goes with him on his adventures. Baby Jaguar goes with him on his adventures. I learn about what animals eat. I learn about what animals are afraid of. I learn how animals move. I learn where animals live. His cousin Dora was on one episode of the show. He best friend Boots the Monkey was with her.
  • Go Diego Go I Like this show!

    I really like this show all of the children have watched and will contin to watch it was long as they can i think they learn a lot from this show! Not once has any of my children tryed to go and do anything like finding anything dangres
  • My daughter's favorite thing in the known universe. Is that worth a 9 rating? Yes.

    I have a 19 month old daughter named Lauren, and she absolutely adores "Eggo". She screams and jumps up and down when the theme song comes on. She is starting to learn the words and sing along. She makes whale sounds now, and can say "Llama" and tell me what sounds a llama makes. How can that be a bad thing? If you've given this show a negative review, then ask yourself: Who is this show for? You, or your pre-schooler? Sure, as an adult, the show is repetitive and all the songs sound the same, and just about every episode there's a Puma that somebody's afraid of. So what? Look at it through their eyes. Children LIKE repetitiveness. They want to understand things. And this show is delivering what she wants and needs. I only wish they would hurry up and crank out more episodes, as I have all 15 on my DVR and we watch at least two a day. Would have given it a 10, but, hey, I watch it too, and it's no SpongeBob. But for her, it's the best, so a high rating it is. In the interest of full disclosure, yes I know all the words to the theme song, and my favorite episode is the one with the frogs.
  • A great new show for kids staring Dora the Explorers cousin Diego. A wonderful spin-off and a must see.

    Go Diego Go is a great show. Its so full of imagination. I love that my kids get to learn some spanish and also learn about animals. Just like Disney's Stanley it informs kids about the different kinds of animals out there. The other day my daughter was asking me about a Macaw. I was like ?!?!?! but later I found out it was a bird she heard about on the show. I liked that my 4 year old knew something I didn't. This is a good show to watch with your kids.
  • Hey look its Deigo, Dora's cousin in his own show. Deigo is an animal rescuer who saves animals so look out.

    I think it's a good show because I love animals and its a great idea.
    I like his gadgets a lot. I think it will do great. Deigo also speaks spanish so it will be like Dora but with Deigo and his really cool gadgets.
    So look for Deigo on Nick Jr. and Treehouse TV.
  • its better than dora!

    Dora the explorer is a gay show for retarded kids. It is about a gay monkey in boots and a fat headed puerto rican THING!!!!! Dora teaches very few spanish words. I\'m just saying diego has more variety than dora. I\'m 11 and i even enjoy this show i used to insult the TV when dora comes on.One word to describe this show...........Informative. Diego teaches about many animals and spanish words. I personally think this show is great for maybe even 8 year olds. This is the best kiddie show since Oswald and blues clues with steve. Boo dora. Go diego go!
  • A good, educational adventure show for kids. Diego and his sister, Alicia, run an animal rescue center and go on adventures to learn more about animals and help animals in danger.

    My kids, both preschool boys, LOVE this show. It\'s a great alternative to Dora. The only problem I have with the show is a scarcity of product placement in stores of Diego stuff. I don\'t want my boys wearing/playing with Dora stuff, but there\'s not much alternative right now.
  • A young boy and his pet jaguar dare to do what no latino has done before. He save random animals all around the world. With the help of his rescue pack,log, cousin, and side kick, Diego is not alone when he is saving adorible animals.

    Okay, this is really like Dora the Explorer, but I still like it. Every episode is sort of the same (i.e. he has to rescue a baby animal in trouble, they go into musical a few times, and the place they are hunting is always behind a leaf in the right hand corner of the screen). I don\\\'t know why, but I absolutely love the show, and I dare you to make me feel any different.
  • a spin off

    I think the show needs a little work. it's or the age group around 2 or 3 and 4 its to help the kids to learn things at an early age and learn different things, it's based on entertaining for young children. Not about real life experiences how many real life experiences does 2,3 and 4 yr old need. I think it could cut back on the siniging a little bit.
  • Like Dora the Explorer, it's agreat show that teaches kids the wonders of the animal kingdom.

    It's like a Dora the Explorer set to appeal a little more to the male population of our preschoolers. It's cute, but I think they should've left Dora to her adventures without letting Diego butt in.
    The only thing that bugs me is that Boots can talk, but Baby Jaguar can't. Why is Boots special? Is it his boots? Are they magic?
  • I don't think it's a bad show but i would choose it over dora the explorer. And I always thought that diego was doras boyfriend lol not to be mean

    I don't think it's a bad show but i would choose it over dora the explorer. And I always thought that diego was doras boyfriend lol not to be mean. But It can get annoying at some point and it is going to end soon because of the boy who plays diego he is going to grow up and his voice is going to change so it is going to stop soon
  • Come on people!!! This is not for you! This show is for preschoolers and toddlers!

    This is the closes thing for little kids to learn about animals. Of course WE don't like it! We're watch animal planet and discovery channel and all those other channels for kids 12 and up! You might think it sucks but little kids love it because their able to understand it easily and then when they get older they'll hate it because their smarter and understand bigger things in the world. So don't look at it as a grown person look at and think "what would the little kids think about this show?" My baby brother loves the show!
  • This show is better than Dora! There's cute animals!

    Ok maybe it's a little annoying like Dora. But this is just so much more cute!
    Diego helps animals. Which I clearly think is much more important than collecting acorns in Dora.
    The art is so cute. And the animation is not bad either.
    This show may be a Spin Off but it's just so much more educational.
    I mean really, don't you think saving animals is good? Excpecially CUTE ones?
    And what's better is that he saves animals known to many as mean carnivarous monsters! And instead shows that animals are just as important as any life.
    This show still has that annoying "Do you"? thing. And that Spanish speaking thing, which really serves no importance. But overall it's FAIR. Not good or bad.
  • A good show for kids to learn the basics about animals, but way too much like Dora the Explorer.

    "Go Deigo Go!" is the newest installment (I believe) on Nick Jr. It features the independent adventures of Dora's cousin, Deigo--who has apparently become immensely popular if he has his own spin-off series. It's a little more modernized and probably for an older audience than Dora, of course, I could be wrong in my guess. Each episode features a new animal to learn about, and not just the generic ones like "camel" or "dog", which I like, I admit. It features a wide range of animals from jaguars to condors and each episode, they reveal animal facts while Deigo sets out to help an animal in need. He works at an animal rescue shelter with his sister, so you learn things about how people care for wild animals as well. Baby Jaguar is a much cuter companion than Boots, and a helluva lot less annoying, at that part.

    However, in retrospect, it is a lot like Dora the Explorer if you look at it. Instead of Map and Backpack, they are replaced with Rescue Pack and Flick (the camera), which pretty much serve the same basic purpose. Swiper the talking cartoon fox has been replaced with the Bobo Brothers and the puma--if you can say that. Dora has appeared in a few episodes, but hey, he's Dora's cousin. Of course he's there.

    It's a good show for kids to watch, especially animal lovers. Fans of the Disney Channel show "Stanley" might get a great kick out of this too, although to be honest I find "Stanley" a little more entertaining. It's not perfect, and a lot of the facts are "dumbed down" for smaller kids, of course, but the basic animal facts are all there and the animals in the show have proper anatomy, reflexes, and are drawn very well--especially the llama. Give it a try if you have kids who are animal lovers; just because I didn't like it doesn't mean you shouldn't.
  • Diego isn't a bad show.

    Diego is a good spinoff from Dora the Explorer. I always like educational shows and this is one of them. The problem is that there is not a lot of episodes out. But since the basic storyline doesn't change from show to show and all you need to do is talk about a new animal, I would think that they would be pumping out the episodes right and left, not the case though.
  • Hmm.

    I don't know, maybe it's too close to the show "Dora the Explorer", but I've never really liked Diego. Of course, it's great for teaching children, especially preschool children, about animals and Spanish, but I don't think it's really that entertaining for people over the age of 10, and it wasn't meant for them, anyway. Despite all this, if I had to choose between this show and its "sister show", I would definitely choose Diego. He teaches more things, not just Spanish, but about the animals in the world, and that we need to take care of the earth a little bit better. Overall, it's not bad, just not exciting. :)
  • I recomend not watching this show.

    This is the Worst show I ever liad eyes on!!! Why does it even exist! It also had the worst sound ever. It has been my worst displeasure to ever slither into my brian to my cranium cap! And I curse this show, and all who enjoy it to a well deserved Dinner. Why did is the most horrible, Hatred, unacceptable, and pathatic excuse for a unappetising show. I classify this as a piece of waste to enter the television. Why bother even listening to it. I recomend not watching this show. Don't even think about what it is. S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N. doesn't like this show.
  • Nick is trying to kill our children with this show!

    Dora is ok, annoying perhaps, but it is at least educational and harmless. Diego on the other hand is actively dangerous in it's message. The writers have obviously never been closer to a real animal than Wikipedia. Between Rescue Pack allowing Diego to use incredibly dangerous vehicles, like a hangglider and waterski completely unsupervised, and actively encouraging children to "save" wild animals on thier own, Diego seems to be trying to kill our children.
  • Barely better than Dora, but I don't think that its good.

    This show is bad, but at least its an improvement. It acts like Dora, but at least Diego does SOMETHING. Needs work, though. The sister does almost nothing. She just tells Diego what to do and that's it. though I'm glad they got rid of Boots, Baby Jaguar is no improvement. I can't even call him a sidekick. There's no Map or Backpack, but to replace them, they combine them into a Latino poser, Rescue Pack. He can't even rap good, and that's just sickening and PATHETIC. The animals get into possible but stupid position. Also they need to work on what they say when a preadator comes where the rescued animal is or when an animal cant do anything eg. chinchillas are afraid of pumas and chinchillas don't swim. Shouldnt it be, Pumas eat chinchillas and chinchillas can't swim? What's up with the repetitive songs? they hurt my ears. Overall, this show needs to work on everything to be considered a show.
  • A much unneeded Dora the Explorer spin-off.

    Was this show even necessary? Go, Diego, Go is the exact same thing Dora the Explorer is. The writers try to be creative by giving it a little animal flavor to it. Instead of going on littlw journeys like Dora, Diego goes out to save animals. And that's about it. It's the same old, same old. The only purpose I think there is behind this show is to appeal to boys. But other than that everything else is just a rip off of Dora. I would give it a 4, but minus 1 for the lack of Boots.
  • ...

    Ok, this is my 3rd improvement of my previous review because I realized my previous review was not fully understand. I hope you can understand my improve review this time. Ok here goes.

    Go, Diego, Go is a worst Dora The Explorer spin-off ever like, it is now teaching kids to rescue animals? Oh boy what a stupid show.

    It's all about Dora's cousin named Diego, a SO-CALLED Hispanic boy, he had a long haired brown girl which is forgot her named. Then he also had a pet excite baby Jaguar. They go boring rescuing adventures, Dora was now a recurring character in the show. That's it.

    The same as Dora, I don't like the plot.

    There quite ok.

    Educational Value:
    The same as Dora did, it teaches kids to speak Spanish. Then it also teaches kids to rescue animals in a Tarzan style.

    Voice Acting and Dialogue:
    Like Dora, the dialogue was quite childish the voice acting, once again good.

    Overall: still BAD!!!
    This show is just another childish show. It's also lowers children IQ. I can still recommend you should watch Blue's Clues.

    BOO! BOO! i give it two thumbs DOWN! boo! Whoever thought of this, is completely idiotic, i mean, who would wanna watch some big eyed nerdy little guy on tv asking us so dumb, obvious, but mostly, dumb questions? Not me or anyone else! You suck! even Dora is sick of Diego!
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